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Went To The Vet – 6.18.12

So  I finally got into it wif Bouncer, the old lady cat. It was herz fault not mine. Adopted Mom was preparing my dinner. She finished putting my food in my bowl and she set the empty can on the floor for me to lick – like she often does.  That’s when Bouncer came up and tried to get to the can.

Noooooooooooo! Mine! And the fight was on. She hissed & hissed. I growled and pounced. Next thing I knew she raised her paw with dem claws. Mommie ran over and starting pulling me off her,,but it was too late. She swung her paw in the direction of my face. Mommie said I was lucky, she didn’t get more of me.  So Mommie called around and made an appointment at the pet clinic to haf mai eye checked. It was bloodshot and I kept it squeezed shut, and the light didn’t feel good.

We drove to the clinic and we went in. There was a white, fluffy cat walking on the desk. I pretty sure she lived there. They called Mommies name and we went in da liddle room with the silver table.  I don’t like dat table; it’s cold and slippy.  You all know what happened next——–> the helper put that stick up my butt! Mommie always sez they should buy me dinner first ! BOL!

After they took my temperature, weighed me, and checked my ears the vet looked at my eye.  We decided to do the stain test on my eyes to see if there was any damage or infection. The vet put wet stuff in my eyes and turned off the room light. Then she shined a lil blacklight in each of my eyes one at a time.  They didn’t find any damage to my eyes, fank goodness!! But they gave Mommie some triple anti-biotic gel to put in my eye twice a day for a week.

Okay they found somefing else when I was at the vetdoc. Mommie didn’t want me to write about it in this  post, but I haf to be honest wif our readers. The vet said she saw “flea dirt” on my butt area. Mommie was like, what’s flea dirt?  FLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chazz never had fleas?!?! So it looks like Chazz picked up something else from his stay here in Long Beach—->lil bitey flea critters. Mommie gibbed me a pill the next day in my food that supposed to get rid of them right  away. We hope, keep your paws crossed.

Dog Stress, Is It Real? – 6.13.12

For the last month Chazz and I have been staying with my friend in Long Beach. In addition to Chazz there are two other dogs and two cats living here.

This change in environment, situation, and routine has  had a big effect on Chazz – and mostly not for the better.  I decided to reach out to Chazz’s trainer, Tanya from Urban Dog S.T.A.R. for some advice on what I could do to help my lil buddy.

We had a lengthy conversation where i described Chazz’s recent behaviors. I admitted to my frustration with him as well.  She explained that it was neither my fault nor Chazz’s.  The radical change of being in this new and different household accounted for most of the “bad behavior”.  The obsessive licking and barking was his response to feeling the stress of the other dogs and cats, which Chazz had never experienced.

Her suggestion was to introduce more normalcy to the day to day. Do some training with Chazz, remind him that has a job to do for me.

This seems to be helping. Maybe Chazz thought he lost his place in the pack with the appearance of all these other animals; when he is used to being the only one. And kittehs are involved now too.   There is that big change as well.

We have one more week before we can move into our new hone. Once we are back  to AdoptedMom and ChazztheDog, I think Chazz will feel better.

It’s what he knows and what he’s used to.  Keep your paws crossed, please.










It’s A Long Story…But Here’s What’s Been Going On – 6.09.12

Hey Readers. It’s been almost a month since we last posted. AdoptedMom says the story is long, but I ‘member it all so me, ChazzTheDog is writing this post.

It started about 2 months ago, when Mommie got a notice to leave house where we lived for 5 years in Eagle Rock, CA. So we had to pack up all my doggie stuff and Mommy’s stuff too and put it in storage. Mommie started to look for a new house for us, but no one wanted to rent to Mommie cuz of me!!! Pfftt!

We came to stay with Mommie’s friend in Long Beach, CA, about 45 minutes South of where we lived in Northeast Los Angeles.  We are very grateful to have been taken in specially cuz there are 2 other dogs who live here, and ———> 2 cats!!! Live cats, not virtual kittehs like I furriends with on Twitter, and at #Nipclub.   At first I had to stay in the bedroom. Then Mommie said I could run in the hallway too. It is very different then my house with my doggie door. I was very stressed by all these changes – and started to do bad doggie behaviors. Least that’s what Mommie called them. I pooped in the house. I barked at everybody or dog that walked by the front door. I was licking like mad. Today I ran after another dog to fight with him. Mommie is very upset; but I am upset too!!

I want my own house! I don’t like being closed up in one room, specially when I’m used to running all over the house inside and outside too. It has been very hard. I try to be good, but sometime I have to bark, my loud piercing ShibaScream and nobody likes it especially Mommie’s friend. The two cats who live here are a boy and a girl..or an old lady as they call her. Mr. Snickers is da boy, and Bouncer is da old lady.  Mr. Snickers is sneaky and tries to run away all the time if the screen door gets open. Bouncer just sleeps in her chair and hisses at me if I get too close. Sometimes I pounce on Snickers when he goes by. He stares at me and teases me all the time, he is a CAT!

Good news, Mommie finally found an apartment for us. They not even charging a pet deposit or pet rent. We happy bout dat!!!  We get to move in about 2 weeks. Mommie asked them to paint the apartment so it is all nice and fresh for us. They said yes.

Meanwhile our good ole car is no longer. The head gasket blew, oil ended up in the radiator. It was a mess. Mommie had to send car away on back of flat bed truck. I was waiting while Mommie moved stuff out of car into rental car. It was sad. We had dat car a long time, it was 16 yrs. old and now it gone….

So Mommie having lots of stress too and that not good for her health. But we think things are starting to turn around now. We are hopeful again that soon we will be able to go back to the ER Farmers Market. where we haven’t been for over a month.  OH, I forgot to say our new house is back in Eagle Rock. Yay!

More to come…pics are acting dumb. Will post 2mrrow