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Product Review – Tiny Prints Thanks You Cards

ChazzTheDog & TinyPrints Rock!

ChazzTheDog smiles for the camera during a break from catching up on his thank you notes.

Tiny Prints Dog (Woof) & Cat (Meow) themed Thank You Cards. Pawsome way to say thank you on behalf of your pet!

Tiny Prints is an online provider of cards, stationary, gifts, and more.

They have a complete line  of wedding stationary, Mother’s Day cards, all occasion cards, and thank you cards.

Adopted Mom: When AMTCTD Blog was approached to do a product review for Tiny Prints; we asked if they offered anything  in the way of pet themed items. What a surprise to find out the answer was a resounding YES. The MEOW cards have little pawprints all along one side and MEOW is printed in pink & green. The WOOF cards are in more masculine colors befitting dogs of any size.

They are so cute!

ChazzTheDog: I really like hafing mai own lil cards to send to pals and stuff. They printed my name on them too. They are so cool!

I highly recommend these thank you cards and think they would make good gifts for your pet loving furriends.

Disclaimer: AdoptedMom received no compensation for this review. The content was not influenced by anyone outside of Adopted Mom and ChazzTheDog. AdoptedMom did receive an order of cards for reveiw purposes.  No one solicited any specific comments in this review. The opinions expressed are our own.

Tiny Prints Contest Winner Announced 5.01.12

AdoptedMom & ChazzThe Dog in partnership with TinyPrints are pleased to announce the WINNER<WINNER<WINNER of our April GiveAway:

Drumroll………and the winner is Tulip!!!

Here’s what Tulip’s hooman, Icy Pink Lemonade  had to say about her manners:

Tulip has…ok manners lol. She doesn’t beg, but if you open a crinkly snack bag she comes near and looks at you lovingly.

She doesn’t eat off the table or try to take ours.

She gets her belly rubbed after food and never says excuse me when she burps! (hehe) she is very caring, can tell if youre upset and feels better when all her pack mates are home.

Congratulations Tulip!!!

Please have your hooman send your email address to AdoptedMom at to get instructions to collect your prize….50 Thank You Cards from Tiny Prints


Thank you to evfurrybuddy who entered the GiveAway. will be having a brand spanking new GiveAway later this month of May.  Stay Tuned for that !