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10.29.11 Spread The Word – Get The Inside Poop Here

The following is an announcement from Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog on behalf of Chazz:

Chazz-Newest Reporter for The Anipal Times

Chazz has entered the ranks, and can now claim the title of Published Reporter. As a reporter, and not just any run of the mill pupperazzi – Chazz is pleased that his first article Poop Pandemic has been published at The Anipal Times, in the Science & Environment Section.

Kindly take a moment this weekend, sit down with a refreshing beverage or dog treat – and read his article.  You’ll be glad you did. And thanks as always for keeping up on the doings of Adopted Mom & Chazz here at our awesome blog site.

Costuming Your Dog for Howl’oween..As I See It 10.28.11

Pet Parents here’s the truth as I see it. And I will state for the sake of 100% transparency, for those who haven’t been reading this blog – I am an Authorized Vendor at a HUGE Howl’oween Costume Dog Parade/Vendor Fair & Adoption Fair this weekend. I will have closeouts of Dog Halloween accessories for sale. I’ve had 2 costumes this year. A Clown( sold) & a Rocker Girl Skeleton Embossed Tutu. I don’t care for the idea of full costumes on dogs, but I have no problem with hats, collars, bandanas, ties, accessories.

For the most part, dogs are not dolls. They are not here for us to dress up any way we feel like it for as long as we feel like it. Now don’t get me wrong. Chazz has a couple of t-shirts, a hoodie, a coat, bandana, even a bathrobe. I use these things on him when I think the situation warrants it.

Dressing your pet in costume (this goes for cats, ferrets, whatever you’ve got) is a once a year activity…for a limited amount of time.

Chazz won a contest offered by The Daily Kibble in conjunction with In The Company of Dogs .

Here he is with his prize, The Angel Dog Costume:

For the record, he appeared fine with the wings, wasn’t crazy about the halo. As soon as two photos were taken the costume came off of him.

ChazzTheDog as The Angel

Let me know your thoughts about pets & costumes. Leave a comment or email me at

Well, here’s hoping you & your pets have a Happy Howl’oween; Safe & Fun for all 4-legged & 2-legged creatures. Skeery, Woo!

It’s Gonna Be A Dog Costume-Palooza

Chazz Ready for CartoonCharacter Theme Pawty

Howl’oween 2011 is off & running for sure. Chazz attended his 1st “Secret Whiskas Only Pawty” this week. He chose Popeye, well because Chazz The Dog is a large dog trapped in a small dog’s body and Popeye represents strength, and teaching bad guys a lesson, good triumphing over evil -stuff like that. Chazz believes in all that. Oh I know, he’s discussed it with me before.

Chazz wants his furriends to send him a pic of themselves in their costumes. He will share them here at his blog. Send ur dog’s pic to right away. We all want to see what the dogs look like for the big day.

Secret ‘Whiskas Only’ Pawty 10.26.11

Chazz The Dog attended his very first “Secret Pawty” last night! Whiskers were required for entry & no hoomans could get past sekurity.

Kudos to KritterKommunity for throwing a pawsome event that had all the kitties & doggies rockin’! Be sure to check out the fabulous Light Show courtesy of  Madison.

Ok, now let’s play a game. Click on the link to the pawty & scroll down. See if you can find Chazz among the partygoers.

Hint: He looks different as he’s in his Howl’oween costume. But if you look close you’re a cinch to find him. Good Luck!


10.24.11 It’s Right Around The Corner – Howl’oween

Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Sunday, 10.30.11

Long Beach's Haute Dog Howl'oween









Parade…Vendor Fair..Adoption Fair!!!

Check out MuttMania’s Booth for our very special offering, a Holiday Dog Boutique, featuring Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years goodies for your pup.

This is going to be howls of fun…


The AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog hit a milestone overnight. We have now accumulated 1,003 hits.

I am amazed at this statistic.

I know that’s not a lot in the world of megasites that get hundreds of hits a minute, but I’m satisfied.

I hoped somebody might want to read about Chazz & I ……I just wasn’t sure who.

We at AMTCTD are trying to make a difference in our own little way, and if you know of issues or subjects related to dogs as pets,that you would like to read about –  then please leave a comment or better contact me at my email address:

Subject: BlogStuff

We are working on our Adoption/Rescue Information Page and hope to be able to bring you information about animals needing some help very soon. This is a huge problem, a serious issue, but we aim to do our part, however small.

Okay well, gonna close for now and remind you (cuz I haven’t for awhile) go out there and spend some time playing with your dog or cat. P_L_AY_I_N_G……it will do you both good.

And Chazz says, Aroooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Delightful Doggie Dreams Follow A Fun Bedtime Story – 10.17.11

Maggie & Toby have checked in, & sent us pictures of themselves enjoying their new story book. The Bedtime Book For Dogs is really great, Maggie & Toby’s Moms told me so!

Once more, thank you to everyone who entered the GIVEAWAY, and stay tuned. AdoptedMom is busy working out the details for our next freebie, in honor of National Mutt Day, coming at the end of November.

Maggie's Proud Of Her 1st Book!

Toby Hearing "Treat" In Bedtime Story

10.15.11 A Long Week & Some Other Stuff

It’s been an unusually difficult week. I did both my famers markets in extremely hot temperatures, and I attended the funeral for my very good friend’s father.


Don’t usually blog about this kind of thing, but I think it’s important. When I heard of the death I waited for a day until it had kind of settled in on me. I wrote the following to my friend & I like to share it here:

My friend’s Pop left yesterday, or rather he died. His departure has created a void that can’t ever be filled for his friends & family; but he must have been needed more urgently elsewhere. I can’t say that I knew my friend’s father as I never met the man. Oh, I saw pictures, heard stories & anecdotes, tidbits here & there… He was a handsome man in the pictures I saw, especially as a younger man and appeared quite charismatic. There is much evidence that speaks to his success in the business world, and as a good provider to his wife & children. But as I absorbed the news of his passing, I realized I knew him better than that. I knew him as a parent, to all his children – but specifically to my friend – one of his five children. Because as often is the case; in the son you can see the father. In my friend you see the intelligence, quick wit, and those devastating blue eyes. In my friend you see his love of animals, his kindness to those less fortunate, his sometimes “silly” side. You see his unflagging energy, creativity, and his belief in family – whether born into, or chosen through circumstance. I realized though having never met or exchanged words with W. Young, Sr. I did know of him. And I would like him to know this. I pray you have gone “gentle into that good night”. Secure in the knowledge that while you no longer will physically hold Jason in your embrace – we his friends will step up & take on that responsibility. He will not be alone in the days & weeks ahead; and if it is comfort he desires we will offer it. I want you to know that before Jason there was you- and without you there would not be the Jason I’ve had as a friend and am grateful for. I simply want to thank you for the gift of your son in my life. Through him & others your memory will be preserved as they carry you in their hearts. It is my humble belief that no man can leave this world a better place for having been a part of it – then to have touched the hearts of those who surrounded him. Respectfully & lovingly offered…BAS
This is all I have to blog for today—


Att: Maggie & Toby H. Winners of The Bedtime for Dogs GiveAway

Dear Maggie & Toby H.

Please ask your Moms (Kathy & Andrea) to email us here at the blog, to let us know if you have received your book prize?



Email to:

Thank you,  and we hope you’re enjoying your book!

Howl’oween Is In The Air – 10.9.11

Look at this nice thing that happened in the “Spirit of the Howlidays”:

You won the In the Company of Dogs A Costume a Day contest at Daily Kibble

Congratulations. You are the lucky Daily Kibble subscriber that has won the In the Company of Dogs A Costume a Day Contest at Daily Kibble for October 6. The prize is your choice of an Angel, Bat or Devil costume from In the Company of Dogs

We picked...The Angel.  Will keep you posted on when it gets here.

MuttMania & AdoptedMomToChazz is so excited about the coming howlidays!  As I mentioned earlier, we are taking part this year in a very special event

If you are local and want to see a fun event, while supporting MuttMania & Adopted Mom come down Sunday, 10.30.11.

We will be featuring a special” Holiday Dog Boutique” with fun stuff for your dog  for Christmas, Chanukah, New Years, and Howl’oween Closeouts.  This is going to be fun, folks. Don’t Miss It!

Preparing For The Holiday Season…10.5.11

Well, now is about the time I look around and think of all the things i still want to do ..or need to get done…or want to say….before the year ends.

There are wonderful projects & events coming up, birthdays, family get togethers, celebrations, shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, visiting, parties, and making time to help others, and take care of myself.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s….

How do you take care of yourself or others during the Holiday Season?