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A Little Disappointing News

I have some disheartening news to report. Adopted Mom To Chazz will not be going to the BlogPaws 2011 Conference in Tyson’s Corner, VA next month.

I have just undertaken the fiscal responsibility for a new dog business, and with my other bills & commitments find it too difficult to allocate the money for the trip. Yep, it sucks to put it bluntly. I am very, very, very disappointed; but feel I have no alternative.

I am also so new to the pet blogging, dog business, pet community — that I have yet to build up the kind of networking, support, where I might be able to get sponsorship for the BlogPaws trip. So, there you have it.

We are going back to our booth tomorrow for the 7/31 MuttMania – Silversun Farmers & Artisans Market, here in Los Angeles. I hope to see  more foot traffic this week. I have wonderful Peanut Butter/Carob and Banana/Oatmeal dog treats that we will be giving away at the booth, along with a nice drink of water for any dogs who stop by and say woof!

So, I’m going to do a last check to make sure I have everything for tomorrow.

Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


*Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog

Chazz examines the merchandise display, to make sure it is dog-friendly!

BlogPaws Conference on the Horizon, MuttMania this Sunday

This blog has reached 137 hits. Yay, we are starting to get found, we are on the move.

Chazz checked in with his editor over at The Anipal Times, to let them know he is starting his writing for them. But his hooman secretary is busy now preparing for BlogPaws (now less than 5 weeks away) so his article probably won’t get to them until after she comes back from Tyson’s Corner.

Speaking as the hooman, I am rested up from Sunday’s MuttMania opening and have things in order to do it again this weekend on 7/31/11.

For now I need to review the material for the BlogPaws conference and determine how much of the many workshops & speakers they offer, I can manage to get to see & hear.  Time to go study my papers. Bye, and a Woof from Chazz The Dog.


MuttMania @ The Farmers Market

We had our first market today and it was a fun day. First let me thank everyone who pitched in to make it a success. Southern Couzin’ for all the heavy lifting & hanging out all day, Uncle Bill for setup and wrangling the canine star for his photo op , Uncle Mark for his enthusiam, art work & help with teardown, Auntie Mich for her keen eye for display & decoration, and of course the dog of the hour, Chazz The Dog.

Chazz rested comfortably in the shade as we set up the tent and put out the merchandise. When all was in place, he was brought up for his photo session at the booth. Pictures will follow later this week.

We made new friends, ate good food, and sold some stuff. The teardown of course went waay quicker than the setup, but isn’t that always the way. People seemed to like the items for sale. What’s not to like, the stuff is cute as a button!

Okay, everybody is kinda tired at this point. I need to go feed Chazz his dinner. Will post again soon!

Counting Down 13 Hours To MuttMania

Well, everybody the big day is almost upon us. MuttMania will be in session in just a few hours now. I think we are ready, and I hope it will be a success.

A friend, Southern Couzin’ will be coming up from Long Beach to help with the heavy lifting. (literally!) In addition to setup and teardown, he will be my official photographer, or should I say Chazz’s photographer. Chazz will get his pupperazzi photo op and then be returning home to relax. I will be at the booth for the full 5 hours.

I have a few people to thank, but I will reserve that post until after Sunday’s market.

If your local, stop by and say hello. If your long distance, hold a kind thought that MuttMania will be a hit!

1st Timers Check In Here – SPBH

This is my first time in the SPBH. Chazz The Dog & I are kinda excited. Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you something to eat or drink? I was just reading my issue of Modern Dog Magazine and was looking at the recipes for “Poochie Pupsicles“. With all this heat being experienced all over the US, it’s nice to have some more tricks to help keep the dog cool and safe.

Well, have a great Saturday, and keep on hoppin’.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop – Hosted by Cokie The Cat

Cokie, I hopped over to your Blog and voila, entered your Thankful Thursday Hop. I hope we continue to become better friends, cuz like I said before, I don’t know too many CATS. See that’s what I’m thankful for this Thursday, friendship….
Woof, Chazz The Dog

MuttMania, BlogPaws 2011 Conference, B-day Gift

Things are really getting busy around here, every day!  Chazz The Dog has started his first writing assignment for The Anipal Times. He is working on a little article, mostly introducing himself, what he likes to do — stuff like that.

I am in full swing for MuttMania. We will be presenting for the first official time this Sunday 7.24.11. It’s been a lot of effort to get this off the ground; but I’ve really enjoyed most of it.  It will be interesting to find out if this is actually a good idea and can be sustained & grown – or – if it was just a temporary thing and will soon be gone. I’m bettin’ on option number 1.

At the same time I am working on all my travel reservations for the BlogPaws Conference 2011, next month. Yep, we’re cooking on all cylinders right about now, and I am excited to be doing all of it.

Don’t say anything, but we managed to squeeze in getting Uncle Mark a gift for his birthday which is actually the day BlogPaws opens, next month.

K, that’s all I got time for right now. Check you later…………………Woof

Enjoy Browsing MuttMania @ The Farmers Market

Look For MuttMania Booth @ Farmers Market, Sunday, 7.24.11 - From 9AM -2PM

MuttMania Coming Soon


MuttMania,  New  Fun Stuff For The Dog & You Opening Soon

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles – July 15, 2011 –  The Silversun Farmers & Artisans Market, Sundays 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM @ Eagle Rock Plaza, 2700 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA is the site of the latest entry into the Pet Supplies Industry, MuttMania.  The “emporium”, as she refers to it is owned & operated by Eagle Rock Resident and Pet Blogger – Adopted Mom To ChazzTheDog.

“Looking forward to seeing everybody stopping by the booth on July 24, 2011.  MuttMania will be giving away free designer dog treats. We will offer fun, unusual items for  dogs & cats, and their humans.  “The first time you purchase you will receive a loyalty card.   After your 5th purchase, you get 50% off your 6th visits purchases.

MuttMania is a solely owned home based business that hopes to make a big splash with the local community. Not only offering items for sale, but also providing information & resources, particularly regarding having dogs for pets, supporting dog charities, adoption & rescue.


Adopted Mom To ChazzTheDog





social media…here i am

i think my friend Southern Cuzin’ said it best: “we all begged you to join facebook, twitter, friendster, myspace, and you never would – you adopt a dog and now you are on all of them! Sheesh!”

That’s it, I am now on Twitter. Search me out at Chazz The Dog.  If you want the truth, Chazz needed the account not me. Now that he got his driver’s license a lot of things are changing around here.

You’ll just have to check back on a regular basis to see what’s happening in our lives.