3 Days Off The Grid, But We’re Baack….. 12.6.11

Hey Everybuddy<

It was a little bit of a rough go from last Wednesday through Saturday with no electricity; but we made it through to the other side.

Now we have some catching up to do here at AMTCTD:

1. We are extending the Pure Mutt, Inc. GiveAway until December 15th. Please go to Contest,Freebies, GiveAway tab for details on how to ENTER.

2. We will be posting about National Mutt Day, that we missed officially on December 2nd. But here at AMTCTD everyday is Mutt Day. We will also be featuring information about Pure Mutt, Inc. A 501C3 dedicated to helping homeless, shelter, mixed breed dogs. (WooHoo, Chazz is a mixed breed!!)

3. We have a very special charity campaign Rock & Rawhide that we want to bring to your attention. There will be a feature post and details on how to donate & support this new organization.

Ok, think that’s all for now. Just saying we missed blogging to you all & are glad to be back. Won’t be taken electricity for granted…not for a while at least. LOL

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