The Petter – Organizing Chazz the Dog’s Life – March 13,2014

               THE PETTER

Chazz the Dog won his very own PETTER organizer/calendar/planner from another furriend’s blog.

He loves it!!! Here he is….


Petter Organizer

Chazz spent some time in the front yard yesterday organizing his activities.  Scheduling his appointments in his calendar/planner.  Chazz is always less anxious when he knows the plans for the day!

Check them out…here’s how to contact them.


Twitter: @PetterPlanner


DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own and have not been influenced by any outside sources. AdoptedMom blog received no compensation for featuring The Petter in this blog post.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Two French Bulldogs

    Congratulations kid
    Lily & Edward

  2. We are using The Petter too! I have a busy schedule and my mom can’t cope. The Petter is very helpful. Yay!

  3. I love my Petter. It helps to keep me organized too. Hope you are having a pawtastic weekend !

  4. Carma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pawwaves pally. Happy St. Paddy Day

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