Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 27, 2015

Checking in with ChazztheDog in Eagle Rock.

So things have been difficult here at home. Mama has been goin to da doctor and having tests and scans a lot. She got a bad medical diagnosis and is preparing for surgery in 9 more sleeps. I was sick dis weekend. I frowed up 4 times in 2 days. Mum wants me to go to da vettydoc. But I tole her only one of us at a time can be sickie!!

Mom’s furriend and my new fweind is here and he takes care of me a lot. He makes me brekkie and dinner, he walks me, and picks up my poops and takes dem to da trash!!

I twyin to be a good boy so Mama doesnt get upset. She got a lot on her mind rite now. She scared and angry and sometimes when she frustamerated she yells. She says she sowey and stuff and she try to do bettoo, but I know she worried about her health.  My Twittah pals hab been berry kind. Dey send woofs and purrs of purrayers for her to be bettoo soon. My fweind Herman Tattlecat and his Mom built us a porch where pals come and sit in a Pawcircle to send healing thoughts and purrayers to Mama. Power to da Paw!! Herman TattleCat delivered pizzas to all da pals at the porch today. Woo hoo. Me Chazz, I have arranged for a speshul suprise for pals on the porch in the next few days!!!

Mom Pre-Op appointment is dis Fursday 7/30 I kinda worried so I asked pals on da porch to hold my paw dat day so I  no be skeered and can be bwave… for my Mama.

Well, we gonna sign off for now….stay tuned and see you latah.