Who Is Chazz The Dog

Who Is Chazz The Dog

This is the dedication page of the Adopted Mom To Chazz Blog. I dedicate this blog to Chazz. 

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Chazz is a rescue dog I adopted. He is 3 yrs old. He is very smart. He is also very handsome. We have so much fun together. We are two buddies.  We go for walks at the park all the time.  I make up recipes, and prepare them for Chazz. Sometimes Chazz has to go to the vet. He is always a good boy at the vet, even though he shakes when he’s on the examining table, cause he is a little scared. I hug him and tell him it’s going to be okay. Chazz still is learning how to get along with other dogs. He loves people & kids very much.  I take care of Chazz everyday. I love him so much….

Adoption Day Jan 2011

9.19.11 Chazz Kickin’ It Cowboy Hat Style

  1. No doubt about it….Chazz is the cat’s meow……ooops. Sorry!

  2. ;ldkafj dang claws got in the way…..meow hi Chazz it’s Snickers I catjacked the puter from Drew…..miss ya.

  3. *waves paw* Hi Chazz, it’s me, Thomas … just dropped by to say efuryone should follow you on twitter (@ChazzTheDog) ‘cos you are such good fun and a pawsome furiend *play bow* Does efuryone know you are also a brave Vampire Buster ? *bursts into song “Who you gonna call ? VAMPIRE BUSTERS!!”* Aaaarrrroooooooooooooooo !!

  4. Aww<3 What exactly is wrong with Chazz? I want to hug and squeeze him<3

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