Downtown In The Garment District on a Sunday

Was time to give my ‘help’ a Sunday off, so I did not have MuttMania at the farmers market today. Instead, I went to Downtown Los Angeles to check out 2 stores I had researched online that sold dog stuff, wholesale/retail.

I was going to make it an adventure and take the Metro, Walk, and one Bus….but at the last minute decided to ignore my carbon footprint (i know, i’m bad) and drive myself. Thank goodness I did. That was about the only redeeming point of this story.

One of the places was not to be found. I went to the address, one person told me it had closed. A second person told me it had moved, quite a few streets to another location. That took  care of that one.

I found parking right on 11th Street, which is where I was going so yay!  I found the store about 1-1/2 blocks down and went in. Well, it didn’t go well.  After I browsed around for a few minutes, holding an item in my hand; the owner/proprietor was not very forthcoming when I said I was interested in opening a wholesale account.  I showed him my MuttMania business card and he had no reaction either way. Finally he informed me that wholesale requires a $200 purchase.  It was the way he told me this information. As if he knew there was no way I understood that’s what it meant to be a wholesale customer. I have to say, I was offended.  No, I really was annoyed.  I’ve placed larger orders than that at places where I wasn’t getting bulk pricing.  So what did this guy think he knew?! I was pretty disgusted. Pointed it out to him, by tearing up his business card that I had written the prices of some dog strollers on ( an item I was pricing for a customer) and left the store.

What a bust! I don’t know if it was the cultural difference, the age difference, the gender difference…I don’t know what.  But it left a bad taste in the mouth I can tell  you that much!

Oh well, I will keep trying to find a local supplier, if only to contain my shipping costs.

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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