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Product Review – Natural Balance Belly Bites- Semi Moist Dog Treats

ChazztheDog is sometimes a picky eater. He prefers his food bite-size and his treats soft not crunchy or hard. We were asked to review some dog treats recently. I selected a variety and they were not a big hit over here. Often when that happens we “do sharing” with our neighbor’s dog and let him be the tester. Well, the treats were really hard and tough to chew. Chazz wanted no part of them and Viggo (neighbor dog) was barely able to eat one.


So we went back and asked if we could try a different treat. This time I chose the Natural Balance brand “semi-moist” treats – thinking they would be a better match for Chazz. Well Yipee!!! Chazz loved them. As soon as I opened the package, flavor Duck and Legume Chazz was all engaged, sniffing and licking his mouth.  These treats were a complete winner.

Grain Free



Peas & Garbanzo Beans

Chicken Fat

Natural Flavor

Cane Molasses


BellyBitesDuck and Legume

Opinion: Chazz and Adopted Mom both recommend them highly! These treats are moist, soft, and very tasty. They are grain free. Nom Nom Nom Chazz says “they are yummy in my tummy.”


The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are our own. They have not been influenced by any outside sources. We received a bag of treats for our review. We received no other compensation for this post or promoting the Natural Balance brand name. Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog only reviews Pet Products we believe in and think our readers will be interested in learning about.

Book Review: Henry Says, “Hello” by S.L. Parker 3.13.15 & GiveAway

Pawwaves Efurrrybudy!  Chazz the Dog and I won a copy of this furrific book at a friend’s blog, Dakota’s Den.  We received the book and began reading the story together. This story can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Henry Says, “Hello”

by S.L. Parker

cover_large                                                                                Cover Photo


This is the story of Henry a cute, little, white Poodle Bichon mix and his friends.   They are teaching kids and adults how to approach and make friends with dogs in the proper way. Henry introduces us to his sisfur Reese. Henry and Reese are both Puppy Mill rescues.

When the story opens it is Henry’s birthday and it just so happens to be Halloween!! We meet several of Henry’s friends, like Emma and Westie Stu, Betty the Beagle, Bruno the Boxer. Gus and Gwen the Goldens, and Merlin in the first few pages.  There’s a lot going on in this story!!


  • There are many different breeds of dogs and they each have their own moods and personalities ( not unlike humans).
  • At the conclusion of the book is a page entitled Henry’s Tips to Say “Hello”  It’s a list of eight tips covered in the book.
  • The illustrations get your attention adding a nice visual element to Henry’s story.

Little Lamb Henry

Little Lamb Henry for Halloween

  • Henry looking out window   Henry looking out his window


We enjoyed this sweet story about Henry, his sisfur Reese, and their friends. Not only is it a nice story, but it is a teaching tool as well.  In efurryday life some pets are turned back in to shelters because of incidents involving the dog and a child or other adult . A child is injured, property is damaged, etc. Many of these incidents are not the fault of the animal; but of the interaction between the human and the animal. Misinterpreted interactions or communications plays a large role. This book is impawtent cuz it explains how to approach dogs with respect. It refers to colored ribbons some dogs wear to indicate they need special care..keep your distance, or I have aggression issues.

ChazztheDog is what they call Dog/Dog Aggressive so we have personally dealt with this issue.While Chazz likes most people; the  same can’t be said for other 4-legged pals.

Editorial Note: These situations may have been avoided if the animal had been approached differently…correctly. We at Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog are not  professional animal behaviorists or trainers. We offer this opinion for consideration based on our experience with our own pets and watching other animals.

More Info:

Author’s Blog:

Purchase this book at:

An Incentive to Purchase

 Author S.L. Parker is supporting a fundraiser for dogs with the condition Megaesophagus. **

  • The muscles of the esophagus fail and it cannot propel food or water into the stomach. (Its like a balloon that has been inflated several times and then hangs limp.)
  • The result is that ingested food sits in the esophagus within the chest cavity and never makes it to the stomach. (

Proceeds from the sale of her book from now until midnight Saturday March 21st will go towards foster and rehome costs of ME dogs, Bailey chair builds as well as research and education programs regarding this condition. Those of you who don’t win the giveaway can do something important to help dogs with this condition & their pawrents, and purchase your own copy at the site listed above. Thanks for listening.

NOW…..on to the GiveAway…..Ta Dah!!

Book GiveAway

One lucky reader of Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog is going to win his or her own copy of

Henry Says “Hello”


 Period of GiveAway – 3.14.15 thru 3.21.15

  1. You must 18 yrs of age or older and provide your email so we can contact you
  2. Provide a USA or Canada shipping address
  3. Winner will be selected at random
  4. Simply leave a comment on this post at the blog indicating you wish to be entered for book giveaway. That’s all there is to it. EZ PZ!!!! Good Luck


This review represents Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog’s opinions. No outside source has influenced this review. We won our review copy at another blog site during a GiveAway. We were not compensated in any way for this book review.  Adopted Mom to Chazz the Dog Blog reviews items we believe  our audience will enjoy reading about. This relates to all Pet Products, Books, or Films of interest to us. Thank you.