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Film Review : Letting Go on Canine Cinema Page !

Some scenes from the movie to wet your appetite!!

FRANKENWEENIE – New Featurette – Watch It Here

Director Tim Burton talks about the making of his new stop-action animation, Black & White movie, FRANKENWEENIE.

Product Review – BIONIC Rubber Ball for Small Dogs 9.11.12

You know when you go shopping for a ball for your dog?  And the shelves are stocked with big, huge balls that your dog can’t pick up, that just don’t work.  Well, we have discovered BIONIC and they are here to change all that.  They’ve launched a specific line of toys for your size Little & Medium pet.  These balls have special science behind their design & development. Durable, tested at shelters and doggie daycares, these toys are built to last.


“The Bionic Rubber® is modified at a molecular level to provide optimal performance based on the size dog the toy will be given to. We strengthen the puncture resistance properties in the material for smaller dogs while also softening the toy to feel comfortable to the dog’s teeth.

Bionic Rubber is practical; it floats, is dishwasher safe and will last a long time.”

Bionic Rubber® is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable allowing us to create virtually no waste when we manufacture our products. Bionic Rubber® has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe for your pet and that it does not contain any harmful phthalates, hormones, lead, cadmium, mercury, and natural rubber, Bisphenoal A, asbestos or latex.1

If that’s not enough, some are also DogTreat Dispensers as well. Stuff the opening with your dogs favorite treats and let him/or her at it!

These items are a fun bright orange that your little guy may just love to chew.


Readers you can purchase directly online at ( Or you can locate a retailer at (

Checkout their Facebook page (

Grab one of these and start having more fun at play with your pal!!




Review Disclaimer: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog did not receive any compensation for this review.  AdoptedMomToChazz received a sample product for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are those of one individual; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

1 Excerpted from BIONIC website

Winner Announced for GiveAway Bret Michaels Pleather Jacket 9-6-12

Winner of the Style, Dogs, & Rock ‘N Roll Chazz & Pepper Go On A Date GiveAway


ChazzTheDog & AdoptedMom are pleased to announce the winner of the Bret Michaels Black Pleather Jacket from PetSmart is: Drumroll…………….none other than………….



Condogulations Carma!! We hope you enjoy your new jacket and wear it in good health & fun.

Thank you to all pals who entered the GiveAway. We appreciate your “suppawt”.

Stay tuned here at AdoptedMomToChazzBlog for upcoming GiveAway, Product Reveiws, and Dog Movie Critique/Reviews (Check out our newest page… Canine Cinema)

Thanks everybuddy!!! You got style & you ROCK!