When ChazzTheDog & AdoptedMomToChazz were presented with the opportunity to review a safety collar we were not exactly rubbing our paws together in excitement. Treats, toys, beds, puzzles, aww right! But ho-hum a lighted collar, okay.

Well, we are definitely barking a different tune now. Brought to you by the folks at The Company of Animals this illuminated safety collar has an innovative & revolutionary design.   It looks sharp too!


3 in 1 -Flashing, Reflective, & Glow in the Dark Modes

4 Light Setting Options – Visible 1,000 Ft. / 300M

Comfortable, Padded Design

Water Resistant

OPERATION: The VIVID Illuminating Safety Collar was simple to use, straight out of the package. It comes with its own USB cable for charging. Before initial use, it is recommended to charge unit for  2 hours. Red light indicates unit is charging, Green lilght shows unit is charged. Fully charged, the VIVID collar  is good for up to 15 hours of continuous illumination.

The collar itself is strong and durable, yet comfortable on your dog, with a nice metal buckle. Once the unit is charged; place the collar around dog’s neck and adjust buckle to desired tightness for proper fit. Fully charged, the collar emits a super-bright white LED powered light –  from the strip embedded in the collar. The small box on the side has the ON/Off Button. You simply depress button to select one of the four light settings.  In addition, the collar itself has light reflective, glow in the dark strips.

PERFORMANCE : This is a good, solid, well-made product. The L.E.D. light is bright white  & makes locating your dog in a darkened backyard or any open space…a snap. The metal buckle looks good, and keeps the adjustment in place. Chazz wore it in addition to his “regular” collar & had no complaints.Even in the various flashing & glowing modes – the dog had no negative reaction nor appeared disturbed by the light surrounding his neck.

 “Keep Your Dog Safe and Visible”

VIVID Illuminated Safety Collar - RED


VIVID Illuminating Safety Collar available in BLUE, RED, & Mystery Color

SIZING: NECK  (Inches/Centimeters)

Small         10-14″  25-35 cm

Medium    14-18″   35-45 cm

Large         18-22″   45-55 cm

GUARANTEE:  1 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.  This does not cover usual wear and tear or water ingress. Proof of Purchase required.

Opinion: ChazzTheDog has worn several of the clip on to his collar /LED type units – but we believe this to be a superior product. While more costly at the outset; it is well worth the investment. No additional batteries to buy & replace.

ChazzTheDog gives this a 3-Paws Up Rating.

Adopted Mom says you will be reassured that you are helping make your dog safe, when the  forecast is :   DARK

If you want more information on this or any of the innovative products available, go to

Review Attribution:  AdoptedMomToChazzTheDog received a sample collar to use for the purpose of this review. Adopted Mom received no type of compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are those of AdoptedMom without influence from any outside source(s).

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Very Nice! I was just shopping for an LED leash last night! BOL!! If I decide to get a collar too, I will keep this one in mind.

  2. Thanx for the comment. We tested out a blue one. It’s very cool & comfy. I could see Chazz way back in the yard where there is not additional exterior lighting.

  3. Ya know, I been wanting some of those light-up shoes like the little humans wear….. this might be as close as I could get!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to leave those kind words, Helen. ChazzTheDog says Woof!

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