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July 27, 2015

Checking in with ChazztheDog in Eagle Rock.

So things have been difficult here at home. Mama has been goin to da doctor and having tests and scans a lot. She got a bad medical diagnosis and is preparing for surgery in 9 more sleeps. I was sick dis weekend. I frowed up 4 times in 2 days. Mum wants me to go to da vettydoc. But I tole her only one of us at a time can be sickie!!

Mom’s furriend and my new fweind is here and he takes care of me a lot. He makes me brekkie and dinner, he walks me, and picks up my poops and takes dem to da trash!!

I twyin to be a good boy so Mama doesnt get upset. She got a lot on her mind rite now. She scared and angry and sometimes when she frustamerated she yells. She says she sowey and stuff and she try to do bettoo, but I know she worried about her health.  My Twittah pals hab been berry kind. Dey send woofs and purrs of purrayers for her to be bettoo soon. My fweind Herman Tattlecat and his Mom built us a porch where pals come and sit in a Pawcircle to send healing thoughts and purrayers to Mama. Power to da Paw!! Herman TattleCat delivered pizzas to all da pals at the porch today. Woo hoo. Me Chazz, I have arranged for a speshul suprise for pals on the porch in the next few days!!!

Mom Pre-Op appointment is dis Fursday 7/30 I kinda worried so I asked pals on da porch to hold my paw dat day so I  no be skeered and can be bwave… for my Mama.

Well, we gonna sign off for now….stay tuned and see you latah.


Looking Back to Move Forward…


We have been experiencing problems with my internet provider. These issues prevented me from having access to publish new content to my blog.

We apologize to those of you who have visited and not seen anything new or updated in my content for over a month. This is not a good way to run a blog site. Not if you wish to keep readers, increase readership, attract brands, etc. Our hope is to resolve this with the IP and resume posting interesting,educational, and fun content for your enjoyment. Kindly bear with us. If you have moved on, we understand but hope you will reconsider coming back to AdoptedMom to ChazztheDog blog.

We have been around since 20112 and hope to return stronger and better than ever. With interesting Product Reviews, Book and Film Reviews, along with some Pawsome GiveAways!!!!
Being an Adopted Dog Pawrent for the last 4 years has been quite an experience.
I was looking at ChazztheDog the other day and thinking back to the beginning. When he first came to live here with me at his forever home.

At that time, I looked for a dog off of an adoption website. There were hundreds of pictures of dogs who needed homes. It works similar to a dating site. You put in specific parameters you want to search by and the computer does the rest.

When I first began my search I thought I wanted a Jack Russel Terrier. I had seen this breed before, found them very cute, with lots of energy. As I made my way through the process I realized a JRT would be too much dog for me. It would not be fair to any dog that he or she wouldn’t get the proper amount of exercise they required to be happy and healthy. I’m not such a spring chicken anymore and running with a dog would not be in the cards. So I widened my search.

Next to each animals picture there was a short bio. I know now that these bios are rather generic and not always 100% truthful. For example Chazz’s read that he got along with children, dogs, and cats. Well Chazz does get along with kids, but as far as other dogs and cats ——–> NO WAY! He is especially dog/dog reactive; and for a short time I had a trainer working with him. However trainers cost lots of money (in the neighborhood of $100 per hour) and I had to stop that pretty quickly.

So as a result, Chazz has never been to a Dog Park. I feel badly about that, but what can I do. I wish he had some dog pals of his own. It became fairly apparent Chazz did not have any Puppy socialization skills or experience. When I walked him in the “people park” he barked at every dog he encountered. Where we have been living I have a neighbor who has a small dog and a cat. This neighbor loves Chazz almost as much as I do. Yet every morning when she takes her dog out to do his “business” Chazz barks at him. When he goes back inside Chazz can’t wait to get out and pee (mark) over the same spot as the neighbors dog.

Anyway back to my search. I changed my search parameters and the database spit back Chazz. I liked his face very much. I called the contact name and told her of my interest. It turned out the rescue woman had a grooming shop not far from where I lived and told me she could have Chazz brought there. At that time he was being fostered by a family and lived a ways away, closer to San Diego. That Saturday my then roommate and I went to the groomer’s business and met Chazz for the very first time!!

He was cute as a button. He was a medium size and both my roommate and I took an immediate liking to this little guy! I applied to adopt him and as they say “the rest is history”.

That was 4 years ago. Chazz was 3 years old when he came to live with me. He was already neutered and wore a collar and walked on a leash. He appeared to be smart and able to take directions. They provide you with next to no history on the animal you are adopting because I guess they just don’t have any to share. That makes it a little more of a challenge, but you just soldier on the best you can. I know there are people out there who don’t like the idea of adopting a mixed breed dog from a shelter, but that’s exactly what I was looking to do. I have never understood the attraction of a purebred dog unless of course one is planning to show the animal in competitions, shows, and the like. But for my purpose, and most people’s I believe being a family pet, AKC breeding is just not necessary, or maybe even desired.

Those first days or should I say nights were interesting. When it was time to turn off the lights and shut the TV off for the evening Chazz went to the sofa. I think he fell asleep for a short time, but would then wake up and start to whine. I catapulted out of bed to quiet him before he disturbed my roommate. Eventually, I would end up sitting on the sofa with Chazz who had gone back to sleep and I was wide awake at 4 in the morning. After three nights of this same routine I realized Chazz had me well trained! So I had to put a stop to this…so I could get some rest.

Chazz on sofa looking over

Chazz  On Living Room Sofa
Eventually Chazz made it into the bedroom. I had vigorously told my friends I was not having him sleep in the bed with me. They all just laughed knowingly and said he would be sleeping with me within 2 weeks. As it so happens it was 2-1/2 weeks!!! Eventually I would have a trainer who suggested that I have Chazz sleep in a crate at night. I was wary of this idea and I had no thought as to how he would take to this change in routine. Chazz the Dog has been sleeping in his dog bed with his favorite stuffed animals inside a crate ever since. Simple as that. EZPZ……..
Do You Have A Naughty Dog?

Recently I was online watching a video of some pet blogger and pet industry experts. They were discussing way to increase your blogs impact, utilizing various social media platforms. Well, that was all fine and well. I have had my Pet Blog for the last 3 years and have listened to a lot of these people and a lot of these talks. Anyway as they chatted on my attention was caught up when I heard one of them say something about, do you have a naughty dog? She was explaining that her blog included her two dogs and while the one dog was polite and well behaved – the content that “drove the blog” were those posts concerning her other dog. The not so perfect dog and his antics.

I smiled in recognition when I heard this. Chazz the Dog is an adorable little dog and appreciated by many. I post pictures of him in a variety of costumes and poses on his avi particularly on Twitter. These pics get their fair share of comments and retweets. I know of one woman who saves these pics to a family album she has on her cellphone…and then shows them off to other people. Like a proud Grandmother showing off pics of her grandchild —-> only these pics are of my dog, my little guy! I think that’s hysterical. Hello Barley Mom. Yes Im talking about you.

But to say Chazz is a well trained, behaved dog is not quite the picture.


Chazz in his Blue Bathrobe Following Bath

As the pet professional in the video stated, I think I am a good pet parent. Above average. Nowadays dogs receive caring like a member of the family. Visits to the vet and the groomer are planned for and scheduled on the calendar. I am vigilant as to him eating only quality dog food and treats. I keep an eye out for dog food recall announcements, and do my best to see Chazz gets his proper exercise. This last area would be the only one I think can stand improvement. Due to my own,not so great physical stamina, I am less than diligent about his walks and such. But his weight is good. (No doggy obesity here please)
The condition of his skin and fur is clean and soft. We are working on his dental health. I brush his teeth, use dental wipes and a spray on a regular basis. I prefer to get him a non anesthetic dental cleaning, but those are costly and not always in the budget. I used to not get high marks from the vet for keeping Chazz’s ears clean enough and he developed a few ear infections as a result. I have vowed to do better and make sure I use the ear cleaner the vet prescribed after each bath. No more stinky ear for my dog!!
We had our first experience with a hotspot. He had it on his bum and my neighbor actually was the one who discovered it. I took Chazz to the vet who reassured me it was in an early stage and we caught it before Chazz was too uncomfortable. She gave me a spray to treat it. Much to Chazz’s dismay I would lift his tail and administer the spray all around the area of redness. It did the trick and the scaly patch on his bum eventually disappeared. Yay!! His little ferret friends on Twitter kept asking if “his bum was otay?!!!!”

Chazz “Camping” in His Tent

Some like to tell me ChazztheDog is Posh…which is a fancy way to say he is spoiled. While on the one paw I will admit Chazz has a lot of things, on the other paw I would disagree. As someone who ran her own Farmers Market Booth, selling things for dogs and dog pawrents we have seen other canines who are treated as hoomin children to the extent that the pawrents lavish all sorts of gifts and special presents on their dogs. For financial reasons this is not the case for Chazz.

I do love him tons and give him food and treats, bed and blankets and stuffed animals to play with; but I would disagree that he is an overly pampered pup.

Well upcoming we will have several Dog Treat Product Reviews, a Cuddler Bed Product Review, as well as a Film/Book Review for your reading and entertainment pleasure.  We sure hope you enjoy these upcoming posts and share them with friends. Thank you

National Ferret Day – April 2, 2015

Hear ye, Hear ye….today is National Ferret Day. You may be wondering why a Pet Blog mostly featuring dog stories, books, films, and products, etc. is posting about ferrets.

Well I’ll tell you. The answer is because I have made fweinds with some ferret pals. I nebbah had any ferret pals before. And now I do.

These pals are da best. Dey are funny, cute, loving pals. They run to give me hugs wen i am feeling poorly and need support fwom fweinds. Dey give gud tickles too.

Dere Mums name is Cheryl S. and she is da bestest. Sadly,  dey recently lost two in dere fambly who went OTRB.  We joined them in their mourning..and in their joy of memories of Queen Juno. She was so so cute and wore her special crown/tiara in her avi. Ebben though we only been fweinds a short time; we feel close to this fambly.

So ChazztheDog wanted to take a moment and use his blog (and it is himz bloggie) to acknowledge Natl Ferret Day and talk about his pals, his fweinds.   Short & Sweet..that’s it for now. See you all next time.

Product Review – Natural Balance Belly Bites- Semi Moist Dog Treats

ChazztheDog is sometimes a picky eater. He prefers his food bite-size and his treats soft not crunchy or hard. We were asked to review some dog treats recently. I selected a variety and they were not a big hit over here. Often when that happens we “do sharing” with our neighbor’s dog and let him be the tester. Well, the treats were really hard and tough to chew. Chazz wanted no part of them and Viggo (neighbor dog) was barely able to eat one.


So we went back and asked if we could try a different treat. This time I chose the Natural Balance brand “semi-moist” treats – thinking they would be a better match for Chazz. Well Yipee!!! Chazz loved them. As soon as I opened the package, flavor Duck and Legume Chazz was all engaged, sniffing and licking his mouth.  These treats were a complete winner.

Grain Free



Peas & Garbanzo Beans

Chicken Fat

Natural Flavor

Cane Molasses


BellyBitesDuck and Legume

Opinion: Chazz and Adopted Mom both recommend them highly! These treats are moist, soft, and very tasty. They are grain free. Nom Nom Nom Chazz says “they are yummy in my tummy.”


The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are our own. They have not been influenced by any outside sources. We received a bag of treats for our review. We received no other compensation for this post or promoting the Natural Balance brand name. Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog only reviews Pet Products we believe in and think our readers will be interested in learning about.

Book Review: Henry Says, “Hello” by S.L. Parker 3.13.15 & GiveAway

Pawwaves Efurrrybudy!  Chazz the Dog and I won a copy of this furrific book at a friend’s blog, Dakota’s Den.  We received the book and began reading the story together. This story can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Henry Says, “Hello”

by S.L. Parker

cover_large                                                                                Cover Photo


This is the story of Henry a cute, little, white Poodle Bichon mix and his friends.   They are teaching kids and adults how to approach and make friends with dogs in the proper way. Henry introduces us to his sisfur Reese. Henry and Reese are both Puppy Mill rescues.

When the story opens it is Henry’s birthday and it just so happens to be Halloween!! We meet several of Henry’s friends, like Emma and Westie Stu, Betty the Beagle, Bruno the Boxer. Gus and Gwen the Goldens, and Merlin in the first few pages.  There’s a lot going on in this story!!


  • There are many different breeds of dogs and they each have their own moods and personalities ( not unlike humans).
  • At the conclusion of the book is a page entitled Henry’s Tips to Say “Hello”  It’s a list of eight tips covered in the book.
  • The illustrations get your attention adding a nice visual element to Henry’s story.

Little Lamb Henry

Little Lamb Henry for Halloween

  • Henry looking out window   Henry looking out his window


We enjoyed this sweet story about Henry, his sisfur Reese, and their friends. Not only is it a nice story, but it is a teaching tool as well.  In efurryday life some pets are turned back in to shelters because of incidents involving the dog and a child or other adult . A child is injured, property is damaged, etc. Many of these incidents are not the fault of the animal; but of the interaction between the human and the animal. Misinterpreted interactions or communications plays a large role. This book is impawtent cuz it explains how to approach dogs with respect. It refers to colored ribbons some dogs wear to indicate they need special care..keep your distance, or I have aggression issues.

ChazztheDog is what they call Dog/Dog Aggressive so we have personally dealt with this issue.While Chazz likes most people; the  same can’t be said for other 4-legged pals.

Editorial Note: These situations may have been avoided if the animal had been approached differently…correctly. We at Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog are not  professional animal behaviorists or trainers. We offer this opinion for consideration based on our experience with our own pets and watching other animals.

More Info:

Author’s Blog:

Purchase this book at:

An Incentive to Purchase

 Author S.L. Parker is supporting a fundraiser for dogs with the condition Megaesophagus. **

  • The muscles of the esophagus fail and it cannot propel food or water into the stomach. (Its like a balloon that has been inflated several times and then hangs limp.)
  • The result is that ingested food sits in the esophagus within the chest cavity and never makes it to the stomach. (

Proceeds from the sale of her book from now until midnight Saturday March 21st will go towards foster and rehome costs of ME dogs, Bailey chair builds as well as research and education programs regarding this condition. Those of you who don’t win the giveaway can do something important to help dogs with this condition & their pawrents, and purchase your own copy at the site listed above. Thanks for listening.

NOW…..on to the GiveAway…..Ta Dah!!

Book GiveAway

One lucky reader of Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog is going to win his or her own copy of

Henry Says “Hello”


 Period of GiveAway – 3.14.15 thru 3.21.15

  1. You must 18 yrs of age or older and provide your email so we can contact you
  2. Provide a USA or Canada shipping address
  3. Winner will be selected at random
  4. Simply leave a comment on this post at the blog indicating you wish to be entered for book giveaway. That’s all there is to it. EZ PZ!!!! Good Luck


This review represents Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog’s opinions. No outside source has influenced this review. We won our review copy at another blog site during a GiveAway. We were not compensated in any way for this book review.  Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog reviews items we believe  our audience will enjoy reading about. This relates to all Pet Products, Books, or Films of interest to us. Thank you.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – Celebrated February 23rd

Lovin Them Dog Biscuits!!! 2015


Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

February 23rd – International Dog Biscuit Day

This post is a collection of info I found on the internet when researching under the term :

International Dog Biscuit Day

Celebrated all over the world, as well as here in the USA, the team here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog has decided to report the “straight poop” on just what this dawgie holiday is all about.

Pups large & small, male or female enjoy a good biscuit now and then. ChazzTheDog enjoys his soaked and softer.

Some like a good Peanut Butter & Carob Bone baked by our friends at Pawty Time Treats  (featured in the Product Review section)


International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Oh, how far we’ve come with dog treats!

Kolchak has an opinion on all this biscuit talk and here it is:

Happy International Dog Biscuit Day!!

Barked by Kolchak Puggle

Some fortunate pet…

View original post 202 more words

Celebrating Howldays….2014

So dis year I got vited to w Ugly Sweater Pawty! My furrieind @RealFakeGator made me a speshul outfit for da occassion. It a Ugly Chanukah Sweater. Here it is:

UglySweater 2014   UglySweater 2014  UglySweater 2014

So what do you fink? Im stylin, dont you fink!!! *Chazz spins around, modeling his sweater. Real Fake Gator is da most awesome graphic artist in Twitterverse!!! I mean it, sincerely.

Mebbe pals can send piksure of your howliday festivities: Christmas Tree decorating, Chanukah Candle LIghting, eating Potatoe Latkes. *drool*, XMAS PotRoast. we can post them here at myblog.

Just email to

We sure hope you will pawticipate!!


ChazztheDog and AdoptedMom

Box of Pawresents on our Front Porch – YAY!!

The other day ChazztheDog and I heard a noise outside our front door. We recognized the sound of the person in the brown shorts leaving a box on our steps!!

Wowee Zowee that box had a bunch of different packages inside all for Chazz. . Treats, treats, treats nom nom!

One of the treats we previously reviewed on our blog, Indigo SMOKEHOUSE Strips, CHICKEN was inside.

Chazz luvs these sooooo much. They come in 2 vacumn sealed packages, plus they include a bag to put any open packages in to keep them fresh. NOMMY! I dont feed Chazz much red meat, yes even though he is a dog. He gets mostly fish and chicken. We think it’s better for his digestion and weight. I am very concerned about Dog Obesity and dont want Chazz to fall victim. Recently, Chazz went to the vet for an ear infection.  I asked them to check his weight.  The vet said he was at the high end of the range for his size, suggesting he was a little bit chunk!! I am very careful with portion we decided we need more exercise. Adopted Mom and Chazz both!! Giggles.

Anyway, back to the box...BRAVO sent Turkey Dinner for Dogsjust add water to freeze dried. I was a lil surprised Chazz ate this. He has turned up his snouty at other freeze dried food. But this pack almost empty.

Next, CARU sent Soft ‘N Tasty Bites, Chicken Recipe.  These snack ingredients include blueberries, cranberries, and chicken. The jury is till out on this one. Chazz gonna share with our neighbor Viggo and see if he likes them. Sometimes Chazz gets picky.

Finally, CARU sent Real Turkey StewIngredients are turkey, veggies, fruit. No wheat, gluten, corn, soy, or by-products. You keep it refrigerated after opening. We use it by pouring over dry kibble. Makes those kibs xtra tasty!! CARU dog food products are new in our house; and Chazz seems to really enjoy them.


This box showed up around Thanksgiving time, so Chazz got to enjoy a special feast!

We are thankful  for our furriends, fambly, and our readers… you!!!





Adopted Mom To ChazztheDog received packages of these food items to review. We have no connection with this brand. Our opinions are our own and have not been influenced from anyone outside.

Training Treats Product Review- Coachies – Yummy!!

Coachies Training Treat#4B6 2Coachies

These dog training treats are extra small and ChazztheDog just luvs them that way.  I can reward him with a small handful and not worry he is getting more than he should. He loves the taste of the turkey and it doesn’t contain a bunch of bad stuff for dogs!

Chazz Votes

On a scale from 1 to 4, Chazz gives Turkey Coachies 3.575 paws up!!!! p.s. Chazz thinks there is always some room for improvement so he never gives a purrfect 4.0.


We have not been compensated for this product review. We received a package of treats to test. We have no connection with the brand and were not influenced in our opinions. Our opinions are strictly our own.

Chazz’s Literary Corner – Book Review- The Dogs of Christmas – March 9, 2014


The Dogs of Christmas

By W. Bruce Cameron

Copyright 2013 New York, NY

ISBN 978-0-7653-055-0

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey, brings you his latest work in the wonderful The Dogs of Christmas.


“EVERY DOG STORY IS A LOVE STORY”…Bruce Cameron wrote those words not Adopted Mom, but we couldn’t agree more.  Even those terrible stories we read about despicable animal abuse; ultimately become stories of love, rescue, and redemption…at least for the dogs and they are the most important part of the story in our opinion.


The Dogs of Christmas features several different love stories central to the theme. There is the human story of characters Josh & Kerri, and the human/ canine bond of Josh and Lucy, the soulful-eyed pregnant pup that comes into their lives – capturing the kindness and natural empathy for a creature needing assistance.

Almost immediately Josh realizes he has more then he can handle and contacts the local shelter where he meets the lovely and compassionate Kerri who comes to his aid.

Love, Trust, Relationships, and Puppies…find all of these as you enjoy reading The Dogs of Christmas


We really enjoyed this story! The writing is compelling, with characters we wanted to follow. Mr. Cameron is a proven author with skills and accolades to his credit. We definitely recommend this book for a great read.

Hold on now, keep scrolling…it’s time for the big Book GiveAway…and by big we mean..3 WINNERS!!!



Must be 18+ and live in the USA

Period: March 10 – March 23, 2014 Winner will be announced on the blog on 3.24.14 Winners will be notified by email. Invalid email address will disqualify  entrant and another winner will be drawn.

Mandatory Entry:

Leave a comment at the end of this post relating an anecdote you have concerning Dogs & Christmas (or Chanukah, or Kwanza for that matter). If you haven’t got a real one, make one up.

Extra Entry Earned: 1 for each

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GOOD LUCK to all participants. You have a very good chance of winning  in our first ever Triple Winner Giveaway!!!


Adopted Mom Blog received a copy of the book The Dog’s of Christmas for review purposes. In addition, Mr. Cameron generously provided 3 copies to support a GiveAway for 3 lucky readers of our pet blog. Opinions expressed in this review are our own and not influenced by any outside source. We receive no financial compensation from featuring this book at our blog.