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10.29.11 Spread The Word – Get The Inside Poop Here

The following is an announcement from Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog on behalf of Chazz:

Chazz-Newest Reporter for The Anipal Times

Chazz has entered the ranks, and can now claim the title of Published Reporter. As a reporter, and not just any run of the mill pupperazzi – Chazz is pleased that his first article Poop Pandemic has been published at The Anipal Times, in the Science & Environment Section.

Kindly take a moment this weekend, sit down with a refreshing beverage or dog treat – and read his article.  You’ll be glad you did. And thanks as always for keeping up on the doings of Adopted Mom & Chazz here at our awesome blog site.

1st Timers Check In Here – SPBH

This is my first time in the SPBH. Chazz The Dog & I are kinda excited. Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you something to eat or drink? I was just reading my issue of Modern Dog Magazine and was looking at the recipes for “Poochie Pupsicles“. With all this heat being experienced all over the US, it’s nice to have some more tricks to help keep the dog cool and safe.

Well, have a great Saturday, and keep on hoppin’.