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Chazz is Here – July 24. 2012

Pawwaves….Hi Pals this is ChazzTheDog. I am back along wif Adopted Mom and we sure have missed efurrybuddy.  We haf moved into our new house and are getting settled. We are not ready to post pictures cuz things are still messy and mommie said no pics allowed yet.  But sooon…… BOL. Our new place is very cutie and has almost efurrything we need. I miss my doggie door and the backyard – but Mommie said I can’t haf efurrything. (hmm, why not?) There is a liddle garden in the front and on da side of the house with  a big grassy area in the middle where there are shade trees and bushes. That’s where I go to make my pees & poopie doops each day.  Mom brought my tent and she also bought me an exercise pen she will set up on the grass. Dat way I can lay on the grass in the sun without getting loose or running into the street. Cars are there and I no want to get hit by one of them. Mommie told me she feels bad that I don’t haf my backyard to run around in anymore but she is trying to fix that with the exercise area for me.


There are boxes in the windows that cool air comes out of..that is good cause it been very hot here…like lots of places dis summer. Mommie said we running the A/C like drunken sailors and jus wait till the first bill comes! I not sure what dem words mean..I jus like cool air on my fur. *giggles* I haf all my things, my stuffies, toys, foodie, treats, and clothes. My puzzles and my blankies (too hot for them now) So I’m getting used to this new place. Mommie gibs me a liddle tug on my leash if  I go up the wrong steps. I still get a liddle confused on which is our front door. But I gonna get the hang of it pretty soon. Awooooooooooo!

I hope Mommie lets me go to #Nipclub this week so I can see all of you and pawty. Haf drinkies, nommie food, and dancing!  I also want to see my speshul gurl at #Nipclub PepperPom. She is one of your favorite barkenders each week..I know you know who she is!!!


Well its almost time for bed and I need my rest. I hope all my #SoCalPals and all my furriends on Twitter & Facebook are hafing a good summer.


See ya soon somewhere online, PAWMISE!



We are Back and Connected to the Internet – July 23, 2012

YAY!!!! Just a short note to say how happy we are here at AMTCTD to be back online. It’s been a long time, and we’ve missed you all sooooooooooo much.

Chazz is looking forward to writing a new post and letting you all know how he’s doing at our new house.

We are still getting unpacked and settled. As in other areas of the country, it is very hot, humid, and uncomfortable. So it it taking a long time to get everything put away.

But we really like our new house A LOT! It is cute as a button….more to come later.


Adopted Mom To Chazz