Open Letter Regarding This Blogsite 11.08.11 ID = 685683 Alatosse Agustin Hooe

Ladies & Gentleman:

This is an Open Letter that I am directing to certain appreciaters of The blogsite.

It is my belief that some of you do not understand & fail to respect the time, energy, heart & soul, all aspects of work that some of us put into our blogs.

In addition, it is my belief these same individuals do not respect the laws of copywrite & intellectual property that govern the use of material found on the internet – the location of this blog .

So, I must direct the few to the notice I have posted on every page of my blog. This legal notice is to declare to all, far & wide, that the writing on this blog, the words, the images, this material belongs to me. It has been originated by me from my brainpower, unless otherwise attributed. The exception to that is in the case of a Guest Blogger – who of course retains the rights to his or her material. And in point of fact, I have not hosted a guest blogger to date. I hope to in the future. I would dislike intensely that person finding that their material had been “borrowed”, “used”, “copied”, or co-opted in any way whatsoever from my blogsite- without previous written permission.

So to those of you, who want information about my blog here is what you need to do. Instead of leaving cryptic, semi-mysterious comments at the blog, take 3 extra minutes and email me with your questions about content, layout, etc. My email address is also printed on every page of my blog.

If you are willing to tell me who you are, I would probably be more inclined to respond to your inquiries.

For the majority of you, I apologize with taking up time & space with this issue. I love that you read AMTCTD & choose to leave a comment. Let’s face it, bloggers want to know they are reaching people. If you like it, don’t like it, it’s all important feedback – that I for one appreciate & value.

What I don’t appreciate are comments like. “oh thanks, this will work just fine. “i am starting a blog, and i come back to your blog for fine work”, and “did you use regular layouts, could you email me and tell me what you use?”

That’s theft, robbery, plain and simple – if you take my or anyone elses material and post it as your own without correct attribution. And frankly, I refuse to sit idly by and watch that happen to my blog, with my work. When as one person observed in a comment they left, “You can really tell when someone puts effort into their posts.” Thank you for that. I do put effort into my work to make it interesting, educational, fun, silly, a decent read if nothing else.

So please, read it enjoy it, dislike it, comment on it, email me about it…..just don’t steal it.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. I get comments like that all the time on Cat Chat but they go into my spam file automatically and never are posted. Most of those individuals are from other countries. Do you have your spam filter activated?

  2. I do have an active spam filter working at this site; and the comments do go there, and are not posted. Yet, I still feel strongly, that this has to be pointed out.

    I know you & how hard you work on making your various blogs interesting & fun for your readers. I respect that and would never use material of yours without 1st reaching out to you. I have seen my words, my text at other sites & it’s very annoying.

    Thanks for taking the time to weigh in on this subject, I appreciate it..and Chazz likes that you are out there. XXOO

    • I agree with you! I would NEVER take something of someone’s without asking.

      I really have a strong suspicion it is someone from another country…there was a problem with someone in China taking people’s content.

      Thank you! We just started following you recently, we are embarrassed to say we thought we were already!! OMG! How dense are we???????????? Well, I am “dense”, Dakota isn’t! lol

      • BOL. Don’t feel badly. Chazz & I thought we were subscribed to Dakota’s Blog for awhile now…but duh, no. Well we took care of that today!

        I see you are going to be heading to SLC. I need to start making a savings plan so I can go. I had such a good time at BlogPaws2011 I want that good time again. Take Care & Awooooooooooo from Chazz! XXOO

      • yes THANK YOU!! I just saw that you have subscribed and it is deeply appreciated! Dakota needs all of the help he can get lol…Cody is doing well but since Dakota’s blog hasn’t been around that long he doesn’t get much “action”. I am blessed w/a wonderful and interactive albeit small group of followers on his blog though and we deeply appreciate that you are one of them!

        Yep planning on SLC but not looking forward to a LONGER plane ride! lol. I have to start saving too, haven’t even begun yet! I would sooooooooooooo love to chat with you LONGER this time!

        Dakota, Cody and I send our love to you and Chazz!

  3. Rumpy Dog, my pal how r u? I appreciate the LIKE from you.
    Your blog(s) are so clever, so interesting, such entertaining reading..i’m not surprised you have an opinion on this subject. Thanx for showing support. XO, Chazz & AdoptedMom

  4. I like to share the good things I find on other people’s blogs. But it’s important to ALWAYS give proper attribution and a link back. As you said, people put a lot of time and effort into their blogs!

    • Absolutely, Sharing while providing links & attribution is fine. That’s not the experience I am referring to here.
      I’m talking about finding one’s own original material on other blogs with no indication that this material came from another(original) source.
      This behavior (I believe) cannot and should not be tolerated. We are a community. The community of Pet Bloggers. As such we should treat one another with decency & respect, and play by the rules.

  5. Amen! Blogging is ALOT of work that as of yet I’m not paid for.

    • Rumpy Buddy, thanx for the comment. I’m not trying to speak for everybody, but it is my blog & I think I’m allowed to write what I’m feeling.
      These are my opinions pure & simple. Chazz The Dog gets a vote, but he’s the only one.

      Anyway, your blog is smokin good!

  6. Hi Chazz, I don’t have a blog, but like to read the ones of my anipals! hugs.

    • Hi Pepper. Well that’s even more flattering. Thank you for reading my blog. And always leave comments, cuz me & my Mom really like to read what other doggies (& kitties) and people think about what we write.

  7. What Program are you referring to?
    Did you not like my post about people ripping off other writers original material?
    What is it that you actually want to know?

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