DOGS&FOOD – February 2013

It is now February 2, 2013 and AdoptedMomTo ChazzTheDog Blog will have the honor of reviewing two cookbooks for dogs. These reviews will be posted on both our Home page and at Chazz’s Literary Corner page. We will also host a GiveAway of one of these books to a lucky reader. STAY TUNED!

November 2012      EDITORIAL/OPINION

Over this Summer and continuing into the Fall, there have been a rash of Pet Food Recalls.  Chicken Jerky Treats from China, Peanut Butter, Brands carried at large retailers, and other brands using questionable ingredients in their food. We love our pets and want to feed them the best we can afford. But you must read labels.

This doesn’t just apply to owners with pets with special needs or restrictions  —————> this goes for all of us. Fillers, gluten, preservatives, can be in your pets food and doing them no good, maybe even harming them.

AMTCTD Blog is not written by a vet or canine nutritionist; no just a concerned “paw parent” who wants to make sure my pet is getting good, healthy, and nutritional food. Yes, I actually make some treats, food, and “ice cream” for my dog. I work from home, I have the time, but not a lot of money so it makes sense for me. We are not suggesting that works for everybody. We all lead busy lives and feeding our pet is something we do as a matter of course. But remember, when you do put food in that bowl or dish – your pet is depending on you that what you “serve” will do them good and not harm. Read, educate yourself, and stay informed. The news, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and many Pet Blogs report about Pet Food Recalls on a regular basis. Keep your pup happy, by knowing what’s not good for them. They will love you all the more for it.

— AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog

October 2012,

I bought Chazz a new treat from Zukes. It’s called the Tasty Greens Blend and it is a combination of hi energy, anti oxidant, vegetable based flavors. It took him a minute to get used to it, but now we are using it in place of his regular training treats..and he seems fine with them!

Chazz eats other of the training treats line of flavors from Zukes, including Chicken, Salmon. Yum yum those treats make him happy!

I have chosen to feed Chazz a combination of store bought dog food as well as things I prepare for him.

I especially like making treats for him. Peanut Butter, shredded cheese, yogurt, oats, maple syrup, and mint are some of the ingredients I use in preparing his current favorites.

Chazz’s Culinary Likes & Dislikes

Homemade Orange Juice Popsicle
Cooked Spinach
BLUE Chicken & Brown Rice (His “Crunchies”)
Cheesy Potatoes (Yams & Red)
Peanut Butter
Steamed Yellow Crookneck Squash
Cottage Cheese
Homemade Peanut Butter & Yogurt Ice Cream
Fresh Steamed Green Beans
Broiled Chicken

  1. What about cheddar cheese?? I like cheddar cheese!!! I like asagio cheese, parmesian cheese, gouda cheese………… get the idea! BOL!!!!

  2. Oh I see, cheese you say. I get the impression you like CHEESE. LOL.
    Well as always, thank you for reading the blog and taking the time to leave a comment. That always makes my Mom very happy.

    I definitely like lots of different kinds of cheese too. Will have list amended.


  3. Woohoo! We’re looking forward to your review of the two cookbooks for dogs, Aunty *drools* Nan makes our food too. We get either cooked chicken flesh, raw lean meat or sardines with cooked veges (beans, peas, corn kernels, mushed carrots and pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli) and brown rice or pasta or noodles *licks lips* We LOVE it.

    We used to get store bought treats a few years ago but Nan gave us too many and I developed pancreatitis. So out went those fatty treats. Now Nan makes our own – usually yoghurt with mashed banana (frozen) and yummy doggy biscuits made from wholemeal flour, oats, peanut butter & vegemite *drools* And I’m happy to say that I haven’t had pancreatitis again, yay!

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