Chazz’s Friends Gallery

Chazz’s Friends Gallery

Batman & EricThis is Batman the dog. Holding him is Chazz’s “bromance” Eric. Chazz luvs Eric, walks around and tries to help him with his work. Actually Chazz acts as Eric’s Supervisor

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MaxtheCutePomMax Modeling His Shirt & Bandana/ Collar Prizes





Oliver luvs his bone from MuttMania

Dozer & Barrett

Chef,CookinWifRabbits, Actor-Writer-Director ZackRabbit

PepperPom – Speshul Gurl!

Baby Pepper,,,she luk like liddle TeddyBear

Pepper is Service Dog


Curly, Laguna Woods – XMAS Outfit

Max Holiday Pic

Ralphie, Lives w/ Jessica

Chazz’s FormalWear Look


STANLEY just relaxing..

Curly of Laguna Woods

This is Chazz’s Cousin

CokietheCat, Editor-in-Chief, Anipal Times
My Yoga Bliss Pose

Ssmiling Maximus

Bear & His Purple Waggle Toy

Mookie & Co.

Say hello to Toby H.

  1. Chazz The Dog…that tuxedo is so slimming, makes you look nice and tall, and of course even more handsome!

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