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Friday Pawwaves From The Dog – August 3, 2012

Woof efurrybuddy, it’s ChazzTheDog and AdoptedMom. Things are beginning to settle down for us so I thought this might be a good time to create a post for our bloggy thing: It has been a good long while since we were regularly posting and lots has changed…but some things remain constant.


At the end of June when lots of my pals were going to the BlogPaws Conference in Salt Lake Ciy with their hoomans….Mommie and I were moving. Actually it was the exact same weekend! Mommie was disappointed about not being able to go cuz she had a great time last year at her first BP Conference held in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia..even though there was that lil pesky thing called Hurricane Irene that ran through town while they met…but no matter! But the move took priority; or we wouldn’t have had a place to live. Awooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! So Mommie with the help of her brother, Uncle Mark, , Sister-In_Law Shirley and her friends Drew & Bill trucks were rented, storage spaces emptied, and it all ended up here at our new house. Oh, we still live in Eagle Rock and one of these days Mommie will go back to the Eagle Rock Farmers Market where she sells stuff for dogs & kittehs under the name MuttMania. Hee hee, my picture is on the booth banner. Cuz I’m cute! Right now we are still unpacking all the boxes of stuff: Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, my doggie backpack, my tent, my new exercise get it…all the impawtent stuff! It is a very nice 1 bedroom cottage and we have our own front and backdoor with a teeny porch. (for pals to have a cuddlepile on one of these days)I am still getting used to which is our house, sometimes I walk up the wrong steps. Mommie gives my leash a lil tug and says “Chazz this is not our house, we live over there.” But I know where I supposed to go pees & poops – so that’s really impawtant iformation!!


Mommie still hasn’t found her coffeemaker; so almost every morning we walk down to the corner where there is a little 50’s diner. Mommie eats her breakfast, and I wait in the side yard where they let me stay. See I make sure Mommie feeds me first, before we take that walk – then I don’t mind waiting so much for Mommie. BOL Everyone there is nice to me and I like going to see those guys.


I never knew Mommie had so many things and furniture. Wow, the whole house got filled up and she joked that she never has to go shopping again, ‘cept for food, drinks, soap, and toilet paper. And DOG FOOD /&TREATS & TOYS of course.


There is another dog who lives in the cottage right across from ours. I saw him the other day for the first time and barked hello. He looks like an okay sort, and maybe we will become furriends. I’m not sure yet. Oh there is a lady who lives upstairs, and I likey her a lot. She always holds my face with both her hands and tells me what a “love” I am. Mommie is a lil surprised I like her so much cuz she has cats in herz house. Four of em!

But I still like her. I fink it’s okay I tell you herz first name…it’s Maddy. She smiles each time she sees me. I want to go up the stairs to where she lives, but Mommie says not to.

There is a big barbecue up there. I want to see what she’s cookin on dat thing. Chazz licks his lips, drool.*

Mommie got me an exercise pen she puts up in front of our house on da grass. See I don’t have my backyard anymore and I fink Mommie feels bad about that. So far all I do is lay down in the pen and take a sunbath! Exercise not so much. BOL

Well gonna keep it short for today. I haf to go supervise Mommie or she will never get the rest of the boxes unpacked and the stuff put away. Haf a good weekend efurrybuddy — especially all my anipal furriends.

C u later. Pawwaves,