Product Review – Dog Treat Maze Interactive Toy Puzzle 1.30.12

Product Review: Dog Treat Maze Interactive Toy

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.Noit’s the new interactive game Dog Treat Maze – the latest release from well-known designer, Nina Ottosson

 distributed byIn The Company Of Dogs,US

When AdoptedMom first took the treat maze out of the box we knew that anything that looked most closely like a kid’s flying saucer was going to probably intrique, keep his attention, and be a challenging exercise for the dog.

Dog Treat Maze


Water & Dishwasher Safe

  • Use Treats or Dry Food
  • Tough & Hard-Wearing
  • Fun & Stimulating
  • Slows Down Eating
  • Skill Level : Medium Difficulty
  • Suitable for All Ages & Size of Dog
  • Can Be Used for Cats

How It Works:

Treats are fed into the top hole of puzzle unit, and come out at openings at either end.

Load treats or dry food through top hole on unit

As your dog moves the maze, either pushing with nose or paws, or as my dog does…upending the whole unit..the treats will dispense.

Fill it, place it on ground, give it a spin!!

This puzzle is amazingly light, yet sturdy. ChazzTheDog will actually pick the whole unit up and move it to another spot if he decides to.

Chazz gives the Dog Maze a thorough sniffing!

Price: MSRP $24.99

Chazz Opinion:

I really like playing wif mai colorful “flying saucer”. It’s different from mai flipper/flapper puzzle cuz it dips & spins round on the floor. Dat is how the treats fall out on the sides.

At furst I didn’t unnerstand and tried to use my paws. I “scrabbled” it on the top, but nofing opened up and I didn’t see no treats. Then in a little while I figured out it didn’t work like dat. BOL! My Mom gibs it to me to play wif wen she has to go & do errands or sumping like dat. It is fun and I recommend it to other dog pawrents to get for dere furbabies. Awooooooooooooooo

AdoptedMom Review: Nina Ottosson has done it again. This treat maze is constructed in such a way that it requires the dog to use different skills to get the treats out. The surface is basically smooth, but once the dog smells the treat inside – whether from the top or side openings they are ready to search until they get to the yummy prize!

We really like this puzzle and it has already become one of my dogs favorites to play with. Learning through play, that’s how it’s done at our house.


AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.  AdoptedMomToChazz did receive, as normal business practice, a sample of item in this case, Dog Treat Maze, for purposes of testing/review. The opinions expressed are those of one individual & one ChazzTheDog; and were not influenced in any manner from the outside.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. OOOo!!! That looks fun!! I will have to put it on my wish list for when mom goes dog toy shopping!!

  2. NOMMY! Mommy we wantz one 4 kittehs!

  3. We like these types of puzzle toys too!

  4. great review! We have one of Nina’s puzzle toys and Dakota just loves it!

  5. Now, that is a really, really cool treat thingy. I think I would have tons of fun trying to work for my food.

    • Oh, puzzles are very fun, stimulating way to give dog food. Maybe you try one sometime. Thanks for coming to blog & especially for taking time to leave a comment. We luv that.

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