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Bo Obama takes part in White House Easter Egg Hunt

Book Review: If I Should Die Before My Dog..Guide Instructions & Workbook

Book Review: “If I Should Die Before My Dog*

A Dog Lovers Guide to Help Insure Your Pets Are taken Care Of When You No Longer Can

By Joe and Cathy Connolly ISBN 10: 1475124511

Illustrations: Rod Lawrence CreateSpace South Carolina

Book Cover

Book Cover

This combination Instruction Guide and Workbook is a must have for every pet owner who is concerned about the future, when they are no longer around to care for their animals.


Joe and Cathy Connolly have created a wonderful final gift for us to present to our pets next Guardian…

The information and material presented in this book is done so in a simple, straight-forward way. There is an easy Table of Contents to set out all the areas covered. I very much like that it is a workbook with blank pages to complete with specific information about my own dog.


The purpose of this book is to provide a care plan for orphaned dogs whose lives have suddenly changed, either because a beloved owner has passed away or one who has no other choice then to give them up. This book gives a voice for those who cannot speak, to tell their story.” *excerpted

The reality is if you own a pet and become incapacitated and unable to care for them or worse you should go away permanently….your animal will be lost and confused. A family pet in a loving household becomes bonded to their hooman(s) and when that familiar person is no longer there – they are at sea, emotionally, practically, in every way. To prepare for the time that this happens, Joe and Cathy have asked the important questions to secure the answers someone new will need to care for your furbaby correctly.

Making preparations for this time is the business of every loving pet owner. Leaving these issues to chance or interpretation is not a good plan. You wouldn’t leave any of your other valuables up to a stranger to make choices about. Well isn’t the same most important when it comes to this loving, loyal member of your family? Fur Sure!!


Partial Table of Contents

Where Will I Go Now?

My Name Is

My Picture

My Nicknames

My Ancestry

My Medical History



Health Insurance

My Food


My Bed


Things that Scare Me

My Personality

Toys & Games

My Bad Habits

Commands I Know

Words I Know

Riding In The Car

Other Things I Like

….And More

ChazzTheDog’s Opinion: I fink dis iz a grreat book for all moms and dads should read and prepare for their furbabies. How iz anybuddy gonna noe what I like to eat and what words I understand, and what my nicknames are when they get me? Dis iz beary impawtent stuff to us dogs and cats! Awooooooooooo If my Mommie can no longer take care of me, or worser she goes away and no come back…I want my next Guardian to noes stuff about me. Teachin’ a hooman from scratch takes a long, long time and much patience. I gib this book 3.75 Paws Up rating out of 4.0


USA only

18 yrs of age +

Required Entry: Leave a comment at the end of this post. Answer the question – Why do you think it is important to leave instructions regarding your pet?

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Giveaway Start Date: 3.27.13

Closes: 4.5.13

 Pals, get your entries in to win a free pawtographed copy of this awesome book.


AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog blog has received no fee or compensation for this review. The opinions expressed are completely our own, not influenced by any outside source. We did receive a copy of If I Should Die Before My Dog for review purposes. ChazzTheDog, decides on his own Paw Rating as well. He is very independent when it comes to his reviews.

PLEASE – Can You Help Get Us To BlogPaws Conference This Year?

BlogPaws Conference– Tyson’s Corner, Virginia

Sponsorship, Sponsorship, wherefore art thou Sponsorship?

I am an experienced Sponsored Bloggger and the creator of the blog I have been producing interesting, entertaining, educational, and fun content for this blog for over two and a half years…ever since adopting my dog, Chazz.



At the blog we do Product Reviews, passing on information to pet lovers and pet parents concerning our experiences with various pet products – you may be looking to get for your furbaby.

In addition, we have created a special area doing reviews of dog themed books and films .Chazz’s Literary Corner and Chazz Goes To Da Movies is where you can find our crackerjack reviews, opinions, movie trailers, and ratings. Chazz himself weighs in with a 4-Paw Rating Scale…so you are getting it straight from the pup’s mouth (or paws)!!

We have received great feedback at our blog and statistics show it has been viewed in at least 54 countries. (How do they translate Awooooooooooo into other languages? Giggles)

Now we are reaching out, extending our paws looking for help/Sponsorship to the to the upcoming BlogPaws Social Media and Networking Conference being held in Tyson’s Corner, VA. We live in Los Angeles…and that trip: airfare, hotel, conference registration will run in the neighborhood of $1,000.00. Keeping Chazz properly fed, trips to the vet, and a few nail clips takes all the money we’ve got..and there just isn’t an extra thousand laying around to spend on this trip. But we really want to go. I went last in 2011 and it was amazing. Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, how to improve your blog, meeting people and animals (yep people brought their pets over 70 dogs, 9 cats, and 2 ferrets that year)is well worth attending.

In return we can offer our services to distribute information on your product line or service, blog before, during, and following the 3-day conference, and just generally being a goodwill ambassador for your business. Get some “Paws On The Ground” at this event. We can be your eyes, ears, and nose sniffing out the happenings.

You can email me directly at for further details.

Please, please won’t someone out there give us a paw up? Paw it forward. We will do such a good job you won’t be disappointed. The conference is held May 16 -18, 2013 at the Sheraton Premiere-Tyson’s Corner. They roll out the red carpet for all us pet lovers and couldn’t be more helpful to the attendees or their pets.

We have our paws crossed and our hoping to hear from YOU. Thanks!

Regards, AdoptedMom and ChazzTheDog

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My Review of Cute Bone Dog Pjs

Originally submitted at Nip and Bones

Our cute bone dog pjs are comfy cotton knit dog jammies! These bone print dog jammies have a non restrictive 4 legged design with contrast ribbed cuffs and neck for your pup’s complete comfort. In fact, these dog pjs are easy on and off with Velcro closure at the back. The multiple color bone print…

Soft, Cuddly Doggie PJ’s!

By AdoptedMom from Los Angeles, CA on 3/8/2013


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Cute, Good Quality, Soft Cuddly, Fun

Best Uses: Small Dogs

Describe Yourself: Single Dog Owner, Pet Blogger

Really like these pajamas, even though they had to make a substitution, because size was no longe available. Realy enjoy the print/pattern on my dog , looks very cute. I now know he is warm when it gets a little extra cold!


Where Does Blogging Inspiration Come From? March 5, 2013

Sometimes I wonder where do writers gain inspiration from, for their work?  In this case I’m specifically referring to blogging about matters of interest to other pet parents.  I have been involved writing this blog for a little over two years. The same length of time since I adopted ChazzTheDog.  The blog has grown in ways I never would have imagined. Lately, I have been focusing on doing Dog Themed Book and Film Reviews. This is of great interest; and I believe Chazz & I have created a niche for ourselves with this effort!!

We will continue to provide reviews of appropriate books and films in the forseeable future. Pet parents seem to enjoy them, they provide a lot of interesting information and material for discussion, and are otherwise of value to the pet community.

So that brings us to the topic of this post.  While outside with Chazz The Dog the other morning…I ran into our US Postal lady.  Chazz always seems to greet her with a mixture of sounding the alarm – “Mom there’s somebody at our door!!“, in guard/security dog mode – as well as excited, anticipation. “Ooh Mom, maybe I am getting something special in the mail today. Hurry, hurry open the door let me look and sniff!”

Following an exchange of normal pleasantries, the postal employee turned to me and said matter-of -factly, “I notice your dog gets a lot of mail.”

Snicker… well under most circumstances I would find that an odd comment. But in this instance it is simply a correct observation. Any communications I have on behalf of my Blog in the US Mails..I use Chazz The Dog c/o B. Strunin in the return address. If I order any products for Chazz (and I do), I use the same return information.  So the mail personnel should be used to delivering mail addressed to the dog at this address. It should not come as a big surprise, unless the regular post person is on vacation and we have a fill-in.

I found it very amusing that she made this remark; but didn’t want to appear rude so I struggled to compose my face and mask my grin. Chazz was busy chasing leaves and such so he paid it no mind.

Now as a kid we had a family dog, several in fact over time. I don’t recall those dogs ever getting anything in the mail. No samples, no offers of pet insurance, no promotions from local vet hospitals…. nothing.  So does that make mail addressed to dogs a new phenomenon?

Further, I have actually received mail addressed to me from my dog????What!!  Now, I adore my dog absolutely. But even from my skewed point of view, Chazz is a regular,4-pawed dog, no opossable thumbs anywhere in sight.  Granted there is a picture on this blog of Chazz, sitting at the dining table writing out his doggie thank you notes ——–> but you never actually see him holding the pencil and writing. So, that mail is still a mystery. Note: I appreciate whoever has gone to the trouble & expense of mailing me a Valentine Card from Chazz as well as other special greetings. It’s a bit peculiar on the one paw, but I am rolling with it ; and choosing to think it is just another overly involved pet lover trying to spread good cheer through our furbabies.


Dogmail from

Dogmail from

Recently, I’ve read about people getting text messages from their dogs. In our today’s world of Social Media, and transparency– of animals having their own Twitter & Facebook pages, & You Tube channels – strangely enough this does not so much give me pause.

BuzzFeed on Facebook is a page with images of text messages between dogs and their humans.

At the risk of going astray of our topic, dogs have driver’s licenses.My dog has his very own Driver License attached to his collar around his neck,  and I carry a copy of it in my wallet.

You can get one for your dog from online. Format your very own state’s license for your dog, cat, rabbit, horse,etc.

But mail to and from the dog? What do I make of this?

So it looks like mail for your dog is not that unusual. Mail from your dog a little more out of the ordinary.  Either way- there have been tests that most dogs recognize about 164 words/commands. Your dog may know more.  Whichever, it appears the dog will be able to check and read any mail he or she does receive.  Now, what about those Holiday packages?  Who’s sending and receiving all of those?!?!


Chazz’s Literary Corner – Book Review & GiveAway March 1, 2013

Hey pals..sorry we are late in posting GiveAway Winner..but Mommie had health problems and went to ER. She home now and said “Oh noes we didn’t post winner of A Dog Named Leaf Book.”

So without further ado……the winner of the Pawtographed Copy of A Dog Named Leaf – The Hero From Heaven Who Saved My LIfe is   cstironkat

Condogulations!! Please contact me here at my blog or directly to with your mailing address info!!!

Book Review & GIVEAWAY : A Dog Named Leaf – The Hero From Heaven Who Saved My Life by Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson

Book Cover

Book Cover

ISBN 978-0-7267-8165-2

Lyons Press Globe Pequot Press Guilford, Connecticut

Copyright 2012

Summary: Allen Anderson, a former Atlanta policeman and computer software programmer is living with his wife Linda. Six months earlier they had lost their beloved family dog Taylor. Following a period of time, grieving for their pet, they began to think about the possibility of having another dog.

Then the unthinkable happens. After experiencing some symptoms, and with the insistence of Linda, Allen visits his primary doctor. Then he gets referred to a specialist who gives him the devastating news – tests had shown he had a brain aneurism.

The journey of Allen Anderson towards his return to health is aided, enriched, and guided by LEAF his newly adopted dog.

Highlights:Harley gets a new family and a new name. Leaf ultimately comes into his own to become the loving dog he was always meant to be, and known as LEAF Anderson. Allen’s life is turned around by the love and loyalty of his special dog.

Allen Anderson & LEAF

Allen Anderson & LEAF

Opinion: This is a moving story of a real family, with real challenges who had an amazing experience when they adopted a little Cocker Spaniel.

Recommendation: This is a well written, and touching story I highly recommend. People who question a dog’s ability to connect with their humans, on an emotional level, may well be persuaded to take another look at that question. Allen & Linda Anderson make a compelling case for believing. Their rescue of Harley (renamed Leaf) does not over time appear to be just a random happenstance. Instead, it was a meeting and relationship that was “meant to be”.

When life threw Allen Anderson a huge medical curve ball, LEAF was right there for the entire journey. Not only that, but Leaf was the only being Allen often felt he could express himself to during some of his darker times.

About the Authors:

 Allen and Linda Anderson are the founders of Angel Animals Network. Founded in 1996; it is a place for people to share stories of the relationships between humans and pets with an uplifting message. Website

In addition, Mr. Anderson is an inspirational speaker. And together he and Linda have co-written the series of books about having pets as family members.

Allen & LEAF at the lake

Allen & LEAF at the lake



Disclaimer: Adopted Mom to ChazzTheDog Blog received no compensation for this review, other than a copy of the book to read/review. In addition, a copy was provided by the authors in support of a GiveAway at our blog for one lucky reader.

ChazzTheDog’s Paw Rating: 3.5 Paws Up out of 4 I lubbed hearing this story and learning about LEAF and his family. He had some tough times in the beginning, before he found his furever home..but it all turned out for the best!! Yay!


General Rules:

Must be 18+ to enter

Must live in the USA

  1. Required Entry: Leave a comment at the end of this post answering the question: Why do you want to win a copy of A Dog Named Leaf- The Hero From Heaven Who Saved My Life?

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GiveAway begins on Saturday, March 2nd

Contest ends on March 22nd, 2013

Winner will be picked and posted on this blog, Saturday March 23rd

Good Luck to all participants. Tell your friends, this is a terrific read for all dog lovers!