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Dog Treat Product Review – Newman’s Own Organics *Snack Sticks*

Newman’s Own Organic Snack Sticks come in 3 Flavors: Chicken & Rice. Chicken & Vegetable, Chicken & Sweet Potatoe

INGREDIENTS (Chicken & Sweet Potatoe)

Organic Chicken

Organic Oat Flour

Organic Barley Flour

Soy Grits


Organic Sweet Potato

Salt, Cultured Whey, Natural Flavors

Oil of Garlic, Vitamin E



Chazz Opinion : These treats shaped like a stick are chewy and deelish.  I really like them!! See, I don’t likey to eat hard biscuit-type dog treats. One of my front tooths iz a little loose so I prefer chewy or training treat type snacks. *DROOL* These Newman’s Own Organics are yummy in my belly!!!


Check out this website – they carry all sorts of cool things for Dogs & Cats – Food, Snacks, Toys including the Newman’s Own Organics



About delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 300+ brands of pet food and stuff (for FREE!) while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.


The ideas & opinions expressed in this post are our own; and have not been influenced by any outside sources. We received one bag of treats for the purpose of this review.  AdoptedMomtoChazzTheDog Blog is part of the Blogger Program.

Chazz’s Literary Corner – Book Review- The Dogs of Christmas – March 9, 2014


The Dogs of Christmas

By W. Bruce Cameron

Copyright 2013 New York, NY

ISBN 978-0-7653-055-0

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey, brings you his latest work in the wonderful The Dogs of Christmas.


“EVERY DOG STORY IS A LOVE STORY”…Bruce Cameron wrote those words not Adopted Mom, but we couldn’t agree more.  Even those terrible stories we read about despicable animal abuse; ultimately become stories of love, rescue, and redemption…at least for the dogs and they are the most important part of the story in our opinion.


The Dogs of Christmas features several different love stories central to the theme. There is the human story of characters Josh & Kerri, and the human/ canine bond of Josh and Lucy, the soulful-eyed pregnant pup that comes into their lives – capturing the kindness and natural empathy for a creature needing assistance.

Almost immediately Josh realizes he has more then he can handle and contacts the local shelter where he meets the lovely and compassionate Kerri who comes to his aid.

Love, Trust, Relationships, and Puppies…find all of these as you enjoy reading The Dogs of Christmas


We really enjoyed this story! The writing is compelling, with characters we wanted to follow. Mr. Cameron is a proven author with skills and accolades to his credit. We definitely recommend this book for a great read.

Hold on now, keep scrolling…it’s time for the big Book GiveAway…and by big we mean..3 WINNERS!!!



Must be 18+ and live in the USA

Period: March 10 – March 23, 2014 Winner will be announced on the blog on 3.24.14 Winners will be notified by email. Invalid email address will disqualify  entrant and another winner will be drawn.

Mandatory Entry:

Leave a comment at the end of this post relating an anecdote you have concerning Dogs & Christmas (or Chanukah, or Kwanza for that matter). If you haven’t got a real one, make one up.

Extra Entry Earned: 1 for each

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Please provide your email address in your comment so we may contact the winners. We value privacy & security so your contact info will never be shared and you will not receive any spam from our blog. Also document in a comment if you follow or LIKE with other Social Media so you earn the extra entries available.

GOOD LUCK to all participants. You have a very good chance of winning  in our first ever Triple Winner Giveaway!!!


Adopted Mom Blog received a copy of the book The Dog’s of Christmas for review purposes. In addition, Mr. Cameron generously provided 3 copies to support a GiveAway for 3 lucky readers of our pet blog. Opinions expressed in this review are our own and not influenced by any outside source. We receive no financial compensation from featuring this book at our blog.

Canine Dental Health – Do You Think It’s Important? Give Us Your Opinion

As a child we had several dogs growing up in our house. My mother primarily cared for the dogs; the kids mostly petted and played with them. In those days they did not know all the things they know now, and the advances in pet health were still around the corner.

I have no memory of my mother “brushing the dog’s teeth”. There was no special attention paid to canine teeth. Baths were the important thing. Especially if your dog had the misfortune of coming into contact with a skunk. Which is exactly what happened with our beautiful long-haired Sheltie Collie…but back to teeth.

Nowadays it is common for new pet owners to be encouraged to brush their dog’s teeth. Pet stores offer shelves of pet toothpastes, toothbrushes, oral sprays, even doggie mints for bad breath.

When I adopted ChazzTheDog, I immediately bought toothpaste and a finger brush. I was told it was the best selling canine toothpaste flavor at the store. Well, Chazz apparently did not know that he should like poultry flavored toothpaste – and did not take to it very well. I found the finger brush more difficult to manipulate. We next tried a vanilla flavored paste which he licked straight off my finger. I got a longer tooth brush, but not a full sized bristle brush. It is actually a rubberized brush with flexible bristle.


I began brushing his teeth about 3 days a week. Since he couldn’t rinse his mouth out; I also purchased an canine oral spray to use following the brushing. Despite our best efforts, I could see tartar and some spots appearing on Chazz’s teeth. Following that, I found out I could have his teeth professionally cleaned. I read that this has been shown to extend a dog’s life between three to five years. Well that was enough for me.

Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning can be pricey. I have seen it range between $160 – $225.00 for a session. Chazz is now 5 years old. He has had his teeth cleaned twice. He is overdue now, but the place I had it done at is now looking for a new vet dentist, so they can offer their canine dental clinics once again. The first experience was eventful. It turned out Chazz had gingivitis; so when they cleaned at his gum line they bled. Chazz swallowed some of this blood. When the cleaning was completed they returned Chazz to me, setting him on the cement floor. Chazz took two steps toward me and promptly vomited. They assured me this was from the blood he had swallowed and nothing more critical. Chazz went back a second time and everything went fine.

Vets say that as in humans, the health and condition of your dog’s mouth, gums, teeth, and even tongue can be indicators of his/her overall condition. As you know readers, we here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog are not vets or animal trainer/ professionals of any kind. We do our research, try to educate ourself, and make the best decisions we can. And yes, finances play a part as well. Chazz has all his needs taken care of. Shelter, food, treats, toys, clothes, bed, leashes, and most of all love. I do the best I can with the resources I can spend on & for him.

serif;">Well, now there's something new in the canine dental health products.

OraPup Dog Breath Brush. It comes in a variety of colors, with flexible bristles on a paddle shaped brush your dog can lick. You simply spread about a ½ teaspoon of the flavoring around the bristles and then give it to your dog. My dog, Chazz, a medium sized Terrier/Shiba Inu mix took to it immediately.

There was no forcing or fight to get him to lick the bristles clean. At one end a raised edge works as a scraper for the dog’s tongue.

It’s simple and easy to do. The flavoring in this case Beef/Bacon comes in a plastic squeeze applicator bottle for quick application onto the paddle. Quickly, not only did Chazz understand that the way to get the flavoring was to lick the paddle bristles; but he used one of his paws to hold it in just the spot and position that he liked to get at it.

So stop fighting with your dog to get him to improve his dental health. Get an OraPup Dog Breath Brush and watch him or her jump right on board.

GiveAway for an OraPup Dog Breath Starter Kit

To Enter:

Required entry:

  1. Leave a comment at the end of this post answering the question, How bad does your dog’s breath get? Describe and give example

Extra Entries:

    1. Follow @ChazzTheDog on Twitter

    2. Go to and leave a comment

Restrictions: Open to USA Residents only

18 yrs old & up

GiveAway entries accepted April 4th – April 11th

Winner will be announced at the blog on Friday April 12, 2013

So tell us about your dog’s  (funky) breath…we want to know what your dealing with!

Good Luck to all the Participants

DISCLAIMER: Adopted Mom To ChazzTheDog received no compensation for this review. The opinions expressed our completely our own and have not be influenced by any outside source. We purchased our own OraPup dog breath brush used in our test. Orapup kindly provided a Starter Kit for the GiveAway.

Blogger Awards – Correction February 3, 2013

The writer and editor of this blog, Adopted Mom, has an impawtent correction to make.

Recently we posted about receiving our first ever Blogger Award, The Next Big Thing.  We were very proud and pawcited to announce this. Well, looks like we made an oopsie. 

This week we received a comment from our furriend Pepper, over at Pepper reminded us that she actually gave us our first blogger award in June of 2012. Here’s what she said:

sunshine award


Now for the 10 Fabulous Bloggers, in no particular order, that I have chosen to pass the Sunshine Award on to:

1.  For concise, well written content.  She is a great mentor to me.  

Yes, AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog Blog encouraged and mentored Pepper and her Mom at the beginning of their blogging adventures.  How could we forget that Pepper had passed on the Sunshine Award to us??? Well, we’re not sure. That’s why we are referring to this omission as an Oopsie.


So, we apologize to Pepper & her Mom and in no way meant to disregard this honor. Sometimes Mommie’s furget stuff and it’s hard to get good help sometimes! Awooooooo Sheesh Mommie!!

We hope they furgive us our mistake and accept this apology post.



This Monday – Pawticipate & Celebrate – January 14th, 2013 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th, 2013 National Dress Up Your Pet Day


National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige , and sponsored by the Animal Miracle Network as a fun way to celebrate our beloved pets and to support the pet fashion community.

“It’s important to remember though, that it’s not, however, a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot” says Paige. Have fun with your pets by dressing them in cute outfits and safe costumes – but keep your pet’s comfort level in mind when involving him/her in this fun novelty day.

Excerpted from


It’s sense of style? Today is the perfect opportunity to break out the bejeweled collars, sassy sweaters, and fashion accessories.

Fido’s and Fluffys across America celebrate by getting all dolled up in their very best doggy duds and feline frocks. And just in case you or your furry friend are having a “ruff” day, with some simple planning you can even wear matching outfits in honor of this special day. Then head outside and go for a stroll out on the town or walk around the “bark.” And if you are lucky enough to live in warmer climates, why not go for a cruise in the convertible with the top down. You’re sure to be the cat’s meow or top dog in town!


Editorial Opinion:

We here at AMTCTD blog realize some pet owners vehemently oppose the idea and the act of dressing pets up in clothes. We can respect that choice; we just don’t share it. Responsibly interacting with your pet in this way is fine by us. Making sure the clothes or accessories you put on your dog or cat, or ferret, or mouse, etc. fit properly, do not encumber their mobility, and are comfortable is a perfectly legitimate way to express your love and bond with your pet, in our opinion. Granted some pets will not tolerate any of this; and for those animals this isn’t a wise choice. But there are many who will tolerate it, and even dare I suggest – like it. As a pet owner, you should know your own animal and you can tell whether this is okay with them. We often put sweaters or coats on our dogs and cats to make sure they are warm enough during cold weather. Dressing them up for the sheer fun is not that different. Both you and your pet can enjoy National Dress Up Your Pet Day..just make sure you are both on the same page! And Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!


nat'l dressupyourpetimage




Caution – Disclaimer

It is important to remember that while dressing pets in cute costumes or outrageous outfits can be loads of fun, it is important to keep their safety and well-being in mind. Check apparel/costumes for possible choking hazards. Ensure the items fit comfortably and do not restrict their breathing. Depending where you live, make sure your pet’s outfit is weather-appropriate for your neck-of-the-woods.


Chazz Wears His Sunday Work in Da Garden Floppy Hat

Chazz Wears His Sunday Work in Da Garden Floppy Hat

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – Celebrated February 23rd

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

February 23rd – International Dog Biscuit Day

This post is a collection of info I found on the internet when researching under the term :

International Dog Biscuit Day

Celebrated all over the world, as well as here in the USA, the team here at AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog has decided to report the “straight poop” on just what this dawgie holiday is all about.

Pups large & small, male or female enjoy a good biscuit now and then. ChazzTheDog enjoys his soaked and softer.

Some like a good Peanut Butter & Carob Bone baked by our friends at Pawty Time Treats  (featured in the Product Review section)


International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Oh, how far we’ve come with dog treats!

Kolchak has an opinion on all this biscuit talk and here it is:

Happy International Dog Biscuit Day!!

Barked by Kolchak Puggle

Some fortunate pet parents, fed up with the high cost of store bought treats and biscuits, were given the opportunity to take advantage of a special cooking class being offered in conjunction with the holiday – and learned how to make their own treats for their furbabies. 

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day a Cooking Class for Your Dog at Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center

This is my very speshul furriend PepperPom. Those of you who are pals on Twitter, know Pepper is my gurlfurriend. She said I could put this picture of her in this post.

She luvs her special cookies from her special shop. Nommy!

PepperPom is enjoying her special St. Patrick's Day Cookie

3 Dogs & A Chick dog bakery and specialty shop located along the beautiful Emerald Coast in Downtown Ft Walton Beach, Florida. That’s where PepperPom, above, gets all her favorite treats for holidays, birthdays, and for no other reason then to have her a snack before nite nite!!

Last but not least is another concerned dog owner who just wants to enjoy a snack with his dog to celebrate the day. Let’s just see who has the pickier palate!!

Leave a comment, and tell Chazz & Adopted Mom your favorite story about your favorite treat!!!

Woof at ya later!!!

Howl’oween 2011 Parade Wrap-Up

Official 80Lb. Pumpkin Drop Starts Parade

I realize Halloween has come & gone and we are moving on to Thanksgiving as far as holidays go, but I want to offer one last goodbye post. All in all, we had a great time, and hope to be back next year.
MuttMania participated in the Long Beach, CA 11th Annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade, Vendor & Adoption Fair on Sunday October 30,2011. This was so much fun, a lot of hard work, loaded with important messages to get out in the community regarding dog homelessness, adoption & rescue work…not sure where to begin…so gonna say it with some images.

These are a mere handful of  pictures, photographed by a good friend of mine, Andrew Potts,  at the site , Lincoln Park a public space. Al vendors were required to have a special item, AdoptedMom decided to do a Holiday Dog Boutique – XMAS, Chanukah, New Years!

What goes up must come down, Splat!

CHATO was a star!!

Howl'oween Closeouts at MuttMania

Did I really bring & setup all that stuff...yep!

Gomez Addams & Wednesday paraded with this Spider

Setting up MuttMania Booth

Who says dogs can't make a political statement!

Product Review: pupCHIPS


CATEGORY – Snack Food

It’s 3 o’clock and you’re starting to feel those familiar little hunger pangs. Lunch was hours ago; and you just have that hollow feeling, like you could eat a little something…

Of course a snack! Some fruit, an energy bar, a handful of nuts/pretzels, yogurt, trying to keep it healthy of course.

Well, why not enjoy that snack while your best furbabie has one as well? Take time out and share snacktime with your pooch. Just open up a bag of crispy, crunchy, pupCHIPS for your four-legged friend.

PupCHIPS is a new snack for your dog, “just because you love them”. Different than a treat earned in training, for doing a trick, for behaving politely when company is over, or any of those reasons – this is a snack for fido…just because you want to.

pupCHIPS - Chicken Flavor

PupCHIPS come in flavors of Chicken, Liver, Salmon, and Yogurt & Berry.


CHICKEN: Ground Rice, Ground Corn, Chicken Liver, Ground Barley, Chicken Powder, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potato Flour, Chicken Fat, Dried Brewers Yeast, Ground Flax Seed , Salt, Beta Carotene, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Chondroitin Sulfate, Hydrolyzed Poultry Liver,Tapioca, Natural Flavors, preserved with mixed Tocopherols, Vitamin E Supplement.


Honestly, my dog, Chazz does not like crunchy. He doesn’t care for food that is hard or snappy. So when I gave him the “chips” to taste test…he wasn’t very interested…at first. He kind of pushes at it with his nose, but the chips never get near his open mouth. Later, I had an idea and I got out one of his bowls. Poured some chips in and added a little water to soften them up. I placed the bowl on the floor & returned to my computer & some work that needed finishing. When I came back downstairs the bowl was empty, pupCHIPS were gone! So the flavor was yummy! Chazz liked them and gives them a 3 paws up rating!!!

And your dog will like them too. PupCHIPS come in easy portable snack size packs that fit in your purse, backpack, or dog carrier. You no longer need to drag a travel bowl, can or bag of dog food with you when you’re going to be gone a short while. Convenient & easy to bring along pupCHIPS is the answer.

 For more information or to purchase online go to


Review Attribution: AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog did not receive any kind of compensation for this product review. AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog did receive sample packages of pupCHIPS for the purpose of feeding to ChazzTheDog and doing a Product Review. The opinions expressed are strictly my own, one individual; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

Happening At AdoptedMomToChazz Blog – 9.24.11

Author Bruce Littlefield & Westminster w/ a good book before bed!

LB Dog Parade....Coming 10.30.11

PawtyTime PB & Carob Doggie Treats - can't be beat!!

WIN your own Pawtographed Copy - See GIVEAWAY to ENTER

A Word From Chazz & Adopted Mom

Blogging, MuttMania, GiveAways, Conferences & Travel, BlogHops, #NipClub….wow the last few months have been busy busy –and we are just coming into the Fall Season where things really start to heat up.

I just wanted to take a moment out to say how much fun and enjoyment both ChazzTheDog & me – Adopted Mom are having with the blog and all our new friends, both 2 legged & 4 pawed.

Social Media & Networking are amazing things if used properly.

We like to think we are doing that here at AMTCTD.

If you have some thoughts or opinions on the subject –don’t hesitate leave a comment–we would love to hear from you!


Well okay I guess that’s it. And thanks for reading the blog.