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Product Review – Dog Treat Maze Interactive Toy Puzzle 1.30.12

Product Review: Dog Treat Maze Interactive Toy

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.Noit’s the new interactive game Dog Treat Maze – the latest release from well-known designer, Nina Ottosson

 distributed byIn The Company Of Dogs,US

When AdoptedMom first took the treat maze out of the box we knew that anything that looked most closely like a kid’s flying saucer was going to probably intrique, keep his attention, and be a challenging exercise for the dog.

Dog Treat Maze


Water & Dishwasher Safe

  • Use Treats or Dry Food
  • Tough & Hard-Wearing
  • Fun & Stimulating
  • Slows Down Eating
  • Skill Level : Medium Difficulty
  • Suitable for All Ages & Size of Dog
  • Can Be Used for Cats

How It Works:

Treats are fed into the top hole of puzzle unit, and come out at openings at either end.

Load treats or dry food through top hole on unit

As your dog moves the maze, either pushing with nose or paws, or as my dog does…upending the whole unit..the treats will dispense.

Fill it, place it on ground, give it a spin!!

This puzzle is amazingly light, yet sturdy. ChazzTheDog will actually pick the whole unit up and move it to another spot if he decides to.

Chazz gives the Dog Maze a thorough sniffing!

Price: MSRP $24.99

Chazz Opinion:

I really like playing wif mai colorful “flying saucer”. It’s different from mai flipper/flapper puzzle cuz it dips & spins round on the floor. Dat is how the treats fall out on the sides.

At furst I didn’t unnerstand and tried to use my paws. I “scrabbled” it on the top, but nofing opened up and I didn’t see no treats. Then in a little while I figured out it didn’t work like dat. BOL! My Mom gibs it to me to play wif wen she has to go & do errands or sumping like dat. It is fun and I recommend it to other dog pawrents to get for dere furbabies. Awooooooooooooooo

AdoptedMom Review: Nina Ottosson has done it again. This treat maze is constructed in such a way that it requires the dog to use different skills to get the treats out. The surface is basically smooth, but once the dog smells the treat inside – whether from the top or side openings they are ready to search until they get to the yummy prize!

We really like this puzzle and it has already become one of my dogs favorites to play with. Learning through play, that’s how it’s done at our house.


AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.  AdoptedMomToChazz did receive, as normal business practice, a sample of item in this case, Dog Treat Maze, for purposes of testing/review. The opinions expressed are those of one individual & one ChazzTheDog; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

ChazzTheDog Turns 4 Years Old – 1.22.12

Los Angeles, CA…. Yesterday marked the 4th Birfday of ChazzTheDog. And the first at his forever home with his mommie, aka AdoptedMomToChazz..& Uncle Bill, official photog!

Whens my pawty gonna start?

It was a nice birfday. Chazz got greetings from a lot of his Twitter Pals and he wants to thank them for thinking of him!

Here’s just a few xamples:

@ChazzTheDog HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* It’s mom’s birthday too. She’s ancient.       

@ChazzTheDog HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAZZ!! Many more!!! *hugs* YAY< SOCAL!!!

@ChazzTheDog @PetCareBev Happy Birthday Chazz. *sends birthday cupcake* 🙂

 @ChazzTheDog It’s your birthday buddy! Happy Birthday!!! 

@ChazzTheDog hope you have a great day!!

@ChazzTheDog !! May your day be filled with love and joy and treats!! xo

@ChazzTheDog Happy Birfday to you, Happy Birfday to you HAPPY BIRFDAY to CHAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ, Happy Birfday toooooo you-oooooo-ooooooo

@ChazzTheDog Wow! Still a baby 😉 Did you get some nice pawresents?

@ChazzTheDog happy birthday tail wags to you

Oh, Birfday Pawty Time is comin', Yay!!!

Plus he had a liddle birfday pawty wif homemade Banana Cuppycaykes wif Yogie Frosting. Nommy!

Getting Ready for Birthday Song & Photo Op!

AdoptedMom made him a speshul birfday hat, but Chazz was in no mood for any dress-up. Pfft! He lukked at his mommie when she tried to tie liddle gold strings under his chin, “seriously mommie, I no fink so”.

Chazz Cayke (L), Hooman Cayke (R), Birfday Hat for Speshul Doggie

Chazz did however enjoy his caykes, his new stuffie…Daniel the Donkey…and his birfday songs.

Daniel The Donkey - Birfday Stuffie Pressie

We would like to add that there is a pikture where he had candles on his cayke, 4 plus 1 to grow on! His hoomans were berry berry careful, kept his ear away from candle, and only was lighted for pikture purpose of 1 second.

4 + 1 to grow on

No hoomans or doggies were harmed in the making of dis pawty!!!

ChazzTheDog is now 4 Years Old and kind of a big boy doggie.

But he will always be babie to AdoptedMom.

Chazz wants to gib cheers to Uncle Bill for coming to his pawty & taking pics. And he wants to thank Pepper Cutie Pie for bringing him lots of fun & Pommie licks since they been “seein” each other.

Pawrents pweeze see dat my mommie was berry careful and kept hot fire part away. She lubs me & woud never do anyfing to injure me. If you no like it don’t do it at your doggie’s pawty. BOL Woof

Hmn, next year, Vegas Baby!!!!

Results: National Dress Up Your Pet Day GiveAway 1.15.12

Hey Gang,

It’s a SleepySunday around here but we didn’t forget. Ta-dah. Today’s the day we ‘pawmised’ to announce the winner of the Pure Mutt, Inc. Signature Logo Black & White Tote Bag.

The judges have selected the winning comment.


It reads:

Nope!! Won’t do it! Mom will occasionally put a hat on me or my kitty brother, or a shirt for a 2 second photo……….but dress us up for the entire day?  Fuh-get about it!

Thank you DakotaSheltie and his Mom CatChatCaren!! Please email us at with your mailing address and we will send out your prize!

To everyone that left a comment we appreciate it here at

Well to close for now we are reposting this picture we received on Facebook.  It’s almost too cute, but we hope you enjoy it. We did!

Family Who Got 2 Dogs Stolen Needs Your Help – 1.09.12

Devastated Family Needs your Help in finding River & Libby

their beloved pets. River is pictured Left & Libby on Right.

River (L) and LIbby (R)

Can you imagine going on a family vacation to find out that your dogs escaped from the family member’s home caring for them; and that would take you on a heart wrenching journey to get them back?

Setting up a website to spread the word, having local TV Channel 9 KCAL News do a story on you, not once but three times! Take frustrating phone calls from people claiming to have your dog, or claiming someone tried to sell them your lost dog for $100.

Well, this is exactly the experience of Natalie Tomlinson and her family, who after close to two months are still no closer to recovering their precious family pets, their little boy & girl furbabies -River & Libby.

And finally,  most discouraging of all, arranging to meet a person who said they would bring your dog back..who never shows up at designated meeting place – but some time later phones to say “their child had become so attached” they wouldn’t be returning dog. Grrrrrrrrrrr

We here at AMTCTD blog cannot even imagine what this poor family has had to go through? When approached last Friday night at the Eagle Rock Farmer’s Market, and upon hearing this terrible story we agreed to do what we could to spread the word.

Specifics: Last seen by family 11.12.11 near Delevan Elementary/Verdugo Rd. & York Boulevard.

River & His Boy

RiverMale, Not Neutered, 14.6lbs. Gold & White with “teddy bear” face

Libby – Black & White small Female Spayed, 9.7lbs Black circle on her left side back.

If you are reading this in the Los Angeles area or can help in any way please keep a lookout for these dogs.

CALL (626) 215.4323 if you have any information

For the complete story, along with the KCAL News interview please go to

There is a big reward for the safe return of these dogs. Read more about it online.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day – Will You?

So today is Saturday, January 7th, 2012. AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog has just became aware that a week from today, January 14, 2012 is a national holiday.

A national holiday, why which one is it? Do we get off from work & school? Are the banks & post offices closed? Is it one of  those one’s for  President’s that they move around, add a weekend to it to make a long week-end away from work? Will there be any parades, televised news coverage?

Nope, ‘fraid not. This coming Saturday, January 14th,2012 is none other then National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Okay researching the most obvious first question – here is the fruit of my labor asked & answered.

How did National Dress Up Your Pet Day Get Started? We have no idea, but it seems like a great way to have fun with your pet while giving him or her a little extra attention for the day.

Collected in a Google Search*

So let’s just plain  ole get down to it.

Do you think this is a good idea for a pet holiday? Will you dress up your pet on 1.14.12? Who do you think created this holiday? How does your dog or cat react to wearing pet clothes?

The best answers to these questions 1 or all 4 will win a signature Tote Bag from Pure Mutt, Inc. Click on link to read about the good work they do for mixed breed shelter dogs.

Just leave a comment right here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDogBlog, and our judges will make their decision by January 14th. Limited to USA entries only please.

Oh, and if you would click the LIKE Button, or are interested to subscribe here that would be really helpful too!!

*AdoptedMomToChazz wishes to note we could find no author or artist of this image to make attribution to. It appeared in a general search, and hope not to have flaunted anyone’s rights. Thank you.

Adoption World & Rescue Report – Rock&Rawhide Part 2 – 1.04.12

Rock &

Kylie Edmonds, Co-Founder with SNICKERS, Mascot of Rock & Rawhide Campaign

“Starting a non-profit is a costly process. From trademarking the name, to the various Government forms, we run into costs before we even begin. Of course, we would rather this entire amount of money to go towards toys and rawhides, but having non-profit status will mean bigger, better and more reach for the animals affected. Thanks to the beautiful people who have donated to the campaign so far, we have reached our goal! Thank you! This means we can now become an official non-profit. With the extra funds we will be able to buy more items for the animals and start exciting programs to collect more items Nationally, spread the word of adoptions as well as quality of life in the shelter system. Exciting times head!” (source:

Donations collected for Shelter Dogs 12.20.11

Dear Readers of AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog,

Kindly consider making a donation to the Rock & Rawhide Campaign. You will be doing something good for dogs who have so little.

It’s been seen that when a dog has toys or blankets with them in their cages, they are calmer, less agitated, and most important – more attractive to people looking to rescue or adopt.

Feel good about yourself, by doing a favor for a dog in this situation. Both you & the dog will win!


Adopted Mom & ChazzTheDog

To donate online to this campaign Go To :

Adoption World and Rescue Report 1.02.12

For the first post of 2012 AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog is very excited to introduce you to a new group out there doing important work  helping dogs in severe need.  Rock & Rawhide is the brainchild of Singer/Musician Kylie Edmond  and her husband Sean-Patrick M. Hillman.

Rock & Rawhide is a program developed to collect donations of toys, rawhides, treats, blankets and more for dogs and cats placed at Animal Control and other high kill shelters. Across the country, through the collection of items at concerts, local music gigs, touring bands, DJ events, art shows, chef events, direct from individuals and more, we will also work to raise awareness of adoption and the importance of quality of life for shelter animals. Many shelters do not give the animals these items as they are cash-strapped and money is often spent elsewhere. While other organizations raise funds for shelters operating costs, we want to ensure the animals directly benefit…not someone’s pocket.

Some research notes to consider:

According to the Humane Society, 6-8 million dogs and cats are placed in shelters in the US each year. Of this amount 3-4 MILLION are euthanized. The animals at these shelters suffer extreme stress from the deafening noise levels, environmental conditions and many other factors in the shelter…which makes them less appealing to potential owners.

  • In a study looking at the noise levels in animal shelters they reported that noise can reach over 100db where levels over 70db are considered loud. (Coppola et al, 2006)
  • Noise is a physical stressor that can lead to behavioral, physiological, and anatomical responses, including intestinal problems, and immunosuppression. (Spreng, 2000)
  • The presence of these food enrichment toys stimulates appetitive behaviors and increases the level of activity (exercise). It also appears to result in lower barking frequencies (lower noise). Thereby promoting the welfare of dogs housed in kennels. (Lidewij L. et al, 2008)
  • One study showed that moving the bed to the front of the cage as well as adding toys can increase the chance of that dog being adopted. (Wells and Hepper, 2000)
  • The addition of a toy made the kennel environment more appealing to visitors even when the dog displayed no interest in the toy, thus improving adoption chances.(Wells et al, 2002a)

Who We Are:

Kylie Edmond, Co-Founder

Kylie is a NYC-based Singer/Songwriter (, originally from sunny Perth, Western Australia. She came to NYC in search of inspiration and adventure. New York has since become her home and muse. 

As a SESAC writer, member of The Recording Academy and The Songwriters Guild of America, Kylie can be found playing in many of NYC’s famous venues. Her passion for music began early with her first vinyl bought being that of ABBA, when she was 3 year old. Hundreds of rock concerts and tour t-shirts later, Kylie began writing her own songs but didn’t pick up the guitar until years later. A moment which heavily changed and shaped her writing style. 

Fusing the arts with helping shelter animals seemed like a perfect fit. Growing up with rescues, Kylie has taken in and helped to find homes for strays since she was a kid. Knowing that the arts is such a giving community, and a healing medium through which much is spoken, it was clear to Kylie that Rock & Rawhide would be able to make a difference.

Sean-Patrick M. Hillman, Co-Founder

 Sean-Patrick literally grew up in the fields of advertising and public relations; with both parents having successful careers in both industries. Hillman began his career in his teens in the mailroom of his mother’s agency, Corbin-Hillman Communications, working as a nightclub promoter at night. At university, he focused on journalism, interning at The Charlie Rose Show and CNN. He was then hired, at age 19, as a business journalist for CNNfn, CNN’s financial news network, for three years.

Sean-Patrick returned to Corbin-Hillman Communications ( full-time in 1999 and has held several positions, most recently becoming EVP and Principal; representing clients such as BACARDI, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sephora, Shiseido, Barbie, Spice World Tour, fetish by Christina Aguilera, Supermodel Valeria Mazza, National Geographic, and Bermuda.

Sean-Patrick is married to Singer/Songwriter Kylie Edmond, and they live in Manhattan with their dog, Snickers. During the summer, Sean-Patrick can often be found at Yankee Stadium taking in America’s Favorite Pastime.


Would you like to donate items? The following are desperately needed:



Blankets & towels (clean)

Tough chew toys

Rope chew toys

Cat toys

$5 donation buys a bag of rawhides or cat toys

$10 donation buys a large Nylabone

$15 donation buys a large Kong or blankets

To donate online to this campaign Go To :

If you would like to help, please donate. Even $5 makes a difference!