OMG!!! I Won The Drawing…Going to BlogPaws 2011

I don’t believe it. I never win a single darn thing. And yet, this morning I had an email from Cokie the Cat, Editor-In-Chief of The Anipal Times. She wrote  that I won the drawing. Complete registration for the full conference.  I’m going to Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Unbelievable!!!!

Well, I think I will go tell Chazz & give him a big hug. After all he really is the reason for all this….thank you to The Anipal Times – I appreciate your generosity. Adopted Mom to Chazz

Chazz Comes Home

About adoptedmom

Adopted Dog Mommy having an adventure with her new buddy, pal, fur-baby, Chazz the Terrier Shibu Ina mix.

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  1. Hey Chazz crazy day in the LBC yesterday. I pawed in the house and found the computer on again….thought I’d send you a quick message while Drew sleeps. We had fun watching him work yesterday and he got us some doggie creme cookies last night!!! Boy were they yummy I had FOUR!!! Okay gotta get out before he wakes up.

  2. Doggie creme cookies, mmm, mmm, mmm. Ask your dad to tell my mommy where those came from, maybe she will get some for me too. Max, you are a really good typer on the ‘puter, how did you learn? Ok, well my mommy made some peanut butter yogurt treats & put them in the freezer this morning…maybe they’re ready to eat, I need to go check. Cya later Maximus.

    Your Pal,

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