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Box of Pawresents on our Front Porch – YAY!!

The other day ChazztheDog and I heard a noise outside our front door. We recognized the sound of the person in the brown shorts leaving a box on our steps!!

Wowee Zowee that box had a bunch of different packages inside all for Chazz. . Treats, treats, treats nom nom!

One of the treats we previously reviewed on our blog, Indigo SMOKEHOUSE Strips, CHICKEN was inside.

Chazz luvs these sooooo much. They come in 2 vacumn sealed packages, plus they include a bag to put any open packages in to keep them fresh. NOMMY! I dont feed Chazz much red meat, yes even though he is a dog. He gets mostly fish and chicken. We think it’s better for his digestion and weight. I am very concerned about Dog Obesity and dont want Chazz to fall victim. Recently, Chazz went to the vet for an ear infection.  I asked them to check his weight.  The vet said he was at the high end of the range for his size, suggesting he was a little bit chunk!! I am very careful with portion we decided we need more exercise. Adopted Mom and Chazz both!! Giggles.

Anyway, back to the box...BRAVO sent Turkey Dinner for Dogsjust add water to freeze dried. I was a lil surprised Chazz ate this. He has turned up his snouty at other freeze dried food. But this pack almost empty.

Next, CARU sent Soft ‘N Tasty Bites, Chicken Recipe.  These snack ingredients include blueberries, cranberries, and chicken. The jury is till out on this one. Chazz gonna share with our neighbor Viggo and see if he likes them. Sometimes Chazz gets picky.

Finally, CARU sent Real Turkey StewIngredients are turkey, veggies, fruit. No wheat, gluten, corn, soy, or by-products. You keep it refrigerated after opening. We use it by pouring over dry kibble. Makes those kibs xtra tasty!! CARU dog food products are new in our house; and Chazz seems to really enjoy them.


This box showed up around Thanksgiving time, so Chazz got to enjoy a special feast!

We are thankful  for our furriends, fambly, and our readers… you!!!





Adopted Mom To ChazztheDog received packages of these food items to review. We have no connection with this brand. Our opinions are our own and have not been influenced from anyone outside.

Dog Treat Product Review – Newman’s Own Organics *Snack Sticks*

Newman’s Own Organic Snack Sticks come in 3 Flavors: Chicken & Rice. Chicken & Vegetable, Chicken & Sweet Potatoe

INGREDIENTS (Chicken & Sweet Potatoe)

Organic Chicken

Organic Oat Flour

Organic Barley Flour

Soy Grits


Organic Sweet Potato

Salt, Cultured Whey, Natural Flavors

Oil of Garlic, Vitamin E



Chazz Opinion : These treats shaped like a stick are chewy and deelish.  I really like them!! See, I don’t likey to eat hard biscuit-type dog treats. One of my front tooths iz a little loose so I prefer chewy or training treat type snacks. *DROOL* These Newman’s Own Organics are yummy in my belly!!!


Check out this website – they carry all sorts of cool things for Dogs & Cats – Food, Snacks, Toys including the Newman’s Own Organics



About delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 300+ brands of pet food and stuff (for FREE!) while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.


The ideas & opinions expressed in this post are our own; and have not been influenced by any outside sources. We received one bag of treats for the purpose of this review.  AdoptedMomtoChazzTheDog Blog is part of the Blogger Program.

ILEESH – Product Review & GiveAway – 3.14.14

I says………………… Enjoy Walking Your Dog

This site features breed specific items for Pet Pawrents: retractable leashes, shirts, key rings, mugs, tote bags, phone covers, mouse pads, etc.

They offer a full guarantee and Free Shipping !

ILEESH pics 019 ILEESH pics 013 ILEESH pics 018 ILEESH pics 017

Even though Chazz the Dog is not a Dachsund he sure wanted to check out all the fun pawresents for Doxies!!



Here are just a few of the items:     Breed Specific (Dachsund) Retractable Leash


Dachsund Imprinted Mouse Pad

ILeesh KeyRing

Dachsund Imprinted KeyRing

Boxer KeyRing

Plus Dachsund Cell Phone Cover, Mug, Air Freshener, Sticker


Must be 18+

Mailing address in the USA or Canada

Must provide a valid email address

Mandatory Entry: 

Leave a comment at the end of this post, what is  special about your Dachsund furbaby?

Extra Entry: Follow ChazztheDog1 on Twitter

                               LIKE  MuttMania on Facebook



The opinions offered in this post are our own and not influenced by any outside sources. We received these items for the purpose of a Product Review & the GiveAway.  We received no compensation for featuring ILEESH in this blog post.

The Petter – Organizing Chazz the Dog’s Life – March 13,2014

               THE PETTER

Chazz the Dog won his very own PETTER organizer/calendar/planner from another furriend’s blog.

He loves it!!! Here he is….


Petter Organizer

Chazz spent some time in the front yard yesterday organizing his activities.  Scheduling his appointments in his calendar/planner.  Chazz is always less anxious when he knows the plans for the day!

Check them out…here’s how to contact them.


Twitter: @PetterPlanner


DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own and have not been influenced by any outside sources. AdoptedMom blog received no compensation for featuring The Petter in this blog post.

Indigo SMOKEHOUSE STRIPS – Product Review – 3/7/14

  1. 100% USA Grown Chicken 
  2. Premium Cuts
  3. No By Products
  4. No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  5. No Corn, Wheat, or Soy
  6. Vacuum Sealed Pouch
  7. Net Weight 6 Oz

Chazz the Dog absolutely devoured these treats. He likes chicken in general.. so add to that the smoked flavor..that put them over the top!!! You get 2 vacuum sealed pouches that we refridgerated after opening. I really rationed these pieces out to him or he would have gobbled up an entire pouch in one sitting – seriously.

We are not vets or nutritionists. Based on the ingredient list and Chazz’s reaction to this product we think these are a good choice. Informed pet pawrents read, do the research, and decide what’s right for your pet ……..each and every time.


DISCLAIMER: We received a box of these treats for review. The opinion(s) expressed are our own and not influenced by any outside sources. We received no other compensation for featuring Indigo Smokehouse Strips in a Product Review at our blog.

If you represent a Pet Brand and are interested in having your product(s) considered for review here, please contact AdoptedMom directly at Email:

We regularly review canine pet products, books, and films. Check out Chazz’s Literary Corner Page for book reviews / films.


April Winner Announcement Overdue – Part Deux


Sheesh! Mommie has really been messing up. We were supposed to announce the winner of the fantastic book giveaway for If I Should Die Before My Dog by Joe & Cathy Conolly.

We got a nice response to our contest, and it seems readers are very interested in this topic. It is important that’s for sure.

AdoptedMom blog looks forward to bringing our readers more vital information similar to this in the future. So…………….. stay tuned. 

So without further delay——–> The Random Picker Machine has selected StephenLee Phillips as our winner!!!

Stephen Lee Phillips please email me at and send us your mailing address so we can ship out your book.



April Winner Announcement – Overdue

Hey Gang,

We fell asleep at the switch over here. We were supposed to announce our winner of the Orapup Dental Starter Kit a few days ago..but Mommie was at the doctor’s office and furgetted. I reminded her so here it is.

Orapup Single Brush

Orapup Single Brush


The Random Thingy Machine picked Radiant Redhead, Mom to Romeo as our winner.

Radiant Redhead please email me at with your mailing address so we can ship out your brand new Starter Kit. And Romeo happy licking!!!


ChazzTheDog and Adopted Mom

Canine Dental Health – Do You Think It’s Important? Give Us Your Opinion

As a child we had several dogs growing up in our house. My mother primarily cared for the dogs; the kids mostly petted and played with them. In those days they did not know all the things they know now, and the advances in pet health were still around the corner.

I have no memory of my mother “brushing the dog’s teeth”. There was no special attention paid to canine teeth. Baths were the important thing. Especially if your dog had the misfortune of coming into contact with a skunk. Which is exactly what happened with our beautiful long-haired Sheltie Collie…but back to teeth.

Nowadays it is common for new pet owners to be encouraged to brush their dog’s teeth. Pet stores offer shelves of pet toothpastes, toothbrushes, oral sprays, even doggie mints for bad breath.

When I adopted ChazzTheDog, I immediately bought toothpaste and a finger brush. I was told it was the best selling canine toothpaste flavor at the store. Well, Chazz apparently did not know that he should like poultry flavored toothpaste – and did not take to it very well. I found the finger brush more difficult to manipulate. We next tried a vanilla flavored paste which he licked straight off my finger. I got a longer tooth brush, but not a full sized bristle brush. It is actually a rubberized brush with flexible bristle.


I began brushing his teeth about 3 days a week. Since he couldn’t rinse his mouth out; I also purchased an canine oral spray to use following the brushing. Despite our best efforts, I could see tartar and some spots appearing on Chazz’s teeth. Following that, I found out I could have his teeth professionally cleaned. I read that this has been shown to extend a dog’s life between three to five years. Well that was enough for me.

Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning can be pricey. I have seen it range between $160 – $225.00 for a session. Chazz is now 5 years old. He has had his teeth cleaned twice. He is overdue now, but the place I had it done at is now looking for a new vet dentist, so they can offer their canine dental clinics once again. The first experience was eventful. It turned out Chazz had gingivitis; so when they cleaned at his gum line they bled. Chazz swallowed some of this blood. When the cleaning was completed they returned Chazz to me, setting him on the cement floor. Chazz took two steps toward me and promptly vomited. They assured me this was from the blood he had swallowed and nothing more critical. Chazz went back a second time and everything went fine.

Vets say that as in humans, the health and condition of your dog’s mouth, gums, teeth, and even tongue can be indicators of his/her overall condition. As you know readers, we here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog are not vets or animal trainer/ professionals of any kind. We do our research, try to educate ourself, and make the best decisions we can. And yes, finances play a part as well. Chazz has all his needs taken care of. Shelter, food, treats, toys, clothes, bed, leashes, and most of all love. I do the best I can with the resources I can spend on & for him.

serif;">Well, now there's something new in the canine dental health products.

OraPup Dog Breath Brush. It comes in a variety of colors, with flexible bristles on a paddle shaped brush your dog can lick. You simply spread about a ½ teaspoon of the flavoring around the bristles and then give it to your dog. My dog, Chazz, a medium sized Terrier/Shiba Inu mix took to it immediately.

There was no forcing or fight to get him to lick the bristles clean. At one end a raised edge works as a scraper for the dog’s tongue.

It’s simple and easy to do. The flavoring in this case Beef/Bacon comes in a plastic squeeze applicator bottle for quick application onto the paddle. Quickly, not only did Chazz understand that the way to get the flavoring was to lick the paddle bristles; but he used one of his paws to hold it in just the spot and position that he liked to get at it.

So stop fighting with your dog to get him to improve his dental health. Get an OraPup Dog Breath Brush and watch him or her jump right on board.

GiveAway for an OraPup Dog Breath Starter Kit

To Enter:

Required entry:

  1. Leave a comment at the end of this post answering the question, How bad does your dog’s breath get? Describe and give example

Extra Entries:

    1. Follow @ChazzTheDog on Twitter

    2. Go to and leave a comment

Restrictions: Open to USA Residents only

18 yrs old & up

GiveAway entries accepted April 4th – April 11th

Winner will be announced at the blog on Friday April 12, 2013

So tell us about your dog’s  (funky) breath…we want to know what your dealing with!

Good Luck to all the Participants

DISCLAIMER: Adopted Mom To ChazzTheDog received no compensation for this review. The opinions expressed our completely our own and have not be influenced by any outside source. We purchased our own OraPup dog breath brush used in our test. Orapup kindly provided a Starter Kit for the GiveAway.

Not Exactly A Year End Wrap-Up…But Sorta

    Blog 2012 In Review

As we wave goodbye to 2012 and a hearty welcome to 2013; we decided to take a look at just what went on this past year at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog. Wow, there’s been a lot!

Growth: we had so much at our blog in 2012. We inaugurated several important Pages that fixed our niche & direction among the world of Pet Blogs. Chazz’s Literary Corner, Canine Cinema Chazz Goes To Da Movies. We came out in a clear way to let Pet Brands and other marketing groups know we were available for partnering, marketing activities on behalf of their products or clients with both our Press/Media and OP/ED Pages.

With the launch of our Press/Media Page, AMTCTD blog started taking careful note of the Country Readership we were developing. Amazing, mind-blowing, to realize dog lovers or just curious folks were clicking on to our blog from where they live on the other side of the world. WooHoo exciting to say the least.

Partnership: We reached out and made new furriends this year with several people. Authors, Hy Conrad & Jeff Johnson brought our year to a smashing close with supporting a Book Review & GiveAway of their hysterical book, Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know – 11 Courageous Canines Tell All. The people over at BIONIC did another GiveAway with us for small dogs – with a Dog Treat Stuffer Ball.

We continue to value our relationship with Disney and their PR. AMTCTD was chosen to see a special screening of Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE movie at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA in September, and prepare a Film Review. The whole thing was a blast, and “Flat Chazz” made the scene too! Santa Paws2, The Santa Pups is another Film Review we did and Disney helped us to give away a BlueRay DVD copy of the film to one lucky winner!

Posting: AMTCTD blog posts on a regular basis. Included among those posts are book reviews, movie reviews, product reviews. We have also stepped up the amount of GiveAways we can offer, partnering with a lot of great folks. This is particularly a win/win for ourselves and our partners. Most of all – we continue to strive to post educational, interesting, and fun content for our reades.

Readership: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog has been read in over 54 countries worldwide to date. We are certain our largest audience comes from the USA, but it’s clear we have readers far away from these shores too. Dogs are domesticated and kept throughout the world as pets. Granted most cultures don’t go to the extremes some of us here in America do..pampering our pets, dressing them up, carrying them in designer handbags, feeding them designer diets. But lots of folks like reading about dogs, and the culture of being a Pet Parent in today’s world.

We wish to thank each and everyone who has supported our Blog. It is a pawleasure to write, and as long as that remains the case we will be here.

We are looking forward to what 2013 will bring with excitement and anticipation. ChazzTheDog will be turning 5 years old at the end of this month. I can’t hardly believe where the time has gone. He continues to be the source of such love and loyalty, I can hardly get over it. And I hope I never do….


Stick around, we are just getting started!!!!

BIONIC Product Review & GiveAway 12.9.12

Winner Announcement 12.19.12


AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog would like to thank all those pawsome pals who entered this BIONIC GiveAway. Evrybuddy followed the instructions very well.  Unfortunately we only had one prize to award. (We tried to get more ) So without further ado…the winner of the Orange Bionic Dog Treat Stuffer Ball is——> GizmoGeodog

Condogulations Gizmo!!! Woo Hoo

Please contact us at our email: and leave your mailing address for your prize. If we don’t hear from you within a week we will have to select an alternate winner.

We know you gonna enjoy your new ball!!


“The Bionic Rubber® is modified at a molecular level to provide optimal performance based on the size dog the toy will be given to. We strengthen the puncture resistance properties in the material for smaller dogs while also softening the toy to feel comfortable to the dog’s teeth.

Bionic Rubber is practical; it floats, isdishwasher safe and will last a long time.”

Bionic Rubber® is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable allowing us to create virtually no waste when we manufacture our products. Bionic Rubber® has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe for your pet and that it does not contain any harmful phthalates, hormones, lead, cadmium, mercury, and natural rubber, Bisphenoal A, asbestos or latex.1

Readers you can purchase directly online at ( Or you can locate a retailer at (

Checkout their Facebook page (

Grab one of these Treat Balls and start having more fun at play with your pal!!



Enter below to win your dog their own Dog Treat Stuffer Ball:



      Mandatory Entry

2.     FOLLOW @ChazzTheDog on TWITTER

Good Luck to all who enter!!

Review Disclaimer: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog did not receive any compensation for this review.  AdoptedMomToChazz received a sample product for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are those of one individual; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

1 Excerpted from BIONIC website