Family Who Got 2 Dogs Stolen Needs Your Help – 1.09.12

Devastated Family Needs your Help in finding River & Libby

their beloved pets. River is pictured Left & Libby on Right.

River (L) and LIbby (R)

Can you imagine going on a family vacation to find out that your dogs escaped from the family member’s home caring for them; and that would take you on a heart wrenching journey to get them back?

Setting up a website to spread the word, having local TV Channel 9 KCAL News do a story on you, not once but three times! Take frustrating phone calls from people claiming to have your dog, or claiming someone tried to sell them your lost dog for $100.

Well, this is exactly the experience of Natalie Tomlinson and her family, who after close to two months are still no closer to recovering their precious family pets, their little boy & girl furbabies -River & Libby.

And finally,  most discouraging of all, arranging to meet a person who said they would bring your dog back..who never shows up at designated meeting place – but some time later phones to say “their child had become so attached” they wouldn’t be returning dog. Grrrrrrrrrrr

We here at AMTCTD blog cannot even imagine what this poor family has had to go through? When approached last Friday night at the Eagle Rock Farmer’s Market, and upon hearing this terrible story we agreed to do what we could to spread the word.

Specifics: Last seen by family 11.12.11 near Delevan Elementary/Verdugo Rd. & York Boulevard.

River & His Boy

RiverMale, Not Neutered, 14.6lbs. Gold & White with “teddy bear” face

Libby – Black & White small Female Spayed, 9.7lbs Black circle on her left side back.

If you are reading this in the Los Angeles area or can help in any way please keep a lookout for these dogs.

CALL (626) 215.4323 if you have any information

For the complete story, along with the KCAL News interview please go to

There is a big reward for the safe return of these dogs. Read more about it online.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. How absolutely devastating! I will share this as I have many friends in California…

  2. Teri, thank you so much for spreading this post out there. I really appreciate the help. I told this woman I would do what I could, but my blog has small readership at this point.

    I hope you & the “kids” are well, and enjoying a Happy Healthy New Year 2012.!

    and as always thank you for reading & commenting at my blog.

  3. That is so sad. I heard a similar story told by a woman whose two dogs were taken from the home and one required medication. Months later she still has heard nothing.

  4. Rumpy if i may ask the favor,if you have any California friends to share, post, or tweet this so we can keep making the circle of people who know bigger & bigger. Thanks my pal.


  5. Thank you for reposting & re-tweeting, I hope someone who knows who has my babies does the right thing and provides information to get River & Libby back to their family where they belong. Can’t thank you enough, Natalie Tomlinson

    • Well Natalie, My hope is that it does some good. A great many people have already taken a look at this post, I checked the site statistics. Keeping positive thoughts and a strong spirit uppermost, good may come from this horrendous act. I will hug my dog closer tonite; and wish hard for you and your family to be able to once again do the same with River & Libby.


  6. This story is heart breaking..
    2 weeks ago my family and I found a dog
    We have done anything we could to find his owners , the doggy is groomed and has clean teeth , we took him to local pet groomers, vets , posted flyers but no
    Luck finding his owners.
    I am sorry your going thru this , I hope u find your babies

    • I want to thank you for reading my blog, this post in particular, and leaving a comment. I hope the support is at least a bit helpful to the family going through this ordeal.

      AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog blog wanted to do something, hoping the social media “reach” might help us locate these animals.

      Kudos to you & your family for doing all you can to return the dog you found to it’s family.

      The scammers who hold dogs & cats for “ransom” are despicable in our opinion. Sigh.

      Let’s all keep our “paws” crossed. We hope there will be a happy ending to this story soon. XO

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