We Are Still Here – 4.17.12

Hey Gang,

Just a short post to let you know we haven’t fallen off the face of the blogosphere!!

We’ve been kind of busy around here lately, and there just hasn’t been enough hours in the day to get a significant post up and out to our readers. We like to give our readers something to think about or some interesting images to look at – and when we can’t post that, well honestly we don’t want to just put up something willy nilly – just for the sake of posting.  I hope you understand.


The BlogPaws/PetSmart sponsored “Build A Better Blog Contest” was quite an experience. As you know AMTCTD Blog was selected as a Top Ten Finalist – and for that we are very appreciative! We learned that 60 blogs entered the first round of competition; and from there the top ten were chosen.

As it turns out AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog was the youngest blog among the finalists in terms of overall time being established and posting.  So we are quite proud of that fact!

The experience of creating, filming, editing, script writing of an original video was quite a roller coaster ride. It was challenging, frustrating, and gratifying all at the same time. AdoptedMom had quite a learning curve to negotiate; and together with ChazzTheDog…we did our best.

CONGRATUALTIONS to the two winners, Puppy In Training & Snoopy’sDogBlog. We hope the experience working with the PetSmart business executives is everything you wish it to be.

What Else Is Going On?

Well it looks like ChazzTheDog & AdoptedMom have to move. No not our blog, from where we live to a new house.  So, we have been quite busy with sorting, organizing, and packing. Those of you who have moved recently, or ever, know how traumatic the whole process is. We haven’t actually found our new home yet, but we are keeping our paws crossed that something will pop up soon.  Please do the same for us if you would. We need all the help we can get.

Anyway, Chazz is still a regular at #NipClub and will be at the pawty this Thursday, the theme this week is “Cheers”, Where Everybuddy Knows Your Name. If you haven’t been to a Twitter Pawty at Nipclub, you definitely might want to check it out. It’s pawsome! all you have to do is go to your Twitter account, and at the end of your tweet add #nipclub. It’s best to use TweetDeck or HootSuite if you are familiar, that way you can see what all the pals say and can keep track when someone is talking to you directly. There’s lots of fun, virtual food, beverages, music & dancing. Starts at 4PM EST on Thursday.

Well, guess that’s about it for now. We are still trying to get to the BlogPaws 2012 Social Media Conference in Salt Lake City, this June. So if any dog themed business would like to spoonsor an experienced conference bloggerplease contact us at adoptedmomtochazz@gmail.com. We can give you a complete list of services we offer to represent your brand or business at this national and international 3 -Day Conference.

Hey, let us know what you & your furbabie are doing these days, or for the summer. Any travel plans for you and the family pet?  Leave a comment and we will post them for everybuddy to enjoy.


ChazzTheDog & AdoptedMom

p.s. Stay tuned this month and in May. We will be having two different GIVEAWAYS, with some awesome prizes. You won’t want to miss out!

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. I have my paws crossed that you find a great new place to live and can go to BlogPaws! I’ll see you on Twitter and at NipClub!

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