Book Review – The Bedtime Book for Dogs

The Bedtime Book for Dogs. Bruce Littlefield. New York, NY. Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group, June 2011. 16 pp.


The Bedtime Book for Dogs is the story of a dog, a Good Dog. And his Friend. And the lesson of Friendship. A Good Dog lives in his forever home with his Friend. His Friend feeds him, plays with him, and takes care of the Good Dog. One day, the Good Dog is waiting & waiting for his Friend to come & take him for a walk. But the Friend doesn’t come. On this day, the Friend is too busy with other things.

 The Good Dog decides to go by himself. He grabs his leash in his mouth, opens the door, and leaves the house. The Good Dog has some adventures on that day that teach him about the meaning of friendship. The Good Dog comes home and his Friend is so happy to see him….’and they lived happily after.’


Reading Author Bruce Littlefield’s latest book, it’s easy to see how this story catches the imagination. The theory is that dogs understand certain words & commands. As you read to your dog, the dog can recognize the sounds of ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘treat’ as you say them aloud.

I’m sure the argument can be made that most of us talk to our dogs AND a lot of us in turn believe the dog understands at least some of what we are trying to communicate.

 You know how in the Peanuts TV Specials, the children hear most of the adults as just a wave of noise Waah,Waah-Waah. But when Snoopy the Dog & Woodstock The Yellow Bird communicate they do it with ease. What about the classic, “Lassie go get help girl, Timmy has fallen down the well.” And the beautiful Collie traverses field and stream to get home & summon help. So, what are we supposed to draw from that?

In this Dog Mommie’s opinion: that dogs understand, and communicate with human and other animal friends on a regular basis.

 But let’s not forget this is a picture book as well. Paul Heath has done an amazing job of illustration, creating a spot-on feel & texture for this book. From drawings that have a comic-book quality, to investing the animal characters with emotionality – Mr. Heath’s pen strokes, style and color choice work magic on the page.


The story is one that every pet owner can relate to: Making time to play with your pet. Giving your pet the love, affection, and attention they deserve. After all they love us …unconditionally. Include young boys & girls, by having them read The Bedtime Book for Dogs to your family dog.

 Like the Judy Blume books for teenagers, or even further back – the Hardy Boys & The Nancy Drew book series for young boys & girls; Bruce Littlefield has created another unique kind of story…for dogs.


Get it. Read it. Enjoy it with you dog, I did!

 AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Book Review Rating =

           4 Paws Up Good

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