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OMG!!! I Won The Drawing…Going to BlogPaws 2011

I don’t believe it. I never win a single darn thing. And yet, this morning I had an email from Cokie the Cat, Editor-In-Chief of The Anipal Times. She wrote¬† that I won the drawing. Complete registration for the full conference.¬† I’m going to Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Unbelievable!!!!

Well, I think I will go tell Chazz & give him a big hug. After all he really is the reason for all this….thank you to The Anipal Times – I appreciate your generosity. Adopted Mom to Chazz

Chazz Comes Home

Trying To Learn The Ropes at WordPress

learning the ropes around here isn’t for sissies. i’ve tried several times now to setup Chazz’s Friend Gallery & things aren’t workin’. pics keep landing on top of one another even though I am staggering right, left, center. i don’t know, i’ve trashed more pages than are published at this site. Yikes, maybe today is not a good day to work on formatting, appearance, theme, stuff like that…oh well, back to the drawing board or in this case dashboard. show some sympathy folks…..

Where Off & Running at

It’s Bath Time for Chazz at Chez Saginaw…yep 6 weeks is time for a bath!

Just a few shots to give you the flavor of the bath time this morning. Hope u enjoyed them. Gonna take awhile for me to get the hang of this site, but I will!!