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Looking Back to Move Forward…


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We apologize to those of you who have visited and not seen anything new or updated in my content for over a month. This is not a good way to run a blog site. Not if you wish to keep readers, increase readership, attract brands, etc. Our hope is to resolve this with the IP and resume posting interesting,educational, and fun content for your enjoyment. Kindly bear with us. If you have moved on, we understand but hope you will reconsider coming back to AdoptedMom to ChazztheDog blog.

We have been around since 20112 and hope to return stronger and better than ever. With interesting Product Reviews, Book and Film Reviews, along with some Pawsome GiveAways!!!!
Being an Adopted Dog Pawrent for the last 4 years has been quite an experience.
I was looking at ChazztheDog the other day and thinking back to the beginning. When he first came to live here with me at his forever home.

At that time, I looked for a dog off of an adoption website. There were hundreds of pictures of dogs who needed homes. It works similar to a dating site. You put in specific parameters you want to search by and the computer does the rest.

When I first began my search I thought I wanted a Jack Russel Terrier. I had seen this breed before, found them very cute, with lots of energy. As I made my way through the process I realized a JRT would be too much dog for me. It would not be fair to any dog that he or she wouldn’t get the proper amount of exercise they required to be happy and healthy. I’m not such a spring chicken anymore and running with a dog would not be in the cards. So I widened my search.

Next to each animals picture there was a short bio. I know now that these bios are rather generic and not always 100% truthful. For example Chazz’s read that he got along with children, dogs, and cats. Well Chazz does get along with kids, but as far as other dogs and cats ——–> NO WAY! He is especially dog/dog reactive; and for a short time I had a trainer working with him. However trainers cost lots of money (in the neighborhood of $100 per hour) and I had to stop that pretty quickly.

So as a result, Chazz has never been to a Dog Park. I feel badly about that, but what can I do. I wish he had some dog pals of his own. It became fairly apparent Chazz did not have any Puppy socialization skills or experience. When I walked him in the “people park” he barked at every dog he encountered. Where we have been living I have a neighbor who has a small dog and a cat. This neighbor loves Chazz almost as much as I do. Yet every morning when she takes her dog out to do his “business” Chazz barks at him. When he goes back inside Chazz can’t wait to get out and pee (mark) over the same spot as the neighbors dog.

Anyway back to my search. I changed my search parameters and the database spit back Chazz. I liked his face very much. I called the contact name and told her of my interest. It turned out the rescue woman had a grooming shop not far from where I lived and told me she could have Chazz brought there. At that time he was being fostered by a family and lived a ways away, closer to San Diego. That Saturday my then roommate and I went to the groomer’s business and met Chazz for the very first time!!

He was cute as a button. He was a medium size and both my roommate and I took an immediate liking to this little guy! I applied to adopt him and as they say “the rest is history”.

That was 4 years ago. Chazz was 3 years old when he came to live with me. He was already neutered and wore a collar and walked on a leash. He appeared to be smart and able to take directions. They provide you with next to no history on the animal you are adopting because I guess they just don’t have any to share. That makes it a little more of a challenge, but you just soldier on the best you can. I know there are people out there who don’t like the idea of adopting a mixed breed dog from a shelter, but that’s exactly what I was looking to do. I have never understood the attraction of a purebred dog unless of course one is planning to show the animal in competitions, shows, and the like. But for my purpose, and most people’s I believe being a family pet, AKC breeding is just not necessary, or maybe even desired.

Those first days or should I say nights were interesting. When it was time to turn off the lights and shut the TV off for the evening Chazz went to the sofa. I think he fell asleep for a short time, but would then wake up and start to whine. I catapulted out of bed to quiet him before he disturbed my roommate. Eventually, I would end up sitting on the sofa with Chazz who had gone back to sleep and I was wide awake at 4 in the morning. After three nights of this same routine I realized Chazz had me well trained! So I had to put a stop to this…so I could get some rest.

Chazz on sofa looking over

Chazz  On Living Room Sofa
Eventually Chazz made it into the bedroom. I had vigorously told my friends I was not having him sleep in the bed with me. They all just laughed knowingly and said he would be sleeping with me within 2 weeks. As it so happens it was 2-1/2 weeks!!! Eventually I would have a trainer who suggested that I have Chazz sleep in a crate at night. I was wary of this idea and I had no thought as to how he would take to this change in routine. Chazz the Dog has been sleeping in his dog bed with his favorite stuffed animals inside a crate ever since. Simple as that. EZPZ……..
Do You Have A Naughty Dog?

Recently I was online watching a video of some pet blogger and pet industry experts. They were discussing way to increase your blogs impact, utilizing various social media platforms. Well, that was all fine and well. I have had my Pet Blog for the last 3 years and have listened to a lot of these people and a lot of these talks. Anyway as they chatted on my attention was caught up when I heard one of them say something about, do you have a naughty dog? She was explaining that her blog included her two dogs and while the one dog was polite and well behaved – the content that “drove the blog” were those posts concerning her other dog. The not so perfect dog and his antics.

I smiled in recognition when I heard this. Chazz the Dog is an adorable little dog and appreciated by many. I post pictures of him in a variety of costumes and poses on his avi particularly on Twitter. These pics get their fair share of comments and retweets. I know of one woman who saves these pics to a family album she has on her cellphone…and then shows them off to other people. Like a proud Grandmother showing off pics of her grandchild —-> only these pics are of my dog, my little guy! I think that’s hysterical. Hello Barley Mom. Yes Im talking about you.

But to say Chazz is a well trained, behaved dog is not quite the picture.


Chazz in his Blue Bathrobe Following Bath

As the pet professional in the video stated, I think I am a good pet parent. Above average. Nowadays dogs receive caring like a member of the family. Visits to the vet and the groomer are planned for and scheduled on the calendar. I am vigilant as to him eating only quality dog food and treats. I keep an eye out for dog food recall announcements, and do my best to see Chazz gets his proper exercise. This last area would be the only one I think can stand improvement. Due to my own,not so great physical stamina, I am less than diligent about his walks and such. But his weight is good. (No doggy obesity here please)
The condition of his skin and fur is clean and soft. We are working on his dental health. I brush his teeth, use dental wipes and a spray on a regular basis. I prefer to get him a non anesthetic dental cleaning, but those are costly and not always in the budget. I used to not get high marks from the vet for keeping Chazz’s ears clean enough and he developed a few ear infections as a result. I have vowed to do better and make sure I use the ear cleaner the vet prescribed after each bath. No more stinky ear for my dog!!
We had our first experience with a hotspot. He had it on his bum and my neighbor actually was the one who discovered it. I took Chazz to the vet who reassured me it was in an early stage and we caught it before Chazz was too uncomfortable. She gave me a spray to treat it. Much to Chazz’s dismay I would lift his tail and administer the spray all around the area of redness. It did the trick and the scaly patch on his bum eventually disappeared. Yay!! His little ferret friends on Twitter kept asking if “his bum was otay?!!!!”

Chazz “Camping” in His Tent

Some like to tell me ChazztheDog is Posh…which is a fancy way to say he is spoiled. While on the one paw I will admit Chazz has a lot of things, on the other paw I would disagree. As someone who ran her own Farmers Market Booth, selling things for dogs and dog pawrents we have seen other canines who are treated as hoomin children to the extent that the pawrents lavish all sorts of gifts and special presents on their dogs. For financial reasons this is not the case for Chazz.

I do love him tons and give him food and treats, bed and blankets and stuffed animals to play with; but I would disagree that he is an overly pampered pup.

Well upcoming we will have several Dog Treat Product Reviews, a Cuddler Bed Product Review, as well as a Film/Book Review for your reading and entertainment pleasure.  We sure hope you enjoy these upcoming posts and share them with friends. Thank you