Wallace by Jim Gorant – Book Review 10.02.12

Wallace… The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls – One Flying Disc at a Time

Author: Jim Gorant

Publisher: Penguin Group (Gotham Books) New York, NY

First Printing: September 2012

I’ve reviewed a variety of things in my freelance writing career: Products, Films, Performances…but rarely does it present such an interesting challenge as it does to review something from my perspective as a Dog Lover.

Wallace, is the story of a Pit Bull. Yep a Pittie.  And as I have never taken a public position on the question of this breed, I will do so now.

Before becoming an adoptive dog pawrent myself, I believed that Pit Bulls were a question mark. I didn’t necessarily think they were inherently (ie. genetically) bad – that was the responsibility of the owner and whatever training they did or didn’t provide their pet. But as a general rule, I was a bit fearful of this breed of dog.  I still believe that. However, I am not in favor of breed specific legislation (BSL) that speaks to outlaw this animal and put them down at unbelievable rates (as compared to other dog breeds) But I am wary when I see this dog on the street, in the park, etc. If an animal is capable of killing another dog or inflicting catastrophic injury to human or dog; I am in favor of measures to be taken to reduce this possibility. In specific I am talking about being required to use a Basket Muzzle on this breed of dog. It does no harm to the animal, and helps to guarantee the safety of those around the dog, canine and human.  AdoptedMom

I am relating all this prior to writing my actual book review in the name of full disclosure.  I think it important to have a context in which to understand my opinions of this story.


I loved this story!  Wallace the dog and the story both have heart, drive, and intensity that keeps the reader engaged in his struggles and his victories.  To not only survive from all those who wish to see him dead, but to prove to the doubters that he can compete in championship level dog disc flying contests across the country.

 Wallace isn’t the only one facing challenges in this story. His owners Roo & Clara Yori struggle with their battles to save Wallace, their troubled marriage, and facing those who stand in the way of Wallace taking part, and ultimately becoming a champion, in this sport of dog disc flying.

To say Roo Yori is an unusual man is well simple. An athlete and former soccer player – he realizes early on that not only does Wallace have the skills to play competitive disc, but more than that the dog LOVES IT. He trains with Wallace for hours on end to perfect the moves and the tricks he and the dog must perform in competition.

But the connection between dog and man, so aptly described by Author Gorant, is not something that can be taught……… it just is or it isn’t.  The euphoric feeling Roo experiences as he’s on the field working, no playing with Wallace is delightful to read.  You can truly feel his passion.

Book Cover, Wallace by Jim Gorant

Wallace starts out his life named Ranger, the odd puppy out of his litter. With his one blue colored eye and disposition he is different than his littermates. And that is exactly what draws Roo Yori to Wallace.  With some reservations, he takes Wallace home and presents him to his wife Clara, telling her he wants to try Wallace in their home.

The story unfolds describing how Wallace and Roo both become involved and then attached to disc flying.  It becomes clear that Wallace, while not ideally suited for the sport – as are smaller, lighter, faster dogs – Wallace’s has got something else. Intensity & drive to never give up, to catch every disc thrown or to sacrafice himself in the effort.  This dog was meant to compete, to play disc.  He is so amazing in competition, other owners ask Roo, ‘What are you feeding that dog?”

And Wallace was meant for his Roo. The bond that emerges between Wallace and Roo goes far beyond the competition field and drives Roo to turn Wallace into the Poster Dog fighting Pit Bull Discrimination.  Judge a dog on how he behaves, not the shape of his head, his looks.  And together, one event at a time Wallace makes believers out of the naysayers.

Disclaimer:  AMTCTD received no compensation in any manner for this review. The opinions expressed are ours alone, and were not influenced by any other persons or company.

* AMTCTD blog would like to thank Penguin Group, publishers of Wallace by Jim Gorant in allowing this book to be the inaugural review at Chazz’s Literary Corner. We did get permission from the publisher to use the Book Cover image in this post.

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    • Thanks for taking time to leave a comment with all he kind words. We appreciate feedback here at AMTCTD. We try very hard to post interesting information, product reviews, book & film reviews here at the blog. WooHoo, a new subscriber…that is pawsome!! Hope you LIKED MuttMania our Facebook Page as well. We never send any spam, only email notification of new post for your reading pleasure. What did you think of our book and film reviews. This is he newest at the blog, and we are curious for reader reaction.


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    • Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. We appreciate the feedback. I am searching for another interesting dog-themed book for ChazzTheDog to review. We post on a regular basis so you will usually find something of interest to read. Enjoy!!!

  2. I’m a sucker for dog books so I couldn’t resist. Love Wallace, love his family, and love what he accomplished. Didn’t always love all of the details of the disc competitions. Overall, a good story for people who love dogs.

    • Thank you for taking time to leave a comment at my blog. Personally, as you read, I luved the book Wallace. I was curious as to this activity, dog disc flying, so the details bothered me less then it did you. But overall, I get the impression you liked this story. I especially liked the connection, the bond between Roo and Wallace. Think about subscribing to my blog, in that way you won’t miss any new posts that are added. You simply get an email notifying you to new content. WE Never Ever Send SPAM. That’s our pawmise. 🙂

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