10.15.11 A Long Week & Some Other Stuff

It’s been an unusually difficult week. I did both my famers markets in extremely hot temperatures, and I attended the funeral for my very good friend’s father.


Don’t usually blog about this kind of thing, but I think it’s important. When I heard of the death I waited for a day until it had kind of settled in on me. I wrote the following to my friend & I like to share it here:

My friend’s Pop left yesterday, or rather he died. His departure has created a void that can’t ever be filled for his friends & family; but he must have been needed more urgently elsewhere. I can’t say that I knew my friend’s father as I never met the man. Oh, I saw pictures, heard stories & anecdotes, tidbits here & there… He was a handsome man in the pictures I saw, especially as a younger man and appeared quite charismatic. There is much evidence that speaks to his success in the business world, and as a good provider to his wife & children. But as I absorbed the news of his passing, I realized I knew him better than that. I knew him as a parent, to all his children – but specifically to my friend – one of his five children. Because as often is the case; in the son you can see the father. In my friend you see the intelligence, quick wit, and those devastating blue eyes. In my friend you see his love of animals, his kindness to those less fortunate, his sometimes “silly” side. You see his unflagging energy, creativity, and his belief in family – whether born into, or chosen through circumstance. I realized though having never met or exchanged words with W. Young, Sr. I did know of him. And I would like him to know this. I pray you have gone “gentle into that good night”. Secure in the knowledge that while you no longer will physically hold Jason in your embrace – we his friends will step up & take on that responsibility. He will not be alone in the days & weeks ahead; and if it is comfort he desires we will offer it. I want you to know that before Jason there was you- and without you there would not be the Jason I’ve had as a friend and am grateful for. I simply want to thank you for the gift of your son in my life. Through him & others your memory will be preserved as they carry you in their hearts. It is my humble belief that no man can leave this world a better place for having been a part of it – then to have touched the hearts of those who surrounded him. Respectfully & lovingly offered…BAS
This is all I have to blog for today—


About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Lovely. May we all aspire in life to be so well thought of once we cross over.

  2. Hey Rumpy,

    Happy Saturday.
    Thank you for first reading my blog & also for leaving such a sweet comment. I couldn’t agree more with what your typist wrote on your behalf. (C I’m trying to get my sense of humor back). Ya know you & ChazzTheDog are pals on Twitter and we read all your tweets. *Chazz waves paw wildly trying to get your attention. Awoooooooooooooooooo

  3. From the heart. This is a wonderous post and I know your friend will have your loving support during this difficult time. I don’t know if you’ve visited the memorial blog for my husband, but I still treasure the thoughts and feelings that friends wrote there…There’s a link to it on my cat blog…

  4. Curlz/Swirlz/& Teri, I’ve just come from reading the memorial blog for your husband Mike. What a lovely place, to sit, read, and learn about an individual who was clearly a unique & special human being. What a blessing to have at least the wonderful memories, of the however brief time you got to share with him.

    Thank you for your kind comment here. I have suffered family deaths; but this is different watching a friend experience pain they’ve not felt before. It was a tough day, but I did my best to show love & support in all the ways I could.

    Hope “the kids” are well & I hope to see you at another event / conference soon.

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