GiveAways *** Contests*** Freebies*** UPDATE SPRING 2014

Update March 2014

 We have quite a few GIVEAWAYS under way this month so here is a brief snapshot of what you can enter.

Book GiveAways

Chaser Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows A Thousand Words

The Dogs of Christmas

Animal Cracker

Product GiveAways

ILEESH Dachsund Imprinted Items: Mug, Phone Case, Key Ring, Mouse Pad, Stickers,6 Ft. Retractable Leash

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Movie Swag: Mr. Peabody Red Doggie Bowtie, Mr. Peabody Round/Black Spectacles, IQ Test/Score Cards, Plastic Cup for Games

Upcoming: Three Dog Bakery Cookbook  Doggie Cookbook GiveAway

April 2013

See our Home Page to check out most recent GiveAways. Got a GiveAway from Orapup, as well as one for an excellent dog book..If I Should Die Before My Dog.

More book giveaways coming up very soon.

November 2012

AdoptedMomToChazz’s GiveAway Schedule keeps getting switched around. Now we are moving our PupCHIPS GiveAway to the first of 2013 so you will all have a pawsome TREAT giveaway to look forward to and help you save money with a special discount code/link to order PupCHIPS in January.

So…our first GiveAway is going to be from BIONIC for a great Dog Treat Stuffer Ball.

And it looks just like this one pictured here

AMTCTD Blog has a bunch of Fall GiveAways coming Soon!

 DVD BlueRay GiveAway temporarily postponed. We will reschedule very soon!

So our first one coming up will be PupCHIPS. Woo Hoo!

Starting about 11.15.12 we will kick off with a DVD BlueRay GiveAway from Disney for their new release Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

On the paws of that one, will be a yummy Dog Treats GiveAway from PupCHIPS.  3 Lucky Winners will take home a Barkers Dozen of Snack Chips, of their own flavors choice.

And rounding things out we will be offering a BIONIC Toys GiveAway

Stay tuned to AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog for all these exciting contests, where you can win cool stuff for your dog! We appreciate our readers and their pets. They are pawsome!



Bandana & Pure Mutt, Inc. Signature Logo Tote Bag

1.27.12  Congratulations to Dakota for winning the National Dress Up Your Pet Day – Will You? Comment Contest.

His prizes – the great green Doggie Bandana and Tote Bag (pictured above) from the generous folks over at Pure Mutt, Inc.

10.17.11  Decided to arrange the next GiveAway to honor December 2nd, National Mutt Day.  Chazz The Dog is a mixed breed dog, and that is what “mutts” are.  A mixture, a pawsitively awesome combination of different dogs.  We are working hard on the Howl’oween Dog Parade, so we will focus on the freebie, next month.

10.10.11 Have any of your early bird types checked out the website over at  Pure Mutt, Inc. ?  We are working out the details of what will be Adopted Mom’s next go see what they’re all about. Thanks

9.30.11  MIDNIGHT 10.1.11 is the deadline.                                            

To ENTER The Bedtime Book for Dogs GIVEAWAY. Just scroll down this page & tell us about your bedtime rituals with your furbabies!! Good Luck

9.26.11 Just a note to tell you we are arranging for our next fabulous GIVEAWAY I’ll give you a hint: Adopted Mom is hoping to partner with Pure Mutt, IncOK, stay tuned for more details.

Welcome, you’ve found the place at AdoptedMomToChazz where we will post information on Contests, Freebies, & GiveAways. We are pleased to announce our first ever – GIVEAWAY

Westminster listens as Dog Daddy/Author Bruce Littlefield reads him his favorite bedtime story!

The Bedtime Book For Dogs, is the latest from the creative world of author Bruce Littlefield, with Ilustrations by Paul Heath. This sweet, simple story, about a dog who decides to go off without his Friend on an adventure – has a lovely morality lesson suitable for young children, adults, and dogs. Beautifully visualized with full-color drawings, it is a must-have for all doggie mom & dads! You or your child, can enjoy reading it to your furbaby at night as he or she goes to sleep. They will be sure to have delightful, doggie dreams.

AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog is offering you the opportunity to win a copy ofThe Bedtime Book For Dogs (Retail Value $10.00) of your very own! Two winners will be chosen at random to receive a book.


How To Enter

STEP 1: Leave a Blog Post comment that answers one of the two questions:

A.Why do you deserve to win a free copy of The Bedtime Book For Dogs?


B. What bedtime rituals do you & your dog have at home?

STEP 2: Follow on Twitter @ChazzTheDog

STEP 3: LIKE MuttMania Fan Page on Facebook


(1) GiveAway will end at Midnight PST on 10/1/11 (2) Finalists will be selected from all entries received, by our Judging Panel including Author Bruce Littlefield and Voracious Reader ChazzTheDog. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity,and enthusiasm! (3) Then in a Random Drawing TWO Winning Entries will be Picked & Announced on 10/2/11.    Winners will each receive a copy of the book.

It’s EZPZ.. Don’t Delay – Get Your Entry in Today. And Good Luck!


It’s EZPZ.. Don’t Delay – Get Your Entry in Today. And Good Luck!


It’s EZPZ.. Don’t Delay – Get Your Entry in Today. And Good Luck!

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  1. my bedtime ritual starts at about 11.00pm when i start to get sleepy. i cuddle up to mom or dad, and around 11.30 they carry me to my crate where my blankie awaits me. then they turn on my night light. nighty night!

    • Thank you Pere for coming to my blog, and entering the GIVEAWAY for The Bedtime Book For Dogs. At the close of the submission period we will announce the winners. Good Luck!!!

  2. I deserve this book because I work very hard every morning teaching a home bound autistic student. It’s not always easy but I love it. He would like this book.

    Our dog Maggie is just as eager to go to bed as we are. All we have to say is “bedtime” and she is on the bed.

    • Kathy,

      Thank you for coming to my blog and thanks for entering The Bedtime Book for Dogs GIVEAWAY!
      Just a few days left, and we will be selecting the winners. We will be posting the winners names at the blog on 10.2.11.

  3. Most every night when I go to bed, my two black labs, Sophie and Sadie follow me upstairs. It ends up being a race to gain my spot on the bed, since they think the bed is theirs! If I do manage to get my spot in the bed, I usually have one on both sides of me wanting there bellys rubbed before I turn off the light. I would love to read this book to them both then maybe I could get them to sleep on the floor!

    • Debbie,

      Thanx for finding my blog; and entering The Bedtime Book for Dogs GIVEAWAY! Sophie & Sadie sound like a lot of fun. Just a few days left before we will be selecting the winners. We will be announcing and posting the names at the blog on 10.2.11.

  4. Our bedtime ritual: I usually take my little guy out one last time then we head to bed. He usually sleeps between my husband and I at the top of the bed by our heads. He has a ‘blanket’ (towel) under him and one that we cover him up with. He sits up under his cover until I start petting him and every night as I ‘love on him’ (pet him) I say in a soothing voice, “You’re such a sweet little guy. You’ve got cute little eyes, a cute little nose with cute little freckles, and cute little ears, and a cute little tail, and cute little paws that also have cute little freckles. You’re just a cutie pie and Mommy and Daddy love our Toby guy.” By this time he has gotten snug and cozy under his blanket and ready to sleep. That’s our ritual for bedtime! I can’t imagine doing it any other way!

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Andrea,
      Thanx for finding my blog, and you are officially entered into The Bedtime Book for Dogs GIVEAWAY. There are just a few days left, and we will be selecting the winners. The announcement & posting of winners names will be on the blog on 10.2.11. Good Luck!

  5. I am following @ChazzTheDog via twitter (andreacouponz).

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I liked MuttMania on Facebook (Andrea Hamilton).

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. My Mom always likes to read what people think of our work! Woof.

    Signed ChazzTheDog

  8. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment at my blog.
    I am not 100% sure of what you refer to, “particular trouble i helped bail you out from”.
    But if things are better, and AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog blog helped, than I am glad.



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