OP / ED Page Summer 2013

June 2. 2013 Update

Recently, I was asked to sign a petition to ask Facebook to stop them from imposing a ban on animal rescue organizations and individuals from cross posting about animals in need of help. Recently Facebook has chosen to require payment from these organizations to publish these postings.

Facebook allows a lot of objectionable content on their pages with no apparent editorial oversight If they don’t see fit to ban or curtail these subject matters then how do they decide to penalize animal rescue from having their say??  If one of your friends on Facebook requests for you to sign a petition on this subject, please support it. Humans got animals into these problems and situations – it seems only fitting caring individuals should be allowed the freedom to help get them out……AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog

12.15.12 Update

Yesterday, there was yet another mass shooting in the United States. Help us G*d, this time it was at an Elementary School in Newtown, Conneticut. 20 children, mostly kindergartners were slaughtered along with 7 adults including the perpetrator. Sandy Hook Elementary was the scene of this atrocity.
A bedroom community of just 30,000 residents about an hour outside of New York City.

This is not dog-related, but I feel compelled through my sadness to blog about this horrific event. The alleged shooter was a 20 yr old young man who’s mother was a teacher a the school. It was reported the young man suffered from mental illness. He targeted his mother and the students in 2 classrooms. Hundreds of other students were led to safety, being told to close their eyes and run past the office by teachers, fireman, and other first responders. The images are terrible. Those little 6 year old faces, holding hands with one another being led past bloody scenes of human carnage…fellow students. Other children, guided by teachers who kept their heads and followed emergency procedures were locked into the First Grade Bathroom to keep them out of harm’s way.

There really are no words to explain any of these events. President Obama, with tears addressed the nation not long after the incident.

Social media is already coming down on either side of the political Gun Control issue. How did this young man gain access to the school? Why? Why did he do this? It is unimagineable in it’s enormity.

I personally have 2 members of my family who are school teachers. This impacted them strongly to say the very least. When will we ever figure out how to put a stop to the killing of the innocent? Shopping at the Mall, going to a late night movie–none of these things are safe anymore, you have to think you might become the target of one of these gun-toting, sick, individuals.
In the days ahead i’m sure this young man’s history will become public. What he chose to do is already infamous. The youngest victims of a school shoooting .

It breaks my heart to see these parents rushing to the school for word about their children. I cannot imagine being in the place of any of those parents, finding out their child is never coming home again. Those children, all of them, were thinking about getting through the last days of school, counting the days till Christmas. That’s the only thing they were thinking of- as is right. There will be no Christmas for those 20 families. No joy filled family dinner, unwrapping presents, singing carols, visiting with friends. That is over, period. Replaced with grief over the loss of those innocent lives, and the 7 adults as well.

I am sick to my heart, as I watch the news coverage in my living room, over 3,000 miles away. How do parents all over tell their children about these events? How scarred will the surviving children be..who miraculously made it out of their school? These are questions we ask ourselves each time one of these shootings happens. When will it stop?

Usually I include images in my posts. Visuals making it more of an interesting read. There will be no images among these words. They are too graphic, too bleak, too bloody.


This is not a “2nd Amendement” question. This is a question of human lives. The loss of human lives. Is your “right” to bear arms more important than keeping our citizens safe? I think not. When 5 year olds are shot and killed by a 20 year old carrying multiple weapons, some of which can get off over 100 shots in less than a minute. Things have gone beyond defense of the 2nd Amendment. Who needs that kind of power? For Hunting? Shooting? Personal Defense?

That’s just insane. When are these people going to wake up, and not demean the deaths of these children and adults? This is indefensable as far as my opinion goes. Bleh!

Design A_

While a BLOG, by definition is a collection of opinions or “editorials” by the author, we at AMTCTD blog are launching our new OP/ED Page. This page will specifically feature opinions on a variety of topics and issues of interest to dog lovers, pet bloggers, etc.—-> so hopefully that means you, our readers.

Over the year and a half we have been publishing, I have received comments on certain writing;  telling me I am wrong about a specific post.  Well, as much as we always appreciate feedback here at the blog, that is well just odd to me. What is posted at the blog are my thoughts, feelings, and yes opinions. So again by definition there is really no right or wrong to that expression. As the current phrase goes, ” it is what it is”.

But on this page we will be happy to give space to differing points of view, after we’ve had our say. If you want to take issue with opinions expressed & the language is polite, we will publish those responses. Can’t get any more fair than that. 🙂  If there is an issue you would be interested in having discussed, just email me adoptedmomtochazz@gmail.com or leave a comment on this page and we will try to cover it.

I’m looking forward to your pawticipation in this page, so I hope to hear from you out there.  And as always…thanks for visiting our blog!

Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog

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