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Conference Amidst Hurricane Irene

About 25 percent of the attendees left early on account of Irene. Those of us who stuck it out were treated to the chance to win some great prizes ie. IPAD, vet plan/insurance for a year, digital camera– some really cool stuff.

A lot of people came with their pets. I think I heard there were at least 80 dogs here, some number of cats, a guinea pig, and two ferrets.

They offered a Pet Park for the dogs witH volunteer walkers,pet sitters, etc. Nice touch.

We were treated to a screening of the new Disney movie, “Spooky Buddies”last night w/ popcorn and sodas. The dogs in the audience voiced their approval of the canine stars. Lol
More about that in a full review later.

This has been an amazing experience in Tysons Corner, Vienna,Virginia. Between networking with people about KURGO and attending workshops on Sweepstakes, Contests, Product Reviews, and the FTC vis a via blogging—it’s been interesting.

Doing the ritual exchange of business cards, and actually meeting the people behind the Twitter, Facebook, and blogsite postings has been great! I have a lot of shoutouts but will postpone those until I get home.

everything about the BLOGPAWS2011 Welecome Reception tonight was a success. Food, Speakers!Exhibits, all of it was top drawer. I overheard an experienced conference Attendee mention that this 3 rd year was exponentially better,more sophisticated version of year,s past. More to come.

Welcome All Creatures Large and Small

I’m not sure of the time, but I know it’s Thursday, and I know I’m in Virginia! Long crowded flight, but it went up and it came down — so it was perfect!

Just was welcomed by Tito and dropped off my bags. They will keep them for a few hours until I get check in. I am having coffee; and have confirmed that to go back now to Washington DC, I should use the Metro.

Thank you Outlaw, I am picking up speed on the iPAD as we speak. I,m sitting in the restaurant of the Sheraton Premier Tyson,s Corner typing for all I,m worth.

OK, time for some exploring. I,ll be back later.

Getting Ready To Go

In Long Beach with Southern Cuzin & Outlaw at The Elephant Bar. A lesson on the iPAD and I’m off to the plane!

CHAZZ THE DOG is on his way today for his sleepover with Uncle Matt & Gulliver.

ADOPTED MOM TO CHAZZ is on her way today to BLOGPAWS 2011 Conference .


Chazz The Dog & Adopted Mom To Chazz have left the building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought I Had Concluded My Pre Trip Posts, But Here’s One More

Well, I thought I would just work down my to do list today, and I am. But I think I need to comment on the fact of the East Coast Earthquake today, epicenter Virginia. Yep must be all those Pet Bloggers flying in for BLOGPAWS, commencing Thursday.

WOW, what are the odds?

Well, the good thing is as a Southern Californian I’ve had a lot of experience  with quakes, aftershocks, rolling, shaking, etc.  I plan to not let that deter me, and to have a marvelous time on this trip.

I just figured out the the dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial @ the Capitol Mall will be celebrated this Sunday, the anniversary of the “I Have A Dream Speech”, the final day of my trip. I just may have to forgo my other plan and try to be a witness to this historic event. They have public standing places set aside, Barack Obama will be speaking, I’m not sure I can let that opportunity go by.

Well, I will end this particular post with what has been the inspiration for the entire blog, MuttMania, BlogPaws,etc.  And that of course is Chazz The Dog. I gave him a bath about 30 minutes ago, in anticipation of his sleepover visit w/ his Uncle Matt & Cousin Gulliver.  I drop him off tomorrow late morning, then drive on into Long Beach.  I keep asking everybody if he is going to forget me over the 5 day visit?  This is the first time we will be apart since I adopted him in January.  I hope he has a good time, and I know he will. It’s just that I’m really going to miss him.  He is such a good little guy!

Ok folks, I’m gonna go brush & furminate Chazz’s coat & he will be all set.

Signing off for now. Planning to blog from the conference…so look for that.


Adopted Mom To Chazz




In The Home Stretch

I am at that point where I make a To Do List for my last preparations for  upcoming trip.  I leave on Wednesday night.  It looks a little like this:

To Do

  1. Bathe Chazz The Dog
  2. Buy Dog Food to send with Chazz for his Sleepover & finish packing Chazz bag
  3. Go to Brother’s House & Bring Birthday Gift
  4. Straighten up my car
  5. Pack Me
  6. Drop Chazz off at his Uncle’s house
  7. Drive to Southern Cuzin’s house in Long Beach – leave car & keys
  8. Meet w/ JNY to p/up iPAD & get lesson on how to work it.
  9. Get ride to Airport Wednesday night- Be there by 7:30pm


Go to BLOGPAWS 2011 & have a great time!!!!!!!!


I did a little work this morning on Chazz’s article for The Anipal Times. Also, I went over the KURGO website to make sure I can answer questions I may get at the conference. Made sure I can fit the KURGO travel gear into my carryon.

And finally, an old saying from my Mom…..if you forgot to pack it, they always have stores.


More Potpourri…

Last night’s MuttMania @ Eagle Rock Farmers Market was another good time, and we are starting to really sell. Thank you to friends and family who come by, stop at the booth to say hello. It really makes it nice, seriously. Sold some bigger items last night, so that was kinda nice ; and will actually have to reorder.

Received & packaged the dog treats for the conference. Then took it to the post office. Yikes! The cost benefit ratio is completely out of whack. The price to ship to Tyson’s Corner is nuts. Nope, going to Plan B and will get them there with me on the plane. Oh yeah, already figured out how to pack them for the least amount of breakage.

I keep telling Chazz The Dog how much I love him, what a good dog he is, and that he is going on a sleepover with his Uncle & Cousin Gully Gulliver. He keeps tilting his head with that look, mommie what’s a sleepover mean? I’m so gonna miss him like crazy. I hope he won’t forget me while I’m gone.

Started laying out some clothes for the trip, then decided to check the weather there. Warm, chance of showers, good thing I checked. Will have to edit my original idea of what to bring. That’s what happens when you rarely travel. It becomes such a big deal. Still just trying to pace myself and stay rested before I’m all caught up in it.

Well, it’s my pal Southern Cuzin’s birthday and I’m going to meet him to help celebrate. Have a pleasant Saturday night & the rest of the weekend.

Be back Monday or so……

Potpourri Update……

Thought I would update on a few subjects….as the time ticks by & down to my departure for BlogPaws 2011. I have figured out that my best time for sightseeing in Washington DC will be that first morning after I arrive.

I made arrangements to drop off my luggage for storage, while I go back and tour the city & see the famous sites in our capitol. I’m really excited about that adventure.

I have made arrangements for Chazz to have a sleepover with his cousin Gulliver, while I’m out of town.  I hope he has a really good time; but I’m already starting to miss him. I have not been away from Chazz since adopting him last January.

The box from KURGO arrived, and I have testing out the equipment.  Look for my Product Reviews coming very soon.

MuttMania will be out again tomorrow, Friday 8.19.11 @ the Eagle Rock Farmers Market from4:30 – 8:30 pm.

I’ve figured out what I’m taking and even replenished my itty bitty-size toiletries that meet airline regulations. (or is that FAA) Anyway, I’m legal and that’s what counts.

Things seem to be falling into place. I am still waiting to receive my dog treats from PawtyTimeTreats, to make up my Show Special Flyer with, but they have shipped and are on the way to me. After I process them, I am going to ship them direct to the hotel. That all needs to happen by Saturday. Phew!

The temperatures are up again, but what do I expect it’s nearing the end of summer, almost back to school time, so of course it heats up. LOL

Think I’ll go make myself a little Arnold Palmer, Lemonade & Ice Tea cocktail….er it’s cocktail time somewhere –right?  Later on readers.