Chanukah Blog Crawl 2012 – Mazel Tov!!

AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog is proud to be a part of this Chanukah Blog Crawl, and one of the hosts of Night 6 along with Terrier Torrent. We have all been learning a lot about this Jewish holiday/festival.

Let’s take a moment to review.



There are several traditions that are observed during the holiday of Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights or Miracle of Lights. So after the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem, during the Macabeean Rebellion between the Jews and the Assyrians in the year 165 BCE, the people went to work cleaning and restoring the building. As they searched among the ruins they realized they needed to relight the Temple. In those days, lights were “powered” by oil. As the people despaired of finding any of the precious oil, they moved aside some rocks & boulders and underneath the rubble, they discovered one cruet of oil. While they were relieved to find the oil; they new the cruet would only last for one day and one night. They lit the flame ——-> and miraculously the oil lasted for eight days.


The story of the oil is the reason that when Chanukah is celebrated we eat foods prepared in oil. Potatoes, fried in oil known as Latkes and served with applesauce or sour cream on the side. There is also a donut, known as Sufgianot. It is a jelly filled pastry, fried in oil & glazed with sugar usually




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The Eight Days of Doggie


On the first day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, my Furever Home filled with love for me.

On the second day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 2 doggie t-shirts.

 On the third day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me 3 juicy Greenies,

On the fourth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me 4 Spinning Dreidels,

On the fifth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 5 Golden Latkes

 On the sixth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 6 Plush Stuffies

On the seventh day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 7 Squeaky Toys

On the eigth day of Chanukah my Mommie gave to me, 8 pieces of Chocolate Gelt.

I Had A Little Dreidel

I had a little dreidel, I made it out of TREATS

and when it’s dry & yummy then all I shall do is eat eat eat!

Oh driedel, driedel, driedel I made it out of treats

and when its dry and yummy then dreidel I shall eat!


Our Chanukah Miracle Wish this year 2012 is for all breeds of dogs to be considered equally adoptable and find their furever home. During Chanukah it is tradition to put the menorah in the window, for all to see and enjoy the warmth of the Festival of Lights. This goes for all those doggies & kittehs in shelters and temporary homes. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is not right and should not be made into law. Don’t judge a dog on his appearance, the shape of his head. Look for the love & loyalty you will receive from your giving one of them a safe furever home. This message brought to you by:

ChazzTheDog in his Chanukah finery!

ChazzTheDog in his Chanukah finery!


Thank you for visiting us today!  12/13: Two stops!
Terrier Torrent (@GizmoGeoDog)
and Adopted mom to Chazz the Dog

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Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Hiya Chazz…I love your Eight Days of Doggie Chanukah song…It has my mom singing..May your Chanukah Miracle Wish come true for all our anipals currently in harm’s way. Happy Chanukah pal!

  2. Dana, mr p and tsk ≽^•॰•^≼

    Hi chazz, what a great post. I hope your Hanukkah Miracle comes true!
    And loved your new versions of the songs…. 🙂
    Happy Hanukkah to you and mom.

  3. that was informative AND FUN!!! Loved it Chazz!

  4. Really enjoyed your blog post! Happy Chanukah!

    Darlene & The Amazing Aimee

  5. Hi Chazz. We really liked your post and you dressed up for Chanukah is just too, too cute!

  6. Hey Chazz, Jet here.

    So nice to make your acquaintance, especially at Hannukah time. We loved your songs… here’s what Mom would do with the first one…

    She’s switch the latkes to night two so I would not eat too much rich food! (Seriously?)

    She’d go find carob gelt so I shouldn’t get sick! (Mom… stop, you’re embarassing me!)

    All kidding aside, that’s really creative! Chag Sameach!

    • Thanks for da comment. Sorry such a delay in getting back to you Jet, it bizee time of year. Happy New Year 2013. Hope you continue to read and visit my blog. We work hard to post cool info.


      Adopted Mom & ChazzTheDog

  7. Mowzers, Chazz! Pawesome recap, and ameowzing song parodies! We loves your dreidel remix!!

    And you look Fab in your Chanukah finery! Woot!

    Oh, and your wish is just The Bestest!!

    • Wow, fanx fur all da kind words! We really liked doing dat postie. Wow I did a remix. Cool! RealFakeGator did a pawsome job on my Chanukah avi! Happy holiday to all da Boyz!!!

  8. Cheers Chazz and Mom. I love da songs. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Happy Hanukkah xo

    • Spike, I’m glad you liked my liddle song parodies. I wanted to make my post fun for all my furpals & their hoomans to enjoy! Chanukah is a happy holiday filled with joy, I wanted folks to understand that, and I wanted the furs to have songs of their own. Giggles..Happy Chanukah to us all.

      ChazzTheDog & Adopted Mom

  9. In addition, Chanukah began to be used as a theme for a variety of products. Thus, Loft’s Chocolates and Bartons put out games such as “Valor Against Oppression”, with modern day Maccabees such as Moshe Dayan. Emily Solis-Cohen put out in 1937 a complete guidebook where one could find sheet music to Chanukah songs and detailed descriptions of how to give a Chanukah party. These and other books presented Chanukah at home as “bright with candle lights and gay with parties and the exchange of gifts”.

    • Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. Mine is a pet blog, but some of us decided we wanted to post aout Chanukah…so the Chanukah Blog Hop 3012 was born! We tried to impart useful information regarding this Jewish holiday …as well as keeping it fun. I think we each succeeded. It was also a way to get readers to our blogs. So thanks for the feedback. We always appreciate that.


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    • Thanks for stopping by our blog, and the kind words. We strive very hard here to deliver interesting, educational, fun content for our readers. We appreciate your feedback also. Come back and visit often.


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    • i replied to your comment at my blog. Thanks for taking time to leave us a comment on our Chanukah post. I don’t feel i can be of help to you as our sites are vastly different. Good Luck with your work. AdoptedMomToChazz

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