BLOGPAWS2011 – AdoptedMomToChazz Speaks Out -Pt.1

It took me awhile to get here, but look at it this way, an earthquake, Hurricane Irene, not even a cabin attendant dumping a cup of ice down me & my iPAD case could not stop me from reporting on the BLOGPAWS2011 Social Media & Networking Conference held August 25 – 27th at the Sheraton Premiere in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.
Attendee Program Cover

Two things need to be stated up front. First, a big salute and thank you again goes out to KURGO, who sponsored me, and without whom I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the experience of attending the conference. Hip, Hip, Hooray. Second, this was some terrific event. Over the years of my work history I’ve attended conferences in other industries in New York for the Toy Show, in Chicago for Educational Toys, Games, Books, & Puzzles, etc…and I have to tell you that this conference matched those others in offerings, execution, information, logistics, and just plain old fun such that I would score it at a 9.5 out of 10!!! The Sheraton and their staff was fabulous. I was told that the hotel was completely taken over for the weekend by the conference with a few 60 or so other guests not involved with BlogPaws!

When I say taken over I mean, 400 Registered Attendees, just under 50 Sponsor/Exhibitors, between 65-70 Dogs, 3 Cats, 2 Guinea Pigs, and 2 Ferrets. We were large & in charge.

The facilities included a Grand Ballroom, where we had our meals, listened to the keynote speakers, and enjoyed a Disney movie preview for “Spooky Buddies. The Pavillons and MeetingRrooms where I attended various workshops and breakout sessions. The Exhibitor Hall where the sponsor booths and tables were located. The Exhibitor Lounge where you could sit & take a time out, put your feet up and enjoy a coffee or soda, talk with a vendor if you were lucky enough to arrange a meeting.

The hotel had a complete Vet/MD Tracker program going on at a lower level that honestly I did not get to tour. There were directions to a Pet Walk where you & your furbuddy could go for exercise and to take care of rest breaks (for the dog that is!)
Lastly, the BlogPaws Team thought to have an area called The Pet Park. This was a large meeting room equipped with water, dog toys, and volunteer pet sitters who took the dogs for walks, for potty breaks, and simply played with them in the room.

Now that you have some idea of the setup, logistics and such tune in for my next post to give you the flavor of the work I did there for KURGOexhibiting, demonstrating and talking about their award winning travel gear for dogs, as well as the education workshops I attended on the FTC, Contest/GiveAways, Copyrights & Trademarks, The Wonderful Widgets of Oz, and The Flat Pet Workshop.

I met so many new pet parents that I hope to turn into friends over the coming months…it was really a valuable trip, well worth any inconvenience, and I learned a lot.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Love your post! I, too, have been to many a veterinary conference and many cat show banquets and the like, and BlogPaws does it right! Great buffets, on the mark organization of sessions, sound systems work, hotels pet friendly and oh so fun to take them with us just about everywhere (oh, I know for sure there were at least 8 cat attendees there…someone else will have to cound the dogs, hahameow!). I know BlogPaws will be part of my ‘vacation’ plans from here on out!

  2. Oops, thanks Teri/Curlz & Swirlz for the corrected cat count at the conference..i will make sure & report it that way from here out.

    Yep, I had an excellent time, and I too will start my BlogPaws Fund so I am all ready for next year.

    Hope to stay in touch with you & your fur babies, hahameow!
    (that’s how u say it right?) 😉 Regards Chazz The Dog’s Mommy

  3. Sorry mom missed you at BlogPaws! She really had a blast, there was so much to learn. Hopefully she’ll meet you at BarkWorld later this month! Give Chazz a snuggle for me!

  4. Wish that were so…but can’t swing that trip so soon. Need to save up my doggie $$ b4 I can go on another trip. Want to stay in touch on Twitter, Facebook, our blogs? Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate it. And Chazz The Dog sends a woof, a paw up, and especially a thank you for the snuggle. he really luvs those. BOL

  5. It was great meeting you Thursday morning at breakfast & getting to know you.

    Pet Blogs United

  6. Pam, thanx for commenting! I actually just checked out PBU yesterday. Still trying to load in all the business cards into a contact management program. As I enter the card I go to the blog or website and try to remember anything significant I talked with that person about.

    i certainly well remember you and that breakfast. You had a bagel as I recall. LOL Anyway, I had a blast at BLOGPAWS, glad you traveled home safely where Oskar was probably so happy to see you..let’s stay in touch..Barbara

  7. Sounds like you had a great time!

    • Hey there rumpydog! Thanks for coming to my blog & leaving a comment….

      I had an excellent time, and would recommend the experience to any and all Pet Bloggers looking to connect with other like-minded pet parents. Educational Fun, Food, what more could you ask for from a conference!

  8. Ha!! Yes, it’s really me and “J!” I was excited to see a comment from you so thanks for stopping by. Very nice write-up on BlogPaws I might add.

    Sebastian says Hello.

    Erika and Sebastian (and J)

  9. Erika,
    okay, woof back to Sebastian first of all. tee hee
    next what an amazing pic of you at your site..america’s top model, woohoo! thanks for the compliment on the write-up..still trying to get it all out there – Pt. 3 should conclude it for me.

    i’ve been busy since returning from BLOGPAWS. Check out my blog in a few days for details on my very first GIVEAWAY. Winners will receive a free copy of the story The Bedtime Book For Dogs, a sweet little book to read to your doggie at night before he/she goes to sleep!!

    So write & let me know what you guys have been up to since Tyson’s Corner. (

    Thanks again for coming to my blog…..

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