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And The Winner Is…………………………………12.29.12

Santa Paws 2- The Santa Pups BlueRay DVD

Our GiveAway is now ended…and we are pleased to announce —–>SantaPaws2TheSantaPupsStarringCherylLadd2

——> the Lucky Winner of the BlueRay DVD copy of this sweet Holiday Family Fun Film is none other than Amy Orvin

    Amy told us:

I know my dogs enjoy watching movies with me because they just stare at the screen. Sometimes when my 13 year old peeki-poo sees a cat, she will start to bark. It’s so funny, because I have 4 indoor only cats at home , and she doesn’t bark at them. I guess she knows they are her brothers and sisters.

Condogulations Amy, we hope you are very pawcited!!!


Amy, kindly email: and send us your mailing addy so we can have your prize shipped out.


AMTCTD blog would like to say thank you to all who pawticipated in this GiveAway.

We’ve had a great year with all our friends and readers, and 2013 looks to be even more good times. We already have a Product Review in the works, a Book Review & GiveAway, and much more!

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Happy New Year 2013


Adopted Mom & ChazzTheDog


Take a Tour of the White House – With First Dog, Bo! | The Dogington Post

Take a Tour of the White House – With First Dog, Bo! | The Dogington Post.

Check This Out!!! Bo Obama leads us on a speshul Guided Tour of Da White House Decorations 2012. Enjoy!!

Winners Announcement for – Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know Book & GiveAway

Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know

Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know

AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog would like to thank all the Pet Pawrents who entered this GiveAway. The stories you shared about your furbabies and their behavior were adorable and very compelling.

We have 2 Autographed & Pawtographed copies of the book to award as prizes. And the winners are…………….

Kate V and Puppy Number 7

Condogulations to both winners, and Happy Holidays!!

Thank you to everyone for playing!

Please contact AdoptedMom at and send your mailing address…so we can get your book shipped out.

P.S. If you didn’t win this time, never fear. We have 2 more GiveAways coming your way, and have already arranged for a special Discount Code for readers of this blog to purchase PupChips after the start of the New Year.


Keep Your Pups (and Kitehs) SAFE This Holiday Season

Please read and observe the following suggestions for keeping your pets safe at home during the holiday season. Hidden and not so hidden dangers may be right there in your own living room.

We want our pets to have a fun holiday season along with the other members of your family. So take a moment to make sure your furbabies are not exposed to something that might hurt them.

Oh, but most of all….HAPPY HOWLDAYS 2012!!

Holiday Dangers from

Holiday Dangers from

Santa Paws 2 – The Santa Pups – BlueRay DVD GiveAway

Hey Pals,

Did you miss out on this fun canine film at other blogs? Well Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog Blog is offering you another chance today right here, right now!!

Santa Paws 2 – The Santa Pups GiveAway

Win your very own copy of this holiday movie from the Disney family

Santa Paws2- The Santa Pups starring Cheryl Ladd

Santa Paws2- The Santa Pups starring Cheryl Ladd

Simple GiveAway Instructions to Enter:

1) Leave a Comment at the end of this post – Answer this Question: How do you know your dog enjoys watching TV/Movies with you? (Mandatory Entry)

2) Follow @ChazzTheDog on Twitter (Extra Entry)

2) LIKE Santa paws 2 on Facebook (Extra Entry)


That’s it. EZ PZ and one lucky pup will receive a BlueRay DVD of this holiday film.



18 yrs old

USA mailing address only

Entries accepted until December 29, 2012

Thanks for entering and visiting our blog! Good Luck!

Twas The Night Before Christmas – From The Doggies To You

The Night Before Christmas
Pet365 and Dogorama. Click here to view the original post.
Our thanks as always go to Matt Beswick of Pet 365  in the UK for his furbulous work. These infographics are all original and posted with his permission. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas

Regards & Woof from AdoptedMom and ChazzTheDog

Chanukah Blog Crawl 2012 – Mazel Tov!!

AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog is proud to be a part of this Chanukah Blog Crawl, and one of the hosts of Night 6 along with Terrier Torrent. We have all been learning a lot about this Jewish holiday/festival.

Let’s take a moment to review.



There are several traditions that are observed during the holiday of Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights or Miracle of Lights. So after the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem, during the Macabeean Rebellion between the Jews and the Assyrians in the year 165 BCE, the people went to work cleaning and restoring the building. As they searched among the ruins they realized they needed to relight the Temple. In those days, lights were “powered” by oil. As the people despaired of finding any of the precious oil, they moved aside some rocks & boulders and underneath the rubble, they discovered one cruet of oil. While they were relieved to find the oil; they new the cruet would only last for one day and one night. They lit the flame ——-> and miraculously the oil lasted for eight days.


The story of the oil is the reason that when Chanukah is celebrated we eat foods prepared in oil. Potatoes, fried in oil known as Latkes and served with applesauce or sour cream on the side. There is also a donut, known as Sufgianot. It is a jelly filled pastry, fried in oil & glazed with sugar usually




Next: Two Holiday Song Parodies



The Eight Days of Doggie


On the first day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, my Furever Home filled with love for me.

On the second day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 2 doggie t-shirts.

 On the third day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me 3 juicy Greenies,

On the fourth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me 4 Spinning Dreidels,

On the fifth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 5 Golden Latkes

 On the sixth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 6 Plush Stuffies

On the seventh day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 7 Squeaky Toys

On the eigth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 8 pieces of Chocolate Gelt.

I Had A Little Dreidel

I had a little dreidel, I made it out of TREATS

and when it’s dry & yummy then all I shall do is eat eat eat!

Oh driedel, driedel, driedel I made it out of treats

and when its dry and yummy then dreidel I shall eat!


Our Chanukah Miracle Wish this year 2012 is for all breeds of dogs to be considered equally adoptable and find their furever home. During Chanukah it is tradition to put the menorah in the window, for all to see and enjoy the warmth of the Festival of Lights. This goes for all those doggies & kittehs in shelters and temporary homes. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is not right and should not be made into law. Don’t judge a dog on his appearance, the shape of his head. Look for the love & loyalty you will receive from your giving one of them a safe furever home. This message brought to you by:

ChazzTheDog in his Chanukah finery!

ChazzTheDog in his Chanukah finery!


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Chazz’s Literary Corner – Book Review & GiveAway 12.12.12

Chazz’s Literary Corner is proud to now review a new book from Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson, Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know  published by Sourcebooks, April 2012. Genre: Pets, Humor

This book is a fun look at how we as humans struggle to figure out some of our best pups behavior.  With the help from some Courageous Canines, this book helps to unravel the questions that most dog owners ask themselves at one time or another.

Things YourDogDoesn't Want YouToKnow

The pages of this book are filled with howlingly funny stories and examples of dog behavior – most of us have seen from our own canines… and frankly never understood. Now, here for the first time…well to mix metaphors…the cat is out of the bag!

Authors Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson, with an able assist from 11 talkative canines have cracked the code for the rest of us. You may laugh till you cry, it’s that good. Nice illustrations as well. Kudos Dean Stefanides.

“Anyone who has ever spent time with a dog has pondered the question, “What’s going through that little pea brain?”  Sure, there have been books written about what, if anything, the average dog is thinking.  But those books were all written by people.  Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know is written by, well, dogs.”


Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know answers the questions that dog owners have asked for centuries. The book is a collection of 115 humorous essays that reveal the truth behind some of the most baffling canine behavior, their hopes and dreams, their grudges and pleasures, and what they really think about us humans. Peppered with lively, clever stories and visually appealing photographs, Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know is a verbal and visual delight that is laugh-out-loud funny. If you have dogs, love dogs, or have ever been baffled by a dog, this book is a must-have.


Topics include:

  • My Life in Your Purse by Tinkerbell, the Chihuahua
  • Waiting by the Table (for food scraps, of course!) by Orson, the bulldog
  • The Bed Rules (Rule #1—It’s my bed) by Dimples, the boxer
  • The Reason I Ate the Sofa (leather tastes a lot like rawhide) by Axelrod, the yellow lab
  • I Can Poop the Second I Start My Walk (but choose not to) by Sophie, the cocker spaniel

 This makes a great holiday gift for the dog lover in your life. *Hint, Hint! 🙂

ChazzTheDog gives this book a 3.7 Paws Up rating out of 4



Check out just one excerpt……>


Ad now what you’ve been waiting for—-> the GIVEAWAY!!


GiveAway Entry Info & Instructions:

  2 Lucky Readers will win their own copy of Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know


1) Leave a comment at the end of this post answering the question: What baffling behavior does your dog do?                       (MANDATORY entry)

2) Follow @ChazzTheDog on Twitter

3) LIKE     on Facebook


Start Date: 12.14.12

End Date: 12.21.12

Winners will be announced at the Blog on: 12.22.12

Must be 18+ Yrs of Age

Winners will need to provide their mailing address to receive their book prize.

All Entries will need to provide an accurate email address to have their entries counted for this GiveAway.


Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review belong to ADMTCTD and have not been influenced from any outside source. We received no compensation for this review.


BIONIC Product Review & GiveAway 12.9.12

Winner Announcement 12.19.12


AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog would like to thank all those pawsome pals who entered this BIONIC GiveAway. Evrybuddy followed the instructions very well.  Unfortunately we only had one prize to award. (We tried to get more ) So without further ado…the winner of the Orange Bionic Dog Treat Stuffer Ball is——> GizmoGeodog

Condogulations Gizmo!!! Woo Hoo

Please contact us at our email: and leave your mailing address for your prize. If we don’t hear from you within a week we will have to select an alternate winner.

We know you gonna enjoy your new ball!!


“The Bionic Rubber® is modified at a molecular level to provide optimal performance based on the size dog the toy will be given to. We strengthen the puncture resistance properties in the material for smaller dogs while also softening the toy to feel comfortable to the dog’s teeth.

Bionic Rubber is practical; it floats, isdishwasher safe and will last a long time.”

Bionic Rubber® is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable allowing us to create virtually no waste when we manufacture our products. Bionic Rubber® has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe for your pet and that it does not contain any harmful phthalates, hormones, lead, cadmium, mercury, and natural rubber, Bisphenoal A, asbestos or latex.1

Readers you can purchase directly online at ( Or you can locate a retailer at (

Checkout their Facebook page (

Grab one of these Treat Balls and start having more fun at play with your pal!!



Enter below to win your dog their own Dog Treat Stuffer Ball:



      Mandatory Entry

2.     FOLLOW @ChazzTheDog on TWITTER

Good Luck to all who enter!!

Review Disclaimer: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog did not receive any compensation for this review.  AdoptedMomToChazz received a sample product for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are those of one individual; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

1 Excerpted from BIONIC website