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National Ferret Day – April 2, 2015

Hear ye, Hear ye….today is National Ferret Day. You may be wondering why a Pet Blog mostly featuring dog stories, books, films, and products, etc. is posting about ferrets.

Well I’ll tell you. The answer is because I have made fweinds with some ferret pals. I nebbah had any ferret pals before. And now I do.

These pals are da best. Dey are funny, cute, loving pals. They run to give me hugs wen i am feeling poorly and need support fwom fweinds. Dey give gud tickles too.

Dere Mums name is Cheryl S. and she is da bestest. Sadly,  dey recently lost two in dere fambly who went OTRB.  We joined them in their mourning..and in their joy of memories of Queen Juno. She was so so cute and wore her special crown/tiara in her avi. Ebben though we only been fweinds a short time; we feel close to this fambly.

So ChazztheDog wanted to take a moment and use his blog (and it is himz bloggie) to acknowledge Natl Ferret Day and talk about his pals, his fweinds.   Short & Sweet..that’s it for now. See you all next time.