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Dog Treat Product Review – Newman’s Own Organics *Snack Sticks*

Newman’s Own Organic Snack Sticks come in 3 Flavors: Chicken & Rice. Chicken & Vegetable, Chicken & Sweet Potatoe

INGREDIENTS (Chicken & Sweet Potatoe)

Organic Chicken

Organic Oat Flour

Organic Barley Flour

Soy Grits


Organic Sweet Potato

Salt, Cultured Whey, Natural Flavors

Oil of Garlic, Vitamin E



Chazz Opinion : These treats shaped like a stick are chewy and deelish.  I really like them!! See, I don’t likey to eat hard biscuit-type dog treats. One of my front tooths iz a little loose so I prefer chewy or training treat type snacks. *DROOL* These Newman’s Own Organics are yummy in my belly!!!


Check out this website – they carry all sorts of cool things for Dogs & Cats – Food, Snacks, Toys including the Newman’s Own Organics



About delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 300+ brands of pet food and stuff (for FREE!) while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.


The ideas & opinions expressed in this post are our own; and have not been influenced by any outside sources. We received one bag of treats for the purpose of this review.  AdoptedMomtoChazzTheDog Blog is part of the Blogger Program.

Winners Announcement(s) – Animal Cracker,Dogs of Christmas,Mr.Peabody,ILEESH,Chaser- 3.24.14

Adopted Mom & ChazztheDog wish to thank all the pals who entered our GiveAways this month March 2014.

Without further ado —–> here come the WINNERS!

Congratulations to each of you!!!!


 Book GiveAway                                         Animal Cracker                         KIM S.

Book GiveAway                                         Dogs of Christmas                      THOMAS 

Movie Swag                                                Mr. Peabody & Sherman         MALLORY H. & LINDA S.

Product GiveAway                                     ILEESH                                        LINDA S.

Book GiveAway                                          Chaser,

                                                                     The Dog Who Knows A Thousand Words     LINDA S.

NEXT All Winners will be contacted by email to provide a mailing address to ship their pawrize…

DISCLAIMER The ideas & opinions published here are those of Adopted Mom & ChazztheDog. We have not been influenced by any outside sources.

The Petter – Organizing Chazz the Dog’s Life – March 13,2014

               THE PETTER

Chazz the Dog won his very own PETTER organizer/calendar/planner from another furriend’s blog.

He loves it!!! Here he is….


Petter Organizer

Chazz spent some time in the front yard yesterday organizing his activities.  Scheduling his appointments in his calendar/planner.  Chazz is always less anxious when he knows the plans for the day!

Check them out…here’s how to contact them.


Twitter: @PetterPlanner


DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own and have not been influenced by any outside sources. AdoptedMom blog received no compensation for featuring The Petter in this blog post.

Top 25 Pet Blogs – Please Vote for Chazz’s Blog

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2) Scroll down the list to find

Where Does Blogging Inspiration Come From? March 5, 2013

Sometimes I wonder where do writers gain inspiration from, for their work?  In this case I’m specifically referring to blogging about matters of interest to other pet parents.  I have been involved writing this blog for a little over two years. The same length of time since I adopted ChazzTheDog.  The blog has grown in ways I never would have imagined. Lately, I have been focusing on doing Dog Themed Book and Film Reviews. This is of great interest; and I believe Chazz & I have created a niche for ourselves with this effort!!

We will continue to provide reviews of appropriate books and films in the forseeable future. Pet parents seem to enjoy them, they provide a lot of interesting information and material for discussion, and are otherwise of value to the pet community.

So that brings us to the topic of this post.  While outside with Chazz The Dog the other morning…I ran into our US Postal lady.  Chazz always seems to greet her with a mixture of sounding the alarm – “Mom there’s somebody at our door!!“, in guard/security dog mode – as well as excited, anticipation. “Ooh Mom, maybe I am getting something special in the mail today. Hurry, hurry open the door let me look and sniff!”

Following an exchange of normal pleasantries, the postal employee turned to me and said matter-of -factly, “I notice your dog gets a lot of mail.”

Snicker… well under most circumstances I would find that an odd comment. But in this instance it is simply a correct observation. Any communications I have on behalf of my Blog in the US Mails..I use Chazz The Dog c/o B. Strunin in the return address. If I order any products for Chazz (and I do), I use the same return information.  So the mail personnel should be used to delivering mail addressed to the dog at this address. It should not come as a big surprise, unless the regular post person is on vacation and we have a fill-in.

I found it very amusing that she made this remark; but didn’t want to appear rude so I struggled to compose my face and mask my grin. Chazz was busy chasing leaves and such so he paid it no mind.

Now as a kid we had a family dog, several in fact over time. I don’t recall those dogs ever getting anything in the mail. No samples, no offers of pet insurance, no promotions from local vet hospitals…. nothing.  So does that make mail addressed to dogs a new phenomenon?

Further, I have actually received mail addressed to me from my dog????What!!  Now, I adore my dog absolutely. But even from my skewed point of view, Chazz is a regular,4-pawed dog, no opossable thumbs anywhere in sight.  Granted there is a picture on this blog of Chazz, sitting at the dining table writing out his doggie thank you notes ——–> but you never actually see him holding the pencil and writing. So, that mail is still a mystery. Note: I appreciate whoever has gone to the trouble & expense of mailing me a Valentine Card from Chazz as well as other special greetings. It’s a bit peculiar on the one paw, but I am rolling with it ; and choosing to think it is just another overly involved pet lover trying to spread good cheer through our furbabies.


Dogmail from

Dogmail from

Recently, I’ve read about people getting text messages from their dogs. In our today’s world of Social Media, and transparency– of animals having their own Twitter & Facebook pages, & You Tube channels – strangely enough this does not so much give me pause.

BuzzFeed on Facebook is a page with images of text messages between dogs and their humans.

At the risk of going astray of our topic, dogs have driver’s licenses.My dog has his very own Driver License attached to his collar around his neck,  and I carry a copy of it in my wallet.

You can get one for your dog from online. Format your very own state’s license for your dog, cat, rabbit, horse,etc.

But mail to and from the dog? What do I make of this?

So it looks like mail for your dog is not that unusual. Mail from your dog a little more out of the ordinary.  Either way- there have been tests that most dogs recognize about 164 words/commands. Your dog may know more.  Whichever, it appears the dog will be able to check and read any mail he or she does receive.  Now, what about those Holiday packages?  Who’s sending and receiving all of those?!?!


SuperDogSunday…Gettin’ Closer


















Our  charity beneficiary, Petfinder Foundation, is thrilled to thank our sponsors, Toby and Max, Nature’s Logic, Arenus, Luv and Emma, and Event Barkers of course, for their generous support in making this all possible.

As we anticipate the pre-game show, the Puppy Bowl, the commercials and let’s not forget the beer and chips, there will still also be Super Dog Sunday™.

 This photo contest is football-themed and all of your pets are invited. How to enter? Send your pet’s football-themed photo to

Meet the SuperDogSunday CheerTeam – Click the link below



The Petfinder Foundation works with shelters, rescue organizations and animal welfare organizations across the country. Our mission is to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home.

The Foundation helps support thousands of animal welfare organization that are members of The Foundation provides direct funding as well as training and education and grants of equipment and supplies so that hundreds of thousands of homeless pets have happier lives and so that the thousands of shelter and rescue folks who work with them can better perform their jobs.

*Excerpted from the website

Non-Profit Status

The Foundation is a 501c3 organization.
Federal Tax ID Number: 87-0694641

Think about making a difference in the life of a homeless pet with a donation to this charity

Go to to get pertinent information to enter Photo Contest

Let’s have fun. Get Ready, Get Set, Kickoff..

Two, Four, Six, Eight who do we appreciate ..Event Barkers/All Things Dog, DogTipper


Our First Ever Blogger Award -Friday 1.18.13

Wow. We are soooo excited over here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog.  Today we were notified about receiving our very first Blogger Award. The award is called

The Next Big Thing Blogger Award

The Next Big Thing Blogger Award

We are extra pawcited because we were nominated for this sought after and prestigious award by  my furriends Thomas & Keely.

Thomas, Winnie, Keely

Thomas, Winnie, Keely

Here’s what they said:

The next blog is from Chazz @ChazzTheDog:AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog  Chazz’s blog is always educational, interesting and fun. Besides cool posts about his life in Los Angeles, he also posts useful book, movie & product reviews, plus plenty of grreat contests and giveaways (Thomas just won a book prize!)


A lot of our Pet Blogger Pals have won blogger awards before….but this is our first and we couldn’t be more pleased and honored. We will have to setup a special page for Awards now. Awoooooooooooooo!!

We understand along with being a recipient of this award goes the responsibility of Pawing It Forward. And we intend to do just that. We will review the blogs we follow here at AMTCTD blog and make our choices public in an upcoming post.

We wish to thank Thomas, Keely, Winnie, Chloe, and Jessie Janey for this award; and we will treasure it for many, many years to come.

Winnie & Teddy Arrive at Guide Dog School

Winnie & Teddy Arrive at Guide Dog School

Chloe in her basket

Chloe in her basket


ChazzTheDog and AdoptedMom

Super Dog Sunday Pre-Game Kick-Off Post

Super Dog SundayCheer Team Member

Super Dog Sunday
Cheer Team Member

Hey There Efurrybuddy! AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog is proud to have been chosen as a member of the newly formed Super Dog Sunday Cheer Team for this pawsome event!

Super Dog Sunday™ is a pet photo contest. All pets are invited to participate. The primary criteria is that your pet photo must be football-themed in some way. Your theme need not include a team name or even be related to an NFL team. Just plain football works for us!

You may dress up your pet, use backdrops or items in the foreground to theme your photo, and you may also use Photo editing tools available online or through programs you can purchase. You may enter only one photo per pet. However, you may enter as many pets as you wish.

Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Hunter’s 2012 Photo

Our 2013 Super Dog Sunday™ sponsors are ArenusEvent BarkersLuv and EmmaNature’s Logicand Toby and Max.

Super Dog Sunday™ is a pet photo contest. All pets are invited to participate. The primary criteria is that your pet photo must be football-themed in some way. Your theme need not include a team name or even be related to an NFL team. Just plain football works for us!


  • Enter full-sized photos (no thumbnails, please!) by emailing them to You may begin emailing your photos as soon as you wish.
  • Bloggers may enter their own photos or photos submitted to them by their readers  beginning at 5:30 PM ET on Sunday, January 20. That’s when our #SuperDogPics Twitter Party will end and the entries officially open for viewing via a blog hop on All Things Dog Blog and Dogtipper. The code for sharing the hop will be available to  bloggers who may post the hop to their own sites as well.
    • Entries will close at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, February 3, kickoff time for the Super Bowl. At this time our judges will go to work, grouping your entries by category and  naming a winner in each group. These winners will be announced on Monday afternoon, February 4.
    • Earlier on February 4 a photo slideshow of all entries will be split up and shared on Dogtipper and All Things Dog Blog. Be sure to check both sites to see all the entries in a fun show in a larger format.
    • Thanks for supporting Petfinder Foundation by supporting our sponsors. Good luck in the photo contest and we look forward to seeing you at#SuperDogPics on January 20. You can get another take on all these details by visiting Dogtipper.
    • Sponsor Social Media Accounts:
      Arenus on Facebook and Twitter
      Event Barkers on Facebook and Twitter
      Luv and Emma on Facebook and Twitter
      Nature’s Logic on Facebook and Twitter
      Toby and Max on Facebook and Twitter
      Gypsy Eyes Clothing on Facebook
  • Stay tuned for more information, updates, and news about the Super Dog Sunday Twitter Party, The Teams, The Game, The Sponsors, The Petfinder Foundation (The Charity)

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Two Four Six Eight….


This Monday – Pawticipate & Celebrate – January 14th, 2013 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th, 2013 National Dress Up Your Pet Day


National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige , and sponsored by the Animal Miracle Network as a fun way to celebrate our beloved pets and to support the pet fashion community.

“It’s important to remember though, that it’s not, however, a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot” says Paige. Have fun with your pets by dressing them in cute outfits and safe costumes – but keep your pet’s comfort level in mind when involving him/her in this fun novelty day.

Excerpted from


It’s sense of style? Today is the perfect opportunity to break out the bejeweled collars, sassy sweaters, and fashion accessories.

Fido’s and Fluffys across America celebrate by getting all dolled up in their very best doggy duds and feline frocks. And just in case you or your furry friend are having a “ruff” day, with some simple planning you can even wear matching outfits in honor of this special day. Then head outside and go for a stroll out on the town or walk around the “bark.” And if you are lucky enough to live in warmer climates, why not go for a cruise in the convertible with the top down. You’re sure to be the cat’s meow or top dog in town!


Editorial Opinion:

We here at AMTCTD blog realize some pet owners vehemently oppose the idea and the act of dressing pets up in clothes. We can respect that choice; we just don’t share it. Responsibly interacting with your pet in this way is fine by us. Making sure the clothes or accessories you put on your dog or cat, or ferret, or mouse, etc. fit properly, do not encumber their mobility, and are comfortable is a perfectly legitimate way to express your love and bond with your pet, in our opinion. Granted some pets will not tolerate any of this; and for those animals this isn’t a wise choice. But there are many who will tolerate it, and even dare I suggest – like it. As a pet owner, you should know your own animal and you can tell whether this is okay with them. We often put sweaters or coats on our dogs and cats to make sure they are warm enough during cold weather. Dressing them up for the sheer fun is not that different. Both you and your pet can enjoy National Dress Up Your Pet Day..just make sure you are both on the same page! And Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!


nat'l dressupyourpetimage




Caution – Disclaimer

It is important to remember that while dressing pets in cute costumes or outrageous outfits can be loads of fun, it is important to keep their safety and well-being in mind. Check apparel/costumes for possible choking hazards. Ensure the items fit comfortably and do not restrict their breathing. Depending where you live, make sure your pet’s outfit is weather-appropriate for your neck-of-the-woods.


Chazz Wears His Sunday Work in Da Garden Floppy Hat

Chazz Wears His Sunday Work in Da Garden Floppy Hat

And The Winner Is…………………………………12.29.12

Santa Paws 2- The Santa Pups BlueRay DVD

Our GiveAway is now ended…and we are pleased to announce —–>SantaPaws2TheSantaPupsStarringCherylLadd2

——> the Lucky Winner of the BlueRay DVD copy of this sweet Holiday Family Fun Film is none other than Amy Orvin

    Amy told us:

I know my dogs enjoy watching movies with me because they just stare at the screen. Sometimes when my 13 year old peeki-poo sees a cat, she will start to bark. It’s so funny, because I have 4 indoor only cats at home , and she doesn’t bark at them. I guess she knows they are her brothers and sisters.

Condogulations Amy, we hope you are very pawcited!!!


Amy, kindly email: and send us your mailing addy so we can have your prize shipped out.


AMTCTD blog would like to say thank you to all who pawticipated in this GiveAway.

We’ve had a great year with all our friends and readers, and 2013 looks to be even more good times. We already have a Product Review in the works, a Book Review & GiveAway, and much more!

Don’t furget to bookmark us on your computer so you won’t miss a post

Happy New Year 2013


Adopted Mom & ChazzTheDog